Are You A Faux Optimist?

“Some people think, ‘I can’t’ but who think they are, or may appear to be optimists, but they are not. They say nice things, but think mostly negative thoughts. A true optimist thinks ‘can do’ and handles any challenge. They see possibility, opportunity, success.

They don’t notice or pay attenton to negativity because they ARE an optimist. Remember, they see the glass half full. They think, ‘I can’. The negative person, pretend optimist, sees the glass half empty, not full, and worries this will disrupt their happiness. They worry a lot.

They are afraid, something will spoil their happiness. Their negativity does hamper their happiness. True happiness, or bliss or peace, transcends worry and fear. It only sees what is possible and what is good. It is not afraid of what is bad or what can’t be done. 

Optimism Is The Faith That Leads To Accomplishment

It notices it and then looks back toward the positive to what can be done and what is good and what is the potential for changing it. Then they do something positive. They don’t retreat or fear or segregate. Their awareness is recognizing when a change needs to take place.

From that awareness they then find solutions. They do not let the need for change cause discomfort. After all, they are true optimists. The look for and find the good in all. So, the true optimist isn’t bothered by anyone or anything. The live free from fear.

If one fears the negative, their actual focus is on the negative. If they doubt, worry or fear, that is where their attention it. That is where their energy goes. That is what they create and attract. Stop focusing on the negative. The optimist already knows this.

Pessimism Leads To Weakness Optimism Leads To Power

It is really quite simple when it comes down to it. You are what you eat. You are what you fill yourself with. You are where you spend your time. You are what you embrace. You are what you focus on. Therefore, focus on the good, the joyful. the fun, gratitude, positivity, peace, love, kindness and abundance. Stop focusing on anything less. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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2 thoughts on “Are You A Faux Optimist?”

  1. Swami Vivekananda, the highly revered Indian Saint from a while back said that ‘strength’ was the name of the game, that the touchstone for assessing any potential action under consideration was would it make you stronger or weaker. If stronger, its a go. If weaker, a no go.

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