How To Live Free Of Energy Vampires

“Never let wrongdoers spoil you day or your mood. Rise above the fray. Remain untouched while fighting for a better way. Never fall to their level. It only harms you and does little to affect them. Don’t fight fire with fire. Light doesn’t drive out darkness it just is light.

Love instead of hate. Take the higher road. Live stress free. Stop being distracted by news and media. There is far more good than not so good. Don’t get caught up. When you get caught up, distracted or predominantly negative you give away your power.

Power comes from within, not from without. Seek higher self. Seek higher counsel. Seek love and light. Stay optimistic. Keep the faith in what you can positively accomplish to bring good about. Don’t get caught in circumstances, events and energy vampires. Rise above!

Skill Comes Of Doing – The More You Do The More You Can Do

Live, love, laugh and learn from everything. All adversity contains seeds of learning and opportunity. You have to look. One door closes another opens. You decide how you live. You decide what your experience will be. You either react like knee jerk or you respond.

Fill your mind with positive and inspiring material. Hang out with optimistic, positive, good people. Listen to inspiring, motivational audios. Attend workshops where other high vibe people are. Speak only to bless, heal, prosper, inspire and motivate. Create good!

Responding is from choice and from you higher self and from power. So be grateful. Fill yourself with light. Meditate. Let go. Seek peace and joy. Allow peace and light to fill you. Receive. Be thankful. Consider everything a blessing. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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