Every Now And Then I Tell The F’ing Mirror Off!

“Recently I wrote: Do you realize every thought you think, every experience you have, each and every relationship, every ‘thing’ and everything in your life is a reflection of what goes on inside you? It is all a mirror to what is within you.” If you read it you know this.

Every now and then I have told the mirror off. I have let loose on another person, screamed at circumstances, or wailed on myself. I have, it is true. I have blamed the mirror, accused the mirror, resented the mirror, hated the mirror, you name it, I probably did it.

My point? We are human. We have feelings. Sometimes, these get ‘the better of us’ as the saying goes. We succumb, we let loose, we unleash. You know what? It is okay. It is human. Don’t get down on yourself for it. Why beat yourself up for beating yourself up?

Awareness Doesn’t Stop You From Making Mistakes …

If you harmed another with your words, you can ask for forgiveness or make amends. If that person is no longer living you can resolve it within yourself. My point? Take it easy on yourself for being human. We all mess up. We all stumbled and fell while learning to walk.

Okay, you got angry. You said things you meant or didn’t mean. Now you feel ashamed, embarrassed, hurt, angry or whatever. Notice it. Realize you may not want to feel this way again. Notice it. Forgive yourself. Accept that you are a human. Let the rest go. Move on.

Move on once you have actually let it go. When you release it you can be free of it. If you stuff it down and suppress it you will face it again sometime. What we resist, persists. So take a deep breath and drop it. Shrug your shoulders and release it. Feel free of it. Let go.

… Awareness Allows You To Learn From Mistakes 

Allow yourself the ability to ‘f’ things up. As long as we live we will make mistakes. Just attempt not to keep making the same ones. Make new mistakes instead. It is okay to be human because that is what you are. Most of us try to be perfect. We aren’t. Or, perhaps…

We are perfectly imperfect. We are beautiful with all of our flaws. Each ‘f’ed up time is a blessing and opportunity to let go. Challenges are blessings. The mirrors are blessings. Our mistakes are blessings. Everything is a blessing. When we can see that we are truly free. So, be glad. Be grateful. Learn to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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