The Dedicated Manifestor’s Formula

“In my last post I promised I’d provide the method, steps, formula for manifesting what you want. I have written about this numerous times. I suggest anyone who wants to learn how to transform their life, create their best life ever and get what you want to study this.

Read today’s post but also go back though my blog and make a study of the science of getting what you want. Learn how to design your mind and your life. Learn how to transform yourself into the kind of person who can and does create what you want and intend to.

Use your brain wisely. Be optimistic. Think positive about realistic accomplishments. Follow the formula. Know what you want. Make it a burning desire. Believe you can do it. Do what is necessary (legally and positively) to get it. Persist. Don’t quit until you get it. PLUS…

Skill To Do Comes Of Doing – The More We Do The More We Can

Help others get what they want. Cultivate friendships with positive people and mastermind relationships with others who can assist you in your quest. Go the extra mile to add and deliver extra value to the people you serve. Nothing comes free. You must exchange energy.

Invest in yourself. Pay the price to get what you want. Stay optimistic. Seek balance and peace. Find your gratitude and delight in all things. Learn from adversity. Apply the lessons and adjust and continue. Know that ALL is a gift and a blessing. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

PS I can share these with you here but if you really want to learn how to create what you want, design your mind and create your best life ever then consider enrolling in my online program. Get actual hands on experience yourself and with others. Transform your life!

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