Use This Creative Tool To Make Your Dreams Come True!

“Some people have difficulty imagining their dreams? Perhaps, you aren’t readily able to visualize as you’d like to? There is a wonderful tool that you can use that will enable you to do this far more readily and easily. Plus, it is a potent daily reminder of what you are seeking.

It is called a Vision Board. It is a helpful way to imagine what you want. It serves as a present reminder. Plus, using it constitutes a practical exercise for learning to better visualize. This tool is dynamite and can transform you into a manifesting dynamo!

You have to use it though. A Vision Board can be as simple as putting a picture, or pictures on bathroom mirror, or any mirror. Most people select a few images that represent their most passionate desires and glue, tape or pin them poster board. It is so easy!

Losers Visualize Losing – Winners Visualize Winning – It Matters

If you like you can draw you goals and dreams and write mantras, or your power words on your Vision Board. You can make it as personal and fancy as you like. You can make it beautiful or keep it very simple. It is YOUR tool for visualizing your goals and wants. Get it?

So, it is up to you how elaborate you get with it. Best to keep it simple and uncluttered. Best to make it lovely since it represents who you want to be, what you want to do and have. Pictures of your ideal self,  body, the home, car or clothing and activities you want.

Think about what you want. Cut out photos or print them off the internet. Put together your board. Look at it daily with the firm intention that these are already yours. You made them happen. These represent who you are and what you do and have. Get it?

Your Mind Is Powerful – Fill It With Positive Thoughts – Focus

I’ll share more in coming posts. For now, if you haven’t created or used one before, do it now. It is a powerful assist in helping you manifest what you want. I think it is best to be reverent about it. Treat is as something really special. Because it is! It is you!

Be grateful and glad for all things. When you look at your board you should feel awesome! You should vibe high as you think about what you can, will and did accomplish. Imagine being that person, having those things, engaged in the work or play that inspires you. Be thankful and joyful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “Use This Creative Tool To Make Your Dreams Come True!”

  1. Yes, I have my dreams.I don’t putting posters or pictures on bathroom . I don’t write mantras but mantras everyday. OK. I will cut out my dream from print off in ternet , I like print and follow your word. I do it …
    Thank you very much ,Rex Steven siges? Your’ name … ..right your word ..


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