What About Those Nasty People And Circumstances?

“Who do you listen to? Who do you pay attention to? Who are your teachers? When it comes to learning how open and available are you? How easily do you learn? Do you dabble? It is all up to you. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to master the material?

There are important teachers and mentors but those may be the subject of another blog post. I have already addressed these important influences. More importantly is another realization. When you realize this you entire life can instantly transfor,m.

Everyone IS already our teacher. Until we open our hearts we don’t realize it. We are blinded to that as a possibility.  Because we are so sure we know, we miss most everything. That is because we don’t know what we don’t know. We can’t see around the corner!

Awareness Can Lead To Massive Positive Transformation – Let Go

Every circumstance is our teacher. All the nasty, rude, difficult people and horrible circumstances provide lessons, opportunity and blessings, if we only become aware, open ourselves up to look and find them. We must be willing to look, to seek, in order to find.

All of our experience can teach us. Learning to be open, available , and see the good in everything is crucial to our happiness and success. Without the ability to let go and surrender we place most of our happiness on people, things and circumstances outside us.

We make the outer the key to our success and happiness when it comes from within instead. We need to correctly make attributions and as long as out focus is on people, places, things, events outside ourselves we miss out. We can’t know what we can’t know.

What We Focus On Expands – We Become What We Think About

We need to develop trust and faith that it is all good and all is there for our ultimate benefit whether difficult or easy. Our thinking determines how we feel about those things that happen to us. Our thinking makes happen, or at the very least, contributes to the same.

When we learn to change our thinking from negative to positive, when we learn to seek the good, the lesson and blessing in all things, when we learn to be truly grateful for all of it and let go of resistance but instead trust and surrender, our lives become blissful!

We become free. We enjoy a peace beyond description. This is available to you when you are ready to let go and learn from all. Let go and let god is an important saying to adopt. Invite the higher power, infinite intelligence, source, god, the divine, whatever you call it, to help you let go and learn. Learn to  Be. Learn to be present and thankful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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