How To Rewire Your Brain For Massive Success According To Neuroscience

“A recent article validates what we already have known for centuries. Michael Merzenich research is shared in ‘How To Rewire Your Brain For Massive Success According To Neuroscience’. He points to five things we can do to help ourselves change.

Engage in brain aerobics means playing, chess, puzzles, crosswords and other activities and games that encourage thinking. Yes, it is important to stay fresh by challenging yourself. Memory games good too. What he neglects is the numerous physical activities that work.

Skip, sing, spin in circles, juggle, learn magic tricks with coins and cards. Do finger exercise, such as playing piano or violin. Handwrite with a pen. Fine finger movements help keep people spry and cogent. All of it works together. Do it. Move and use your fingers.

The More We Do The More We Become Capable Of Doing

Find fresh ideas. Study and learn new things. Agreed. It is important to learn and self improve. As you do you evolve yourself. Learn to think outside the box. Expose yourself to new ideas. Read lots. Challenge yourself. Learn new skills. Have fun learning. Self invest.

Envision the person you want to be. Amen! Spent time visualizing. From the dawn of human thinking the practice of visualizing has been encouraged. Use your imagination to set goals to be, do and have. See yourself as having attained them and how you did so.

Focus on your long term goals. Train your mind to be ahead by anticipating what you will gain by pursuing your goals. Absolutely! This is the ‘ACT AS IF’ principle and visualization activated. Plan for success and work the plan. Develop your inner success abilities

Visualizing Is Like Building Muscle We Get Stornger As We Do It

See the ups and downs and how you navigate to success in spite of obstacles or blocks. Develop contingency plans. You might want to visit my articles on how to properly visualize by searching this blog. Engage your mind by imagining success repeatedly. Do it!

Shift to an exponential mindset. The article states most people don’t know that shifting or changing one’s mindset could lead to significant growth. I say, this is due to the overwhelming amounts of propaganda we encounter growing up that claims we can’t.

We are taught to be limited in so many varying ways. Our parents, peers and friends, media and our culture promote, purposefully and inadvertently, that we are victims of circumstances, and powers outside of ourselves. We are not taught to take 100% responsibility.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – Mindset Matters

I do like that the researcher points out you can accelerate your rate of change by thinking big, dreaming big, 10x bigger than most people think by anticipating the good things coming your way, and that even failure is all part of the process. Embrace all of it. The side effect is:

You end up being 10x more ahead and prepared for how things work out whether positive or not. The bottom line is your mindset matters. You can do a lot to be successful by how you use your mind. This notion and practice has been around for thousands of years.

I am glad science is reporting more validation for what we have known, and the positive practices people have been doing, for centuries. I am happy science verifies these things with renewed interest. There is rarely anything new to report.

Skill To Do Comes From Doing – Practice Practice Practice

It means that what we can do has been tested for about 6 thousand years. Modern versions that came from Hill, Holmes, Wattles and others have been based on these principles too. Hill’s work is responsible for more people becoming millionaires than any other single work. It is all good. Hope more people begin these practices and apply the principles to transform their lives. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Article:  How To Rewire Your Brain For Massive Success According To Neuroscience  by Elle Kaplan  

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