That Fussy Law Of Creation And How To Get It To Work!

“Imagine you want to build a statue. You conceive of a statue of a tree. You gather the materials and begin to work. The you think, better if it were a bird. So you start making the bird. When you realize you really prefer a squirrel. You adjust and then decide again.

You should make a man. Off you go. BUT then a woman would be nice. So you conform. This is the nature of the mind. It flits from this to that. You have to harness it and direct it to make things happen. When you ultimately decide is when you will create that.

In the meantime you will be in flux. It will be this and then that but you will never really get ahead. Herein is the problem with not focusing your thought, aiming your thought on what you really want to create. You must decide, get clear, absolutely want it.

You Get What You Think About – What You Focus On Expands

Then plan to have it. Do you think the pyramids would ever exist if every few years the ruler changed his mind? Absolutely not. You conceive it, make a blueprint and work the blueprint. As good as the plan is will be as good as the creation is. Get it? It is all your mind.

Conceive it. Believe it and you can achieve it. Stay focused and you will make it happen. If you aren’t deliberate or sure of what you want you will only create chaos or confusion. You must first imagine it as finished. Completed. The plan how to accomplish it. Otherwise…

You either make things happen or you don’t. You either expand or contract. You are either living or dying. You either move forward or backwards. Those who attempt to do both mess things up, at least for awhile until they decide on the direction they want to move in. Get it? Do it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “That Fussy Law Of Creation And How To Get It To Work!”

  1. My wife asked me,” how come you get everything you want when you want it.” I asked, What would you like sweetheart? She said, “I don’t know”. “How can I know?” I said,” pretend I Have a real magic wand and I can make anything I want happen.” She came up with an absolutely impossible idea. In one week I had this absolutely impossible reality for her. The key as you say is focusing, knowing what you want. It does not make any difference what is is you want. It will happen, if we focus. Thanks so much for all your time and work Rex. We do not take you for granted. Everything you blog is so true! Thanks for sharing, you are changing the world for the better. Warmly and Sincerly, William Young

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