If You Don’t Do This You Are An Idiot Manifestor!

“Manifesting is creation. You make it happen. You create the results you want. You are 100% responsible. Either you work at accomplishing your goal or you do not. Wishing won’t get you there but a positive and powerful mindset will. Mindset matters.

Everything begins with a thought. A chair, spoon, computer, product, book, piece of music or movie did not exist prior to someone thinking about it and then working to make it real. We translates ideas into physical reality through our actions. We make it happen.

This is true whether you are getting positive, ‘good’ results or living in chaos, fear, sadness or troubles. What we focus on we create more of. If your attention is on problems you get more problems. If your attention is on the good you want to create, you create that.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Find A Way And Do It

What the positive manifestor needs to learn to do and make a powerful habit is to withdraw energy and attention from the circumstances and put the energy and focus on the wanted, intended results. This is what all great leaders must do.

Gandhi had to do this when facing opposition by the British army. He couldn’t let the circumstances prevail.  He needed to keep his sites set on what he wanted to come true. People focused on circumstances often give up. Those focused on the dream, don’t.

Learn to manage your mindset. Learn to take the energy off the problems and keep your focus on what you want to make happen instead. It isn’t always easy but it is simple when you know what to do. It gets easier in time as you train yourself. It does. Stay focused on gratitude. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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