If You Don’t Believe This You Will Not Succeed

“If you  don’t  believe that you will get what you effort for, ask god or the universe for; if you don’t believe your subconscious, god or the universe, or your efforts will give you what we ask for, you  have no reason to expect that you will receive it. You must believe! Trust.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your higher power or source. How can you develop this faith? The Bible provided a clue when Jesus stated “Unless ye be become as a little child, ye shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  What do you think little children do?

The have complete faith in their provider. They believe their parents will take care of them. They trust wholeheartedly! They also pretend and dream and use their imagination freely and vividly. We all do. Until trained or conditioned out of believing and positive imagining.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – Skill Comes Of Doing

As children we pretended whole-heartedly. We believed we can be, do and have anything. We trusted those ‘in charge’ to provide for us. We prayed believing our prayers are answered. Whether or not they seemed to be, we believed. Mindset, heart and behaviors matter!

The way you make things happen is by believing in yourself. You believe you can and will do it. You will do it because you are responsible for it. No one else will do it for you. You are the one who makes things happen. Imagine it. Affirm it. Over and over again.

Continue until you absolutely believe it. If you do it correctly, repeatedly, consistently, for long enough, you will come to believe it. Believe it. Develop the faith and imagination of a little child. You can if you practice it. Have faith. Relax, let go and let god.

You Develop Certainty By Conditioning Yourself – Repetition

Sometime, sooner or later you will look back and you will realize all you have created and allowed.  Keep playing and having fun. You will be grateful and express you gratitude then. So begin now. Delight and enjoy. Be grateful. Find all the blessings. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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