How To End Your Suffering

“To really transform yourself and go beyond what you already know you must at some time discover, and become aware, that what IS is what it IS . There is no other way. There are no alternatives. It couldn’t have gone otherwise. It is as it is. Accept this. It is as it is.

Your opinion, your thoughts, your beliefs of how it could, or should, be keep you trapped. The monkey mind jumps from possibility to possibility endlessly trying to solve it. It can’t! You need to transcend the monkey mind. Learn to control it and learn to transcend it.

Your mind thinks, ‘if only’. You mind thinks it would have been better this way or that way, but that isn’t what is. You get caught up emotionally in an opinion of what you think should be. It isn’t. You need to get over it. Drop what isn’t and accept what is! It is as it is.

Gratitude Unlocks The Fullness Of Life – Discover Gratitude

What else is there but what is? It doesn’t matter if it could have been different, it isn’t. So, there is nothing else but what is right now. This moment. You have a choice. Accept what is and move on, or continue to wish it otherwise, stay stuck, and suffer. Learn to let go. Allow.

Everything that IS is a blessing! We either enjoy it, grow stronger, learn from it, and change.  It is all is good. When you can come to this realization, and live from this freedom, suffering ends. When everything is a blessing then you are free to be happy. Get it?

Nothing you do inside your head, or your efforts, are going to bring a moment back. Yes, you think you can. That is where you are mistaken. Accept what is and move on. This doesn’t mean you can’t i work to alter things, but it comes from a certain place. or mindset.

To Accept Is To Say Yes To Life In Its Entirety – Accept All Say Yes

Instead of being caught in an opinion, instead of feeling and thinking negative, accept it as it is, accept your efforts and let go of dictating the results. You allow the results of your efforts. If it works out, great. If it doesn’t work out, great. All is good. It is as it is. Get it?

If you wish to continue to work for results you continue without being wedded to the conclusion. You stop suffering.  You act, you behave, you think and feel from an incredible place of freedom and celebration. You move forward positively. You accept and allow.

The enlightened person can act for change while accepting all as it is. It does not mean s/he doesn’t do anything. If that were the case, what would be the point of enlightenment? Change happens. Accept it. Act for change, while free of judgement. Be open and aware. It is.

You Are Free The Moment Judgement Stops Through Acceptance

Everything works together for good ultimately. When you know this you know all ‘trials’ all obstacles and circumstances, all ‘negative’ people are what is. It is life as it is. Accept it or not. It’s your choice. What you decide determines your bliss. Consider everything a blessing and you are free and happy. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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