How To Stop Struggling And Find Peace

“Do you feel troubled or in turmoil? Are you fretting over a situation or a loved one, friend, or stranger? Are you letting your thoughts and emotions get the best of you? If this applies to you, stop, take a few deep breaths and as you breathe out let it all go. Simply, drop it.

You may find yourself needing or wanting to repeat this frequently. Here is why: we are used to having problems and troubles. We are comfortable being disturbed. We have worked on figuring out things all our life. It is our conditioning. We struggle. It is habitual!

Letting go of that takes us out of our comfort zone. We rebel inside. ‘Hey, wait, what is going on?’ Doubts, fears, anxiety arises. Why? Because we stop doing what we are used to doing. We don’t have a program for not struggling. Our subconscious scrambles now.

You Can’t Change The Circumstances You Can Change Yourself

We encounter limiting beliefs and feelings. It is homeostasis. Just like your thermostat. If it gets too warm it kicks in to cool down. If it gets too cool it kicks in to warm up. It is automatic and designed to keep us the same, doing the habits and conditioning we learned.

When we decide to take on a new goal or put an end to an old behavior these processes rear up attempting to keep us reliably as we were. That is why it seems difficult to change. Especially at first. We can change! We just need to practice the new behaviors enough.

We make new thoughts, feelings and action habit by repeating them over and over, for long enough, until they become automatic, reliable, new, positive habits. Then it’s easy again. Whatever we hope to do with ease we must first do with diligence. So we practice!

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

‘Today, I have decided I am at peace. I allow myself to let go and let god, the universe, source, or my higher power, whichever works for you, run the show. I caste my burden on the divine, so I may go free and be at peace.  I enjoy the peace that passes all understanding.’

One of the ways to help yourself most readily and easily change is to direct your mind to the positive through affirmations and questions. What you focus on expands. We get back what we think about. Energy flows where attention goes. Use the above affirmation.

Or create your own. Declare it with enthusiasm or ask it as questions. The point is to stay focused on what you want and let go of what you don’t want. Eliminate what you want to eliminate and focus on what you want to create, think, feel or do instead. Get it?

Change Begins The Moment You Honestly Decide To Change

Then, hang in there. Continue, persist, until you fashion and secure the new thoughts, feelings and behaviors you want to get. When you do transform in this way you begin to get new positive, wonderful results. Everything can change for the better, when you do!

Gratitude works wonders. If you are thankful even for your struggles, and can find blessings and lessons in them, you win! You set yourself up to feel better because you find the good in situations, or with people, that would have previously bothered you. Express your thankfulness for all. You truly transform, and will experience peace, joy and abundance when you learn to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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