How To Live The Life You Want

“Creating your best life ever is the result of a combination of principles. It is a combination of planning and pursuing what it is you want the most, while allowing it to unfold and staying out of the way as it does. It is persistence and acceptance. It is flexibility.

As things unfold you accept and allow. You may also adjust and continue. Without a firm, clear desire, something you absolutely desire passionately, you have no direction. You must know where you want to end up. You must plan and expect to get there.

You need to take positive steps that are necessary to get there. This means take action. You are proactive. You do whatever you can that is good, and positive, to create the life you want. You pursue your dreams. You follow your intuition. You ask, seek and knock. Get it.

Plant Your Seeds And Trust They Will Grow In Abundance

AND you allow your efforts to come to fruition. You plant a seed, nurture it and let nature or god take care of the rest. You are responsible for your part and universe, god, or source  is responsible for the all else. You mix the cake mix and let the oven do the baking.

Keep the faith. Adjust as necessary and trust. You planted the seed, you nurture as part of the process, and you let it grow according to nature or natural laws. Sometimes troubled times appear but don’t be discouraged. To grow strong you need some troubled times.

Learn from the lessons and opportunity that hides within all adversity. Learn, grow, study, evolve, invest in yourself. Become better, happier, healthier andt wealthier. Transform yourself by planning and allowing. Both are necessary to live the life you desire and are intended to live. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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