How To Stop Having So Many Problems

“Do know why you keep having problems? Do you want to know why you keep having repetitive problems? The ‘same ole, same ole’. Would you like to know what you could do to change this? Most people won’t but you absolutely can if you truly want to! YOU can!

I say it again and again. Thoughts become things. What you hold in your mind you can one day hold in your hand. I repeat these famous quotes because they are absolutely true. What you repeatedly think about dictates your experience. What you focus on is what you get.

Whatever occupies your attention, most of the time, is what you perpetuate. If you mostly are consumed with your troubles and woes you continue to keep them alive by the mental energy you keep feeding them. To change you must withdraw that energy.

You Become What You Think About Most Frequently

You must focus on what you want to create or build instead not on what you wish weren’t there or what you want to eliminate. This is a crucial point. You must shift the preponderance of  your mental time and energy from the negative to the positive and keep it positive.

You need to think positive more than negative. You need to think positive more than you are distracted, bored, amused, daydreaming wishing and hoping. You have to take charge of your mind. Its your servant but most people are the servants of their minds. STOP!

Stop AND change your focus. Think differently. Speak differently. Design your mind and use your mind how it is meant to be used. You keep getting precisely what you keep thinking about and if it is not what you want you must change it. It can be otherwise. If you want a different, better, best life you must change what you presently are doing. Begin today. Focus on gratitude and learn to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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