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What is Success? How Do You Succeed?

“Consider this: It is far more important to have a dream than to have a dream come true. Once it has come true it is over and done. While it is in progress you are using all your resources, your wits and your mindset to make it happen. You are actively creating and doing.

Earl Nightingale stated, ‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.’ Isn’t that cool? It is marvelous.Success is the ‘progressive realization’, not just the realization of a goal. Success is everything we do along the way to make our dream come true.

Success is noticing and becoming aware, learning, experimenting, getting feedback, trying again, persisting and growing all during the journey. It is more than just making it happen. It is each step along the way that counts. The steps along the way count more than you, or I, can ever imagine. Celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

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You Don’t Have To Know How But You Must Know Why!

“The awareness that you don’t have to know ‘how’ in order to begin moving forward toward making your goal happen can be life changing. Once you know ‘how’ is not important, but the ‘why’ is then you know where to put your intention instead.

It is important to start wherever you are with whatever you have. The rest becomes evident, in its own time, along the journey. So journey well, celebrate, delight and enjoy! The ‘why’ is your reason you want something. This is important. Focus on the ‘why’ not how.

The why, your ‘BIG WHY’ motivates and drives you. You want to know WHY you want what you want. The why is the reward, the payoff, the reason you do what you do or go after what you go after. It answers why you are seeking this accomplishment in your life.

If You Want It Badly Enough You Will Always Find A Way

The ‘how’ is not necessary to begin. The Wright Brothers didn’t know how to fly an airplane UNTIL AFTER they flew it. Until then, they were experimenting and getting feedback. Edison didn’t know how to make a lightbulb UNTIL AFTER he made one that worked.

All great innovators know what drives them.  They don’t know how. They want to create, make something happen, change themselves or the world. They don’t know ‘how’ to do it, until they do it. They start where they are, with what they have, and gather more as they go on.

They don’t wait. They don’t procrastinate. They act. You can act too.! Act right away. Begin now. Act with faith and the universe will conspire with you to bring it about. Move in faith that you can do it and have everything you need in order to make it happen. Get it?

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge – Skill Comes Of Doing

Keep moving in faith. Know anything else you require you will discover, and learn along the way, if you are open to it. When you discover it, immediately apply it. If it works great. If not you get feedback. Learn from feedback and keep going. Persist. Never give up! Be grateful.  Practice gratitude. Let go of the ‘how’, know the ‘why’ and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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How To Rewire Your Brain For Massive Success According To Neuroscience

“A recent article validates what we already have known for centuries. Michael Merzenich research is shared in ‘How To Rewire Your Brain For Massive Success According To Neuroscience’. He points to five things we can do to help ourselves change.

Engage in brain aerobics means playing, chess, puzzles, crosswords and other activities and games that encourage thinking. Yes, it is important to stay fresh by challenging yourself. Memory games good too. What he neglects is the numerous physical activities that work.

Skip, sing, spin in circles, juggle, learn magic tricks with coins and cards. Do finger exercise, such as playing piano or violin. Handwrite with a pen. Fine finger movements help keep people spry and cogent. All of it works together. Do it. Move and use your fingers.

The More We Do The More We Become Capable Of Doing

Find fresh ideas. Study and learn new things. Agreed. It is important to learn and self improve. As you do you evolve yourself. Learn to think outside the box. Expose yourself to new ideas. Read lots. Challenge yourself. Learn new skills. Have fun learning. Self invest.

Envision the person you want to be. Amen! Spent time visualizing. From the dawn of human thinking the practice of visualizing has been encouraged. Use your imagination to set goals to be, do and have. See yourself as having attained them and how you did so.

Focus on your long term goals. Train your mind to be ahead by anticipating what you will gain by pursuing your goals. Absolutely! This is the ‘ACT AS IF’ principle and visualization activated. Plan for success and work the plan. Develop your inner success abilities

Visualizing Is Like Building Muscle We Get Stornger As We Do It

See the ups and downs and how you navigate to success in spite of obstacles or blocks. Develop contingency plans. You might want to visit my articles on how to properly visualize by searching this blog. Engage your mind by imagining success repeatedly. Do it!

Shift to an exponential mindset. The article states most people don’t know that shifting or changing one’s mindset could lead to significant growth. I say, this is due to the overwhelming amounts of propaganda we encounter growing up that claims we can’t.

We are taught to be limited in so many varying ways. Our parents, peers and friends, media and our culture promote, purposefully and inadvertently, that we are victims of circumstances, and powers outside of ourselves. We are not taught to take 100% responsibility.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – Mindset Matters

I do like that the researcher points out you can accelerate your rate of change by thinking big, dreaming big, 10x bigger than most people think by anticipating the good things coming your way, and that even failure is all part of the process. Embrace all of it. The side effect is:

You end up being 10x more ahead and prepared for how things work out whether positive or not. The bottom line is your mindset matters. You can do a lot to be successful by how you use your mind. This notion and practice has been around for thousands of years.

I am glad science is reporting more validation for what we have known, and the positive practices people have been doing, for centuries. I am happy science verifies these things with renewed interest. There is rarely anything new to report.

Skill To Do Comes From Doing – Practice Practice Practice

It means that what we can do has been tested for about 6 thousand years. Modern versions that came from Hill, Holmes, Wattles and others have been based on these principles too. Hill’s work is responsible for more people becoming millionaires than any other single work. It is all good. Hope more people begin these practices and apply the principles to transform their lives. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Article:  How To Rewire Your Brain For Massive Success According To Neuroscience  by Elle Kaplan  

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The Best Way To Win Is To Win All Along The Way

“Do you dream big? If you are like some people, their big dreams intimidate them. They want these dreams but they don’t actually believe they can get them. They worry, doubt and are afraid. It’s no way to live and that thinking won’t make them happen. Truly.

Whenever you chose a goal you don’t believe in, fear or doubt you can bring it about, do this TO make it happen. Chunk it into smaller steps you feel you CAN do. Steps that are interesting enough you want to do them, but not so big as to ‘fear’ or doubt them.

Make smaller steps which lead up to the large goal you really want. Break it down into doable, manageable, smaller goals. By setting smaller goals you can succeed at, and accomplishing each of  them one by one, you can go from doubting to get winning results.

The More You Do The More You Become Capable Of Doing

Each time you succeed at achieving one of your smaller goals your confidence increases. As it does you become more sure of yourself. Winning brings more winning. You become more confident and doubt less. You fear less. Ultimately, you can go after the large goal.

You transform yourself from someone who doubted and was fearful into someone who confidently makes things happen. You move forward with confidence because you create a winning track record. You take steps, like a small staircase, to your goal. You move forward.

When you make your large goal manageable in this fashion, you make each one happen, one step at a time. It is a winning formula. Chunk down overwhelm. Break big goals and projects into manageable, and more appropriately sized tasks. Complete each one. Win all along the way. Celebrate as you do. In fact, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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‘What’s Stopping You?’ You’ll like my gift to you! ‘What’s Stopping You’ is a life changing 22 minute audio MP3 that helps you go beyond limitations, break through and make positive things happen! Get it! It is Free!

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
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To Be Do Or Have More You Need To Do This Now!

“If money were no object, what would you be, do or have? If money were no object, what would your dreams be? What would you include? Who would you be? What would you be doing? What would you have? Imagine, for a moment, money is no object.

Sadly, most people don’t dream very big. We don’t dream big enough. It has been said, and I paraphrase, that ‘too often we aim at small targets and hit them’. What is your mission in life? What is your purpose? What is your definite chief purpose? Figure it out!

Have the courage to dream large. Thomas Edison did. He wanted to light up the world. So did Tesla. Ford wanted to make cars available and changed transportation. The Wright Brothers pioneered aviation and gave us air travel. There are many others, too.

Dare To Dream Big – Believe In Your Dreams – Believe In Yourself

These men, most of them, came from poor backgrounds and had little formal education. They weren’t all together, together, but they dared to dream. They dared to seek to make their dreams come true. They didn’t wait for others or the Law Of Attraction to do it.

They did it. IT began with their thinking. It started within them. They thought about it, dreamt about it and translated their dreams into physical reality. You can too! Start dreaming big. Visualize life and how it would be for you if money were no object. Imagine that!

Spend time day dreaming. Make a vision board or vision book. Go out and sit in your dream car. Tour your dream homes. Try on your dream jewelry. Take pictures of you doing these. That can help you imagine. Remember ‘Life Styles Of The Rich And Famous’? Do you?

Life Holds Special Magic For Those Who Dare To Dream Big

Rich people do this? They see things they want and make it happen. They imagine having more things, doing more things and creating more things. Don’t bother about how you make it happen just imagine the possibility. How comes later. Right now plant seeds.

Dream big. You can take small steps to your big goals, I’ve shared how you can do that, many times. Dream bigger than you have before. Stretch yourself! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you made your dream come true? You bet it would. When you do, how do you feel?

Imagine these feelings and feel them fully. Enjoy dream building your future. Have fun. Go out and get magazines and look at lavish lifestyles. Get the Robb Report. See how the rich live. Stretch your mind to include more potential, more possibilities. Imagine.

If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You They Aren’t Big Enough 

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, ‘A mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to its original dimension’. Stretch yourself. Have a blast. Feel incredible. Don’t envy or resent the rich people or you will never get what you want. The mind can’t hold two opposing ideas.

If you want to be rich but hate rich people, it is unlikely you will ever make yourself rich. Enjoy. Delight. By the way, it is not just about money or what you can do with it for yourself. You can help others too. It is all about stretching your mind to include more possibility.

Feel good. Make it fun. Go places and see cool things. Take tours of mansions. Go look at yachts and fancy cars. Window shop and feel good. Think, ‘I can be, do or have that too!’ How big can u dream? Be grateful. Express your gratitude. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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HOw much can you enjoy yourself today?

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Are You Able To Answer These Questions?

Ok, I admit it. I tricked you. Want to know how? I will be happy to share in a moment. First, did you write down your answers to the questions I posed the other day and today? This is the important part; to answer the questions honestly for yourself.

Whether or not you sent them to me, the point was for you to write them down. First, ask yourself and get clear about your answers. Think about it. Reflect, and honestly answer. It’s usually best to go with your first inclination. Second, write them down. It helps!

It helps because you take the time to write them, thereby continuing to think and clarify. It also helps you create what you want because you  now have taken action to declare them in your words and writing. The written answers become real, not just thoughts.

If You Don’t Write It Down You Have A Wish But Not A Goal

Journaling is an important part of manifesting. Writing down what you want to create and attract is a big step in making the reality you want come true. It is an important first step. Declare it to be so. Clearly, know what you want, declare it and put it in writing.

Blueprints are plans. Business plans are written. Written goals get realized faster than wishing and hoping.  So yes, I tricked you into writing things down. If you sent them in, you give me feedback how to better help meet your wants and needs and serve you.

I hope you did. I hope you will! If you haven’t here they are again!

Remember, I will confidentially address the responses I get in the blogs. I will not be personally answering each of the emails.

  1. What are your top 3 desires? What is it you want? What are you wanting to accomplish? Answer as clearly as possible. e.g. I want a new car. I want to learn to juggle. I want new job. etc.

2. What are your top 3 reasons why each of these is important to      you What will getting your desire do for you? What will you gain by attaining it?

3. What are your top 3 challenges or obstacles? If related to your top desires what is preventing you from having what you want?

4. What are the top 3 reasons why each of these obstacles prevents you? How does each limit you?

5. What do you love? What do you stand for?

6. What do you hate and stand against?

7. What do you feel you need to know, understand and apply in order to transform your challenges into opportunities?

8. What do you feel you need to know, understand and apply in order to transform you career, family life, relationships, life? Answer in each area or whichever is most important to you?

Answers by email to

I look forward to hearing back.

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Have a blessed day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Success Strategies For Actors Filmmakers And Everyone Else!


“Do you have a big dream? Are you driven by something so huge you must do it? Do you feel you have a mission to fulfill? Many people do. Others haven’t a clue. Some don’t know what they want to do. Many just want to get a job and settle down. What do you want?

I love and gravitated to the film community at a very young age because we dream big. We want stardom and an illustrious career. We don’t think about landing a job and settling down.  We want it all. We want top of the line everything! We want to be famous and rich.

As a filmmakers and actor I encourage others to follow their heart. Make your dreams come true. Pursue any career or endeavor. The bigger the dream the more likely you will experience great things. The larger it is the more worthwhile it may be.  But…

The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In Their Dreams

Some people focus on a dream so large they never move because they think they will fail. These people never start. Fear of failure or even fear of success, stops them. Hey, if you don’t begin you won’t get anywhere. You can’t not move and expect things to get better.

Others pick a tiny goal and don’t move far at all. They tend to remain near to where they are. They play it safe and close to the vest. They don’t venture out for the same reasons. The only difference is they don’t dream large to begin with. They have tiny goals. Little ones.

I suggest you pick a big goal. One that is beyond anything you know. It may seem difficult to reach but not unreachable. It may be  little scary because it is out of your comfort zone. It stretches you. You have to grow to get it. You have to work for it to make it happen.

Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams

When you think about it you think YES I want this! It is a must have! It is big enough to be meaningful but not so big you give up before you begin. Get it? It should pull you towards it. You should want to pursue it. There is something magnetic about it. It draws you in.

Now consider this: At the end of the day if your ultimate dream didn’t manifest you still got further than if you didn’t pursue anything. If you had your head screwed on straight and you understand this you will have made incredible headway. Get it?

You will have had an incredible adventure all along the way. You will have noticed and experienced things you otherwise wouldn’t. You will have learned and evolved and grown in a variety of ways. All because you dared to go for it but weren’t locked into the outcome.

You Always Live The Life You Imagine You Get What You Focus On

What do I mean? You let it unfold as it does. You don’t micromanage the details. You aren’t a perfectionist. You don’t insist it must be a particular way. You are pleased with the results when they show up instead of being disappointed with how they are or the timing.

You allow it to happen even while YOU are making it happen. You celebrate all of it. If your head isn’t right then you may only feel disappointment that you didn’t get precisely what you wanted. You will miss everything you did get along the way. That would suck.

Don’t miss everything wonderful on the journey because you are too narrowly focused on getting your dream in a particular way. Some people never have romance because they are just too picky. They have too many demands or are so picky that no one can fulfill them.

It Never Gets Any Better – You Get Better – That’s Just How It Is

Some insist their desires be fulfilled a precise way. Hence, they miss their potential partners. Yes, know what you want but but be open to what shows up. Stop managing ALL the details. Allow things and people to show up and surprise you. Don’t insist how it must be.

Get it. Here are some tips for greater success in film or any area. Keep a great attitude. Contribute to others. Be a valued team player people want on their team. Go the extra mile and celebrate everyone’s success. Enjoy people. Chill out and relax. Sleep some.

Don’t look worried. Look like you are having fun. Actually have some fun! Live and let live. Allow people to be who they aren’t. Don’t try to change them to fit you. Get along. Keep working, commit and persist and never let doubts, fears or others tell you what to do.

Nothing Worth Having Ever Comes Easy But It Can Come Easier

First and foremost, attitude, commitment, and being a nice person will get you ahead faster than most anything else. THEN know the business and what the business wants is important. Lastly, know and be good at your craft. Strive to be the best and do your best work.

Remember, you can be the best and no one knows about it so be the good person people talk well about and your reputation will proceed you.  You can be the best that no one likes so while you may be good others prefer to avoid you. It PAYS to be both talented and nice.

Develop a positive stellar reputation for being the best and for being nice and a great collaborator. This will get you the farthest the fastest. Next, those who succeed the swiftest, apart from the occasional lucky breakthrough, work day and night for years.

Success Depends On Your Ability To Make And Keep Friends

The saying in Hollywood is, ‘It takes at least 10 years to be an overnight success’. It takes time and perseverance so don’t quit.  Keep at it and realize it is a blend of great attitude, business savvy and honed craft. These tips work for any career choice. Try them.

Finally, stay grateful. Be grateful for the ups and downs all along the way. Challenges help shape you and build character. Easy times are fun but the important times are the tough times. Learn to appreciate these and stay positive. Enjoy all of the ride. The fun of a roller coaster are the big highs and lows. Celebrate all of it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

You don’t need a reason to smile today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals Secret: How To Overcome Any Problem And Build A Success Record!

Horizons fenced-moon-phil-koch

“Success creates confidence. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take it one step at a time and gather confidence by becoming competent first. Each time you succeed you are capable of bringing about more success. Then even more success. This is how it works.

Some people start off way too big. If you believe you can make it happen and know that with certainty that you will, big is fine. If you have doubts and don’t believe you can make it happen, then start smaller. Begin as tiny as you have to but still keep it desirable.

If it is too easy or isn’t desirable or interesting you won’t go after. You have find the ‘sweet spot’ where it is just enough stretch but not too much. It needs to be big enough to challenge AND you still have to believe it is possible for you to attain it. Faith is necessary.

Whatever You Can Conceive And Believe You Can Achieve

Search until you find the right thing. Your Definite Chief Purpose or Aim is what you want in life. Your mission. Your reason for being on the planet. Usually, it involves you and your contribution to the world and your legacy. You need to find your purpose in life.

From your purpose you find the steps that take you to it. You absolutely keep your purpose in mind, behind the steps. Think of it this way. You want to get to L. A. from the East coast and you set your travel markers. You know where you want to end up.

You get there step by step. Make sure your first step is something that you want, that captures you, but is easy enough to get, while still challenging you to stretch some. AS you build confidence the steps can increase in size and importance.

Inch Your Way To Great Success You Will Get There Soon Enough

The reason for this is to build on your successes. When you do that you remain motivated and persistent. If it doesn’t work or it is boring you may not be inclined to continue. If you give up along the way to you Definite Chief Purpose you are not going to get it. Is this clear?

Some people make 20 K a year. They make their Definite Chief Purpose 1 million or more dollars so they can live how they want while helping others. If you want it and ABSOLUTELY believe you can make it happen that is fine. Your goals should stretch you!

However, if you can’t believe it completely, it is wiser and better to start with smaller wants. Go for 30, 40 or 50 thousand first. Then 100,00. If you begin to big, don’t quit, just readjust the size of your first step. Keep going and keep making it happen step by step.

Dream Big – Think Long Term – Take Baby Steps To Get There

In fact, a good practice is to start stocking up some successes daily. To do this you can count nearly anything as a success. Your goal is to get to work on time. Get up 15 minutes earlier. After that becomes habit go for 30 minutes earlier. Keep adding time until it works right.

Do it and you’ll feel more successful. Your goal is to do the dishes tomorrow. Do them, get it done. When you set small daily goals and cross them off as completed you will be building successes and feeling good along the way. Keep a list of successes.

Doing dishes. Clearing the table. Taking out the trash. Making your bed. Cleaning a room. Cleaning your desk or office. Washing the car. Anything! Anything at all. Determine what you intend to do and do it. These things build your daily success list.

To Succeed – Desire For Success Should Exceed Fear Of Failure

Each night write down your list of successes for the day. Write down all the things you crossed off your list. Be sure to write down those specifically applicable to your Definite Chief Purpose too. Make succeeding a habit and you’ll develop unstoppable confidence.

The most important aspect of this is to keep your word. Do what you say you will do. Don’t go to bed with unfinished business. Don’t break promises.Don’t make your list of to-dos too large. Do as many as you are able that stretches you without overwhelming you.

How do you eat an elephant. One bite at a time. Drop by drop the tub fills. Instead of being overwhelmed or feeling like you can’t do it all, or that you don’t believe you are likely to get your goal, chunk it down. Anything can be accomplished when it is small enough.

When You Change The Way You Look At Things …

You can manage each piece of it or step along the way. This is crucial for you to understand and here is why. By learning to be successful incrementally you are building confidence and learning that you can be successful doing anything you put your mind to.

You memorize the feelings. You grow new neural pathways. You evolve yourself and develop new successful habits. You change and grow positively. How marvelous is this? Pretty incredible right. But, there is more to it. This is where the rubber hits the road – problems.

Whenever you are faced with insurmountable odds. Whenever you are face with really big issues, problems, challenges or obstacles if you chunk them down, and you can because you have been practicing this, you can handle ANYTHING that comes your way!

… The Things You Look At Change – Perception Is Everything

Size matters! The smaller the easier to deal with. Because you learn how to resize things and make them work for you, because you have spent time practicing bite size successes you can do the same thing for any problem that comes your way. Chunk it down. Make it small.

Try it on the smaller issues first. Build a success record managing obstacles and difficulties. Soon you will be pretty darn good. You will build positive success steps toward your goal while learning to dismantle any issues holding you back, or that you may encounter.

Chunk it down. You eat an elephant one bite at a time. It may take you longer but you can handle it. You can accomplish anything you want. You can overcome any obstacle one bite, one drop at a time. Overall you become more successful and much more confident.

Build The Wins All Along The Way – Success Breeds Success

Continue on toward you Definite Chief Purpose. Remember, to enjoy the process. Enjoy right now! This is crucial for all success. Now is all you have. Tomorrow is built on your thoughts and feelings right now. Feel successful and confident today and you’ll be more so tomorrow and you’ll make your dreams come true. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Your moments matter. How will you enjoy them this day?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Strategies For Success: Take These 6 Positive Steps To Overcome Disappointment And Get Your Goals!

horizons may-i-reach-its-end-phil-koch

“Want to make your career, relationship and life goals come true? Would you like to transform yourself into the person you always knew you could be? Do you want to set goals and take steps to get what you want in life? If yes, then do these things.

I have a number of large consulting and training projects. I am working with corporations, some large and some small businesses. One is a large psychological services facility, another is  consulting for the CEO and the Board Of Directors for a urban building project.

I am working with these as team members and individuals.  Our goal is to develop  an unstoppable success attitude or mindset and leadership abilities. To do this it is important to clarify the purpose of the project leader and the various team members.

What You See And Say And Feel Is What You Get

I help them learn and set Well Formed Outcomes (WFO) to create a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly action plan for moving toward their target purpose while accomplishing numerous smaller goals along the way. It is important to get to the big ones step by step.

All the goals should be in service of the overall purpose, otherwise they can be obstacles and distractions. As my clients work on accomplishing their large goals they achieve the smaller ones that move them forward in the right direction.

They also set individual and personal outcomes too. One of the tools in my tool belt come from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I have been training and teaching NLP (among other things since early 80’s) I shared with them the conditions for WFO.

Stay Positive

We’ll explore WFO in this blog post and subsequent ones. WFO have a set of conditions you must meet in order to make it easiest to get your goals. Each of these conditions help you get clear on what you want and how you can most readily accomplish it.

To practice WFO you want to write out each step to keep track of the answers that come to you. The Outcome should be:

1. Stated in the positive: Speak in terms of what you want. What do you want to include? Do not state what you don’t want or prefer to exclude. Leave that alone. By stating it in the positive you aim at your target. You know where and what you want to get to.

If You Can Conceive It You Can Achieve It

2. Capable of representing in the senses: What will you see, how will you look when you get your outcome? What do you hear, say to yourself and what are others saying? How will you feel? Emotions and positive sensations in your body?

Where? (E.g. you feel your shoulders pull back, your chest move out, you chine raise, your feet firmly planted) when you accomplish your outcome?  Are their smells or tastes too? Write out each of these as detailed as you can. Your evidence is real world based.

3. Possible and achievable: It can’t be outside of a real world possibility. It must be something people CAN actually accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. Most outcomes are possible given a realistic time frame.

Build On Successes

Unfortunately, some people want things too quickly and have unrealistic time frames and expectations. Given the proper amount of time, and correct actions you can accomplish most things See number 5.

4. You specify and have all the necessary resources: Capital, knowledge, equipment, time, people, materials, etc. You assemble what you need in order to make it happen. Determine where you must go, or who else you need to enlist. What’s required?

For Outcomes to be really well formed you should be able to begin your actions and maintain them all on your own. The conclusion should rely on you successfully achieving your goal without relying on anyone else. You can control what you do but not others.

Establish Good Habits

Make sure you outcome is something you alone can pursue. Make certain you can begin working on it, follow through and complete it all on your own. Outside help is fine but should not be the determining factor on whether you get or don’t get your outcomes.

5. Have a deadline date that is realistic: Accomplished by when? Set a reasonable time for accomplishing your outcome. Put it on your calendar and work towards achieving it within that amount of time. The more realistic you are in all of these the easier it is to get it.

6.It is appropriately contextualized and ecological: This means it does not upset the system or apple cart. Your goal should not screw up your life or others. It should fit within your existing lifestyle and relationships. It does not harm anyone. It should be beneficial.

Decide And Act

If it includes others it is win/win. If it requires too many extraneous conditions or is too large of an immediate lifestyle change you may not continue to work on accomplishing your outcome. Don’t try to push a large boulder uphill. Make it manageable and do-able.

For example, if you wanted to exercise more how can you fit it into your existing schedule? What changes might you need to make in order to get to the gym, work out, and not rob you of important time with family, work or whatever?

If it takes time from other important areas in your life how likely would you be to continue? While some may answer, very likely, most people ultimately don’t continue. This is important to realize. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew.

Limit Distractions – Focus On What You Want

Bit by bit you get there. You take positive, practical, reasonable, well thought out steps toward accomplishing what you want. You identify the end result clearly, what you see, hear and feel, so you know when you have arrived. You know what to expect.

Knowing these and feeling these keeps you motivated and feeling positive. By setting a deadline date you learn to begin and end within a given time, no excuses. You do what you can in the time you are allotted with the resources available.

That is Well Formed Outcomes. You can set them and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Consistent And Persistent Action Will Get You There

One more thing. You should know that you already have all the resources within you to accomplish your goals and dreams. However, you may not know this, believe this or recognize them. Still, you do. There are other times you succeeded, no matter how small, when you thought, felt and behaved resourcefully.

Tap into these. Remember, previous accomplishments and challenges when you prevailed. What did you see, hear and say and feel when you were confident and successful? Relive these in your mind, your memories. Get in touch with your feelings of success.

Think of resources as emotional states and abilities. Resources include your ability to learn; to smile, laugh and feel good; to be confident. Your ability to relax or feel peaceful or secure. Your ability to think clearly. Your ability to be playful and have fun.

Look For, Find And Use Your Inner Talents And  Abilities

You are already resourceful in so many ways. Recognize and validate this. Look inside for the best you have. Saying no can be a resource, setting boundaries, getting appropriately angry. Frustration or discontent that leads to positive action can be a resource. Anything CAN be a resource when utilized appropriately.

I’ll share more about WFO in upcoming blogs. I provide you with more details about setting them including questions you can ask to make certain you can most easily achieve the outcomes you set. Remember, what you can conceive and believe you can achieve!

It is an exciting opportunity for each of us to examine how our minds limit us, when we let it, and how to take control of our mind and direct it toward our goals and dreams. Setting WFO means gaining needed clarity in order to more easily get what you want.

Know What You Want – Clarify And Simplify – Make It Happen

It means helping team members clarify their over all purpose in working together. It is important they are all on the same page and that their efforts support each other and contribute to the overall project purpose.

In the same way it is important for a team of rowers to all face the same way, oars in the water, rowing in the same direction at the same time. It is important to get cooperation from members so they work in harmony. They work with each other not against.

The same thing can be said of your conscious and unconscious mind, the left and right hemisphere. The goal is to get them aligned and working together congruently so you can make your goals and dreams happen. Work with yourself not in opposition.

Keep It Simple Sweetheat

The members of the team get home work and exercises that I prescribe and we meet weekly to evaluate and track progress. Well, that’s pretty much it for today. If you enjoy these blogs please use the information to positively transform your own life.

AND please share it with your family and friends, even strangers, so they can changes their lives for the better too. Spread the word and together we can help many more people live their dreams. That is one of mine, to reach and positively influence as many as possible.

Set goals, make them big enough to motivate you with tiny enough baby steps to accomplish them by a deadline date and you will easily achieve much more than you ever imagined possible. Drop by drop the tub gets fill. Get into the practice of setting and getting WFO.

To Know And Not To Do Is Not To Know

The proper use of knowledge is to apply it. Make it a habit. Have fun learning and using WFO daily. While some people think they must have a life transformation explosion, a dramatic major overall, realistically it is the little things you do on a consistent basis that pay exponential dividends. Master this and it will amaze you. All the while live, love laugh, and celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Minutes count to. Make all your moments magical!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Follow The Recipe For Success!

horizons 2-in-the-beginning-phil-koch

“You know what you want and you really hope you get it. How come you are struggling so much? What isn’t working? What must you do to get ahead? Do you know? If you aren’t sure that is part of why you may be having a rough time. The answer is not working harder.

The answer IS work smarter. Success is a science, a formula, a system. If you follow it, as you do a recipe, you will be successful. Most people don’t do what is required.  They don’t learn the formula.  They try to do it on their own.  In a nutshell:

If you know what you want it must be more than a wish or a hope. It may start that way but it needs to be much more. It needs to become what Hill said, is a ‘white hot burning desire’. It should become your passion, your obsession. From there it becomes applied faith.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find A Way

What is applied faith? It is the certainty that you will accomplish your definite purpose or goal. It is that inner knowing, that feeling that you are on the path and nothing can prevent you. Faith applied means you take action. You take the initiative and do what you must.

You work your plan and because you know one day you will arrive you never give up. Success begins with thought on the inside. It becomes a feeling. You feel successful. You act successful. You take action and you keep at it. Then, you become successful.

Sadly, many people wish, hope, want and desire but they never take the steps that make it happen. For most it is because their attitude is not correct. They don’t have a positive mental attitude to see them through. They believe their negative programming.

They listen to other people discourage them. They look to present conditions and circumstances instead of keeping their eye, their mind, their heart where they are headed to. They get distracted. They are hasty and it doesn’t happen fast enough, so they quit.

If You Don’t Want To Do Something You Will Find An Excuse

There are numerous reasons why people don’t make it. There is only one reason why people do succeed. That one reason is: they keep at it until they do succeed. They let nothing prevent them. Why? Because in their mind they are already a success!

I leave you with this poem:

“You can do as much as you think you can, But you’ll never accomplish more; If you’re afraid of yourself, young man, There’s little for you in store. For failure comes from the inside first, It’s there if we only knew it, And you can win, though you face the worst, If you feel that you’re going to do it.”  Edgar A. Guest  From A Heap o’ Livin’. The Reilly & Lee Co.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

You can absolutely DO whatever you put your mind to. That is what Hill proved when he modeled 500 of the most successful people of his time. That is the result for those who have applied his philosophy fully. His works are responsible for millions of people from all walks of life becoming the success they want to be. You can too! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Be thankful for this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

NEW BLOG SITE LAUNCHES SOON – Do you get this blog emailed to you? You will have  to again subscribe to this blog, newsletter. I’d hate for you to miss anything when it switches. Subscribe and Follow Daily Inspiration and Gratitude!