How You Can Get Free From The Past

“Do you live with regret? Are you bothered by ‘if only’ thinking? If only it had been different or if only I had did something differently? Many people are victims of the past. They keep past wounds and disappointments alive in their present. They don’t get past the pain.

Do you do this? If you do, you can be helped. It is time to get present. In the present you can be free from the pain of past and free from the worry about the future. You don’t have to remain the same. You can change, you can release and you can transcend.  So how to do it?

Forgive! Forgive yourself and let it go. You did the best. You can learn from it. You can get the lesson and let the pains go away. Release it. Forgive yourself and forgive others too. You can do this. What lesson did you need to know? What have you learned since?

Can’t Change Past Circumstances But You Can Change Yourself

Forgiveness isn’t about letting anyone off the hook, it is about relieving yourself of past negative experiences. It allows you to let go of the burden you have carried. It means you realize you are not at fault. Nor is anyone else. You release all obligation to the past.

Instead of carrying the hurt from back then, you live free in the now. You turn your attention from what was to what is. It is a new day. It is a new moment. You can live totally free. Pay attention to the good things right now. You can enjoy life in all its goodness, today.

Become willing to forgive. Practice forgiving. Caste your burden on the divine, god, the universe, your higher self or power, so that you can go free. Think, ‘I am willing to forgive.’ As you become aware of this you will find yourself thinking, ‘I can forgive’. Then, ‘I forgive.’

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Correct

Let go of ‘then’. Experience today, free from guilt, shame, anger, negative or traumatic memories. Live for today. Find the peace you deserve. Find the love and joy you deserve. Realize that bad things help us grow stronger. Learn the lessons. Apply the learning! Let go. Help others. Discover the blessings. Release and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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