The Law Of The Mind

“People of a successful mindset help success come to themselves. They make it happen. They think it into being. Whatever we think in our minds must grow. Whether those are positive or negative thoughts, good or bad, whatever we think must grow. Notice this.

Become aware. Whatever you predominantly think most of the time is what you help bring about. Whether good or bad it is the same energy, the same focus, just two sides of a coin. This is good news. If you are thinking negative you use the same energy to think positive.

You can as easily create success as you can failure. You can create wealth as easily as you create poverty. It is all in what you think about most often. Do you focus on your problems and circumstances or on your goals and dreams? Which do you spend more time on?

You Become What You Think About Most Often

Taking charge of your thinking means learning to direct your thinking in productive ways towards what you want to increase or have more of. Spend your time thinking these things. What you think about you can bring about. Make it happen. Create it and it shall be.

Whatever you feed and nurture you help sustain and grow. If you focus on negativity and lack you create more of the same. It is a choice. Determine where and into what you want to put your attention, energy and focus. Choose which will win out for you.

Farmers weed their garden, so the weeds don’t overtake it. We too must remove the negative influences from our mind and nurture and encourage the positive.  ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he’ states Proverbs. Your success depends on your  thinking. Get it?

Whatever You Focus On Expands – You Get What You Focus On

Pay attention to what you focus on and what you believe. Become aware when your thoughts are not positive and eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive. Deliberately shift. Focus on gratitude and well-being. Concentrate on thankfulness and appreciation. Delight and enjoy. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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