Do You Struggle With The Law Of Attraction

“We live from the inside out. We operate off of mental maps. We have filters that delete information coming in. We distort things. Have you ever thought you saw your friend in a crowd only to discover you were mistaken? Looked like your friend, didn’t it?

That is an example of distortion. We generalize and make rules we think should apply in every situation and for all people. Oh, sure, we sometimes acknowledge the occasional counter-example, ‘not every rich person is a jerk’, but we think most all are. Get it? We do this.

All inside our head. Automatically and routinely. We believe some great things and some silly, stupid negative things. We create our reality from unconscious, habitual processes; neural pathways laid down while growing up. It is all good, too. We benefit from these.

The Map Is Not The Territory – Eat The Food Not The Menu

We don’t have to re-invent the world. We have automatic ways of doing things. They are streamlined. The issue most of us have is we struggle with our own processes. We struggle with our own beliefs. We want to do certain things and yet we actually resist changing.

We do all this automatically to remain the same. Our brains job is to keep us alive and keep us consistent. The same way our thermostat works to adjust the temperature to maintain its setting. All of it is good, we just don’t always think so. Therein is the rub.

It is what we think it is. If we think it is difficult or hard it will be more so than if we think it easy. If we think it doesn’t work it most likely will not. If we think we can’t we probably never will. If we think the world is against us we will find reasons that prove it to us. Get it?

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes – Choose Wisely

It is what we think and say it is. It is all within the realm of natural laws and principles. It doesn’t mean if I think I am 9 feet tall I am or will be. I hope you understand this point, it is important. You create your reality and how you experience the world, from within.

If you have difficulty manifesting what you want you need to make some changes. How you presently live, your level of health, wealth and happiness require little or no effort. You are already doing it and maintaining it. Positively changing will take some effort.

Whether you think that is difficult or easy will determine how you move through it. If you think it will be difficult to learn to play the piano, or juggle, or swim, or drive a car, it will be. If you think it will be easy with no learning curve it would be unrealistic. Get it?

What You Focus On Expands – Thoughts Become Things

If, however, you think, ‘I can easily and effortlessly learn to do this and any challenges that come my way I can readily move through and enjoy the process’, you will be better off. If you think you never get what you want, or getting it will be tough, makes it so.

If you think the Law of Attraction doesn’t work or is difficult to make work, you would be correct for yourself. You’d be wrong according to the experience of countless others. You create your reality! Do you understand this? If you want it easier, you must think it so.

You can learn to do this if you don’t. We all must go through it. Accept it and decide to transform yourself. Stop re-enforcing what hasn’t worked, what holds you back, and keeps you negative. Decide to shift to the positive and emphasize this. Put your focus to work.

You Are Always Creating Everything Whether You Want It Or Not

Energy flows where your attention goes. What you emphasize expands. You get more of whatever you think about. Practice thinking positive and feeling good. If you need more help that is why I am here. Ask for it. I have some great programs for you to benefit from. Meanwhile, practice being positive. Practice feeling wonderful. Practice being grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “Do You Struggle With The Law Of Attraction”

  1. I have been teaching piano lessons for 45 years and I have my students playing like a person who has 20 years of lessons after one year. I do this by telling my students that playing the piano is extremely easy. I tell them they have been lied to by people who want them to take lessons forever. I tell them that if they say this is easy, their brain will speed up and make it easy. I say if you say this is hard your brain will slow down and make it hard. I say it really isn’t hard or easy but if you view it as hard it will take you 20 years. If you view it as easy you will be playing fantastically in a year.
    I am having great success with this. I have taught many who said they had many teachers and none could teach them. Of course with the success come great referrals and plenty of new students. I love bringing fantastic piano playing ability to my students.
    Thanks again for your wonderful sharing, you are not taken for granted. Thank you so much.
    Warmly and Magically,
    William Young
    Mandrini the Magician


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