How To Instantly Be Happy And Have More Energy

“Actors especially ought to love this. Many will understand it, ‘get it’. and do it. Do you want more happiness, joy, energy, love, fun, confidence, relaxation or peace? What do you want? What is it? You can have it right now! You absolutely can if you will do this now!

Act like you are happy! Act filled with joy. Jump up and down with energy. Be loving and kind toward someone; a pet or a child. Go out and play, skip, jump, hop! Walk like you are powerful and confident. Speak with authority. Lay back feeling lazy and peaceful. Bathe.

Do something. Act as you want to be. Don’t use that old excuse, ‘I don’t feel like it’, because you won’t feel like it, until you do it. Action brings about the desired feelings.  If you are ‘poor me. I am tired and wimpy’ nothing will change! You can’t wait and expect big results.

The More We Do The More We Become Capable Of Doing More

You take charge and you pretend! You act. You move your body. Everyone knows if you don’t feel like exercising, you don’t feel like it.  However, once you begin, you get more energy and begin to feel like you  can do more. You begin to feel like you can do a lot more. Get it?

Energy brings more energy. Like attracts like. Sitting on your ass complaining only brings more of the same. Stop it and start doing positive things for yourself. When you act the part you begin to think the part. Play with this. Do it as fully as you can. Work it. Be positive.

Put energy into it and you will get the energy back nearly instantly! You will change so much in moments! If you do nothing you get nothing. Do this and you will discover the power! Actors act the character and take on those thoughts and feelings. They embrace it.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

You can too! Act happy. Act energetic. Act positive and powerful. Act grateful. Be grateful. Be happy. Be energetic. Be positive and powerful. DO the things that make you feel it. THEN you will have it! Be, do and have. Get it? Get the results you want. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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