Stop Tolerating Abuses!

“Unless you want a Jesus like conclusion, I am not saying love your captors or stay with abusers. To let go and accept, love and forgive doesn’t mean you can’t seek safety. Don’t allow your comfort zone for the negative  to hold you in place when you should leave.

Yes, you can love, and forgive your tormenter but you don’t have to be within the proximity of the person/s to do so. You can get free, be free, and then resolve it within yourself. Forgiveness and acceptance isn’t about letting anyone other than you off the hook. Get it?

Make sure you are safe. I’m most certain your mission is not Jesus like.  So when you need to be safe, secure, and protected, seek safety, security and protection. Letting go letting god, and accepting doesn’t mean you tolerate or endure abuses. Get it? If you are, stop.

Seeking The Highest Means Accepting The Lowest But Safely

It means you transform your mental, emotional and spiritual experience. Always seek the higher road, the highest self, the most positive options that result in yours, and others greater, well being, success, happiness and peace. Transform yourself to find the lesson.

Find the blessing and be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow, but from a place of safety when necessary. Use wisdom and be wise. Be smart. Do not be a victim. Do not tolerate abuse of yourself or others. Find the positive and legal remedies when necessary.

Seek wise and positive counsel, not vengeful or negative. What you resist persist. So do the inner work of letting go, trusting and surrendering, without sacrificing your physical well-being or that of your family, friends or strangers. Live from your higher self.  DO you understand? Be grateful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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