You Need To Understand This Law Or You Won’t Change

“Awareness is the key to change. If you don’t recognize you need to change you will not. Acceptance is crucial because if you refuse to accept what it is you need to change, you never will. Not at least until you accept it. The Law Of Humility is one you must understand!

You must not only understand it but apply it and live by it. It states that what you refuse to accept continues for you. If you are unaware of it, if you deny, or refuse you need to change, it will perpetuate. Get it? Many people refuse to look at themselves with an open mind.

Some are busy projecting onto and blaming others. Other people are busy making excuses. Whichever of these you’re doing, if you refuse to accept you need to change some things, you won’t change. If you don’t know you need to change, or what to change, you won’t.

Nothing Changes Until You Do – Accept And Transform

Failure is feedback. Take it. Learn the lessons from temporary defeat and adversity. Learn lessons from circumstances that boggle your mind and upset you. Learn from the difficult people in your life whom you can’t get along with. Stop projecting! Stop blaming!

If you’re focused on another person’s faults, or the problems in your circumstances, and blaming, accusing and complaining you’re missing it. You’re missing the lesson. You’re missing the opportunity to transform. You’re not focused on higher consciousness. Get it?

Seeing the faults of others IS projection. When you find negative examples in the outer world, stop and examine your thoughts and perceptions. Stop trying to change the others and circumstances.  Instead change yourself. Adjust. Continue. You’ll be better for it.

You Are The Key To Transformation – Be Open – Be Aware

Become flexible. Become less critical and judgmental of the outer world and the people in it. Become open, aware and willing to accept what you discover about yourself. Then be willing to change and transform it. Be willing to be different. Be glad for your discovery.

Be grateful for the opportunity. Fill yourself with gratitude and delight in all of it. Consider each person, and every circumstance, a blessing you you will live an incredible life. Adopt and apply The Law Of Humility. Work within the law. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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