You Pay The High Cost Of Not Changing!

“You pay a price whenever you focus on your problems and negativity. If you are consumed by lack, debt, issues with family or friends, job stress, or worse, you pay a price. Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health suffer. You close off and shut down.

You limit possibilities. Your body remains primarily in fight or flight or freeze. The price you pay takes a huge toll. Years existing like this are debilitating, unhappy, un-successful (even if you have monetary success) and have become your habits of thought and action.

You must change what you are thinking, feeling and doing if you want to change your life. ‘As a person thinks in the heart so the person is.’ That is a paraphrase obviously, but the meaning remains the same. What you think and declare to be true is true. Get it?

Sill Comes Of Doing – The More We Do The More We Can Do

What you focus on you get more of. So, when life throws you curve balls, it doesn’t mean ignore what is, or isn’t, going on.  It means its an opportunity to let go of the problems and stresses. Stay focused on what  you want yourself, and your life, to be. Stay positively focused.

Remain true to your purpose, goal and dreams.  Declare it and ‘act as if’ it is the way you want it, regardless of what is presently going on. This may be tricky yes, but completely possible. You must discover a way to relax your grip on how things are. Let them go and shift focus.

Drop into the present. If you have to judge things as anything, judge them as learning experiences. Judge life circumstances and problem people as opportunities and blessings. Let go of the negativity. Find the good. Do this with everything, repeatedly and continually.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – Manage Your Thoughts

As you do, and as you become grateful for them, things will change. You will change. There are two ways of handling difficulties, attempt to alter the difficulty or alter yourself. You CAN control what you do. You can let go and trust. You can be grateful. You can’t control circumstances but you can transform yourself, and in doing so, transform them. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “You Pay The High Cost Of Not Changing!”

  1. Yes, Thank you very much “Rex Sikes” some day I feeling badly , but when I reading your word , it’s right for me. Your word make good feeling and cool .Thank you Thank you ..


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