How To Take Charge And Build Success Habits That Work!

“In order to get to subconscious mastery, unconscious competence, we must first apply conscious will and direction. We must first set the mental intentions, make decisions, and follow through in practicing and repeating these. You don’t get good doing nothing.

Present conditions are always the result of previous thoughts, feelings and actions. We create out future in advance then it comes to fruition, just as we plant a seed and then later harvest. In order to get good at manifesting what you want you must practice it first.

You don’t get good merely reading about it. You don’t get good at it only by thinking about it. You must feel it as you think about it. To get good at any sport you must engage in it repeatedly, and feel the good feelings, as you advance in it. You get better by positive repetition.

Take Charge Now – Whatever You Want To Do With Ease…

As you feel good, you want to do more. The more you do the better you feel. The more you feel good and repeat what you are doing for a long enough time builds positive success  habits. You are taking your conscious skill and wiring it into your unconscious.  Get it?

Do it correctly and you become it. First, decide to be it. Then affirm and visualize it with great positive feeling and enthusiasm. It is not enough to think or say, ‘I feel strong.’ You should feel the feelings of strength and declare it powerfully. Be genuine and honestly feel it.

That is how you make thoughts work. It may seem stiff or unreal at first but you will get better at it. Anything you first learned seemed, at first, impossible. Still, you accomplished it and got better if you properly stuck with it. If you gave up and quit, certainly you didn’t.

… You Must First Do With Diligence – Take Charge Now

Mastery comes through application and nothing else. Build positive success and happiness habits. Use this proven system for making positive powerful changes. Create your best life ever because the only person who can do it for you is you. Understand this!

Neurons that fire together wire together. When you deliberately choose to create you success, and you continue to follow through as necessary, creates new positive neural pathways in your brain. You make the changes more easily. Your inner resources work together.

You are already successful at what you don’t want. You got there this very same way. Whatever you focused on, whatever problems plagued you, were reinforced by your thoughts and feelings through time. Use the same system to now make positive changes instead!

You Are Making The Unconscious Conscious And Vice Versa

You already know how to do it. Now apply it. If you do not take charge you will forever remain the same until you do. It is silly to think you would be otherwise. If conditions suck it is up to you to learn how to change them and triumph over them. Get it?

The reason gratitude is so important is it is a marvelous high vibe positive feeling. The more often you feel it deliberately the more you begin to master it. Fill your life with positive good feelings, happiness and success by looking for and recounting these frequently every day. Discover that all is a blessing and ALL will be a blessing. You must go first. You must first plant seeds. Get it? Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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