Do This When Things Don’t Go Your Way

“Hey, it happens. People let you down. They don’t show up. They may break their promises. Events are cancelled. Less than glorious circumstances occur. People may lie, cheat or steal. What to do it? Most people get angry, frustrated, sad or want revenge. Do you?

It is natural. Especially depending on how and where you were raised. Bad things happen and we get disappointed and mad. We get consumed with negative thoughts. We think how it is unfair, shouldn’t happened or could have been otherwise. We obsess.

If you find yourself doing any of these it is natural. It is reacting from prior past conditioning. It is automatic and habitual. This is what you have done before so you do it again. The circumstances or people may change but the reaction is pretty much the same. Same ole stuff.

You Are Right Now Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

However, you don’t have to do this again. You can change it. You can decide to be different and choose to respond instead of react. You can be in charge instead of a victim. You CAN change everything in an instant by changing what you choose to think and focus on.

Instantly! You can change the meaning of any event by changing what you think about. That said, learning to choose to think differently may take a little time but if you never start doing it a new way you will always be stuck doing it the old way. Get it? Change it!

It requires awareness. You must become aware you are going down the old pathway and must will yourself to think and feel and act differently. If you think this suck you must change it you something else. If you don’t you will just feel the same old way you always have.

You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Present Thoughts Take You

You can realize that you don’t know everything and that while things didn’t pan out how you had hoped perhaps there is a lesson or some other good to come of it. Someone lets you down. You can be angry and blame or you can choose to examine why it matters so much.

You can explore how you might feel different. You might look for whatever other good could possibly come from this. After all you determine whether it is a problem or not. If you choose to look at it as a blessing instead then it isn’t a problem. It is your choice.

BUT you exclaim, it doesn’t seem like a choice. It seems like hard work. YUP it is whatever you declare it to be. You will always live from your filters, what you think and tell yourself and what you believe things to be. To change you must change these things.

Learn To Manage Your Thoughts Because You Can’t Escape Them

So yes, it takes some work. Just a getting physically fit takes some work. It is up to you. Stay the same or become new. Your choices, your decisions determine exactly what you get from life’s influences. You either fight it or go with the flow. You either feel bad or good.

Every moment it is your choice. The key to transformation is laying the ground work. Doing what may be difficult long enough until it becomes easy. If you want something  you will find a way to do it. If not you will find excuses and stay the same. What will you do now?

Begin to consider what positive steps you can take to think and feel differently? How might this be beneficial? How good will you feel when you discover the hidden blessing? Where else might you positively put your attention to begin to feel better? Ask yourself!

What We Want To Do With Ease We Must First Do With Diligence

Direct your mind, feelings, words and behaviors. STOP immediately and reframe it. Tell yourself a different story. Manage your self-talk and negative imagining. Stop feeling the victim and choose to be the victor. Look for the positive, the good and emphasize these now!

It is completely up to you. Choose to be different. Choose to think and feel differently. Set the intention. Make the decision. That is the beginning of your transformation. It won’t ever happen unless you do it. Focus on the good. Stop making it a problem. Look for what there is to be grateful for instead. Take positive steps to think and feel better. Consider it a blessing. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “Do This When Things Don’t Go Your Way”

  1. This “getting even” has been a problem in my past. It is so delicious when one can do it invisibly using magick. I am really looking for the equil or better good and beginning to see the blessing within the evil intent. It gets easier each time. Thank you for this needed message to me. I truly appreciate you time and intelligence. Keep up the fantastic work. The world needs you and so do I. Warmly & Magically M.I. Mandrini, William Young

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