It Matters! Who Is Running The Show?

“In a recent post I posited, “From ancient time on, humans have asked,  ‘who is running the show?’ I pointed out that from ancient time answers have been forthcoming. Not everyone appreciates the answers, nor do all agree. What say you? Who is running the show?

Your answer speaks volumes about you, your mindset, your current status or circumstances, and your ability to be happy and successful. It speaks volumes about how easily you will triumph or whether you fold, quit and go home a loser, tail between your legs. So…?

Answer carefully. Your answer either comes from your previous, past, conditioned thinking, you adopted from others and from conclusions you drew from experiences you had, run through your past conditioned filters, to be able to make those conclusions.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes – Reap And Sow

The answer comes from your beliefs about you, the world and your ability to be happy, loved, successful, peaceful, or not. Your answer is be a reflection of the deeply ingrained convictions you hold about possibilities and opportunities, for yourself and from the world.

You either place control outside yourself, within yourself, or some kind of mix. Whatever you choose will determine, to great extent, how you live your life. You either are a champion or a loser; a victor or a victim, or one somewhere in the middle.  The middle is ho-hum.

This is a most important point most people miss! Every moment of the day you are making attributions and assignments about your pleasure or pain. You are placing the control for a wonderful life either in your hands or in someone else’s. Do you understand this?

You Create Reality Within – You Operate Off Mental Maps

Whatever your answer is will illuminate you to where your problems, issues and obstacles are. It will shine the flashlight of awareness on your limitations IF, and WHEN, you are ready to notice what your thinking is. If not, it will remain hidden.

Have the courage to listen to yourself! Listen to your attributions, the excuses, the reasons, the complaints, the blames, the accusations and realize, and recognize, you either have the power to change things, and make things happen, or you don’t believe you do.

So which is it? What is your truth? Is it the old, previously conditioned, limited way or a brand new positive and powerful way? Examine your thoughts and beliefs. Drop and let go of the ones that don’t serve you and the reasons that hold you captive. Release them!

What You Say Is What You Get – You Make It So – Choose Wisely 

Release that which doesn’t serve you. Let go of the non-supportive beliefs, and attitudes, and adopt new beliefs and attitudes, principles and practices, that help you create your best life ever. Only you can make your life truly amazing. So, please stop wasting time. Get on it. Find reasons to be happy and delighted. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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