Why You Aren’t Getting What You Want And What You Must Do!

“Most people don’t realize we create the circumstances surrounding us. We’re responsible for our reality, shared or otherwise, because we each operate from our own internal maps, rules, filters, beliefs, values, perceptions and more etc. We create reality. We make it so.

We either are busy creating what we want, making good happen, OR we are busy blaming, complaining, whining, warring, struggling, fretting and making excuses. We make excuses but actually each individual is responsible for what s/he creates or participates in.

We perpetuate, far too frequently, what we do not want because we don’t take responsibility for creating it as otherwise. We spend too much time focused on what we don’t like and don’t want, or otherwise distracted. We perpetuate what we do not want in life.

Every Thought We Think And Word We Speak Creates Our Future

We do not spend enough time focused on good we want. Oh, yes, we wish and daydream but most don’t take active control and deliberately build what they want, in their mind, as an architect or engineer does. These people visualize what is to be and make plans.

Then they work the plans. From an idea they create the results. You must understand the world around us is THE EFFECTS of our cause. We are living and surrounded by the results of our thoughts, feelings and actions. The outer is the result of inner work. It begins within.

Whether you realize this or not makes a huge difference. We create the outer world FIRST in our inner experience. We perpetuate whatever we are experiencing in our inner experience by how we think, feel and act. The outer can be otherwise when you wake up.

Where And What We Focus On Is Where We Tend To Go

When the individual takes responsibility for creating positive good , while not complaining or blaming others or circumstances for what they are, then the individual begins to create and experience the desired results and effects. If it is to be it is up to me! Get it?

Stop creating what you don’t want. Stop! Withdraw your attention from the effects.  Be the cause for the good you desire. This is the beginning. Understand energy flows where attention goes. You create what you spend your most time focused on. Understand?

Put your attention of what you can be grateful for. Expand your attention to include more and more. Become more grateful, positive and optimistic. When you do you will begin to change your circumstances. You will cause different effects or results. In gratitude you will transform. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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