How To Make Your Inner Voice Work Powerfully For You!

“We talk to ourselves. Most people have nagging thoughts and voices in their head. Often we complain about others and circumstances or we are self critical.  We may even catch ourselves talking out loud, some times even embarrassing ourselves. Right?

Well, these streams of conversation stem from our unconscious past conditioned, programmed mind. It is mostly negative and repetitive. Not much changes except day to day topics. The tone, the manner, the less than glorious thoughts and feelings the same. It sucks!

If this happens to you you can change it. Here’s how. Deliberately choose to talk to yourself. Talk out loud. Talk about how good things are. How grateful you feel. How marvelous things always work out for you. How incredible it feels to be rich and have money.

The Mind Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think – Think Positive

Talk about how healthy you feel and how great you look. Speak about how loving you are, the great people in your life and how loving you is easy. Emphasize how talented, unique and magnificent you are. While it may seem silly, pretend all of it is real. Get it?

Act as if. Speak out loud. Re-program your self talk positively. Be powerful and enthusiastic. Practice throughout the day. While driving safely, walking  or sitting somewhere. If you feel conspicuous put on a pair of headphones. Others will think you are on the phone.

The more often you take charge and promote goodness, positivity and wellness in a light, fun manner the quicker you will notice the results. Have fun. Feel thankful and grateful. Speak with enthusiasm. Be optimistic. This is a powerful practice. It wires in the changes.

The More You Do The More You Become Capable Of Doing

Speak only to bless, heal, prosper, motivate and inspire. Delight in all things. Talk about them. Make up positive stories about you daily life and how you live the life of your dreams. Keep it up. Speak and act the part! When you converse with others keep these principles in mind. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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