Who You Say You Are Makes And Incredible Difference!

“One can believe that we operate from our beliefs and perceptions, our filters, and that we create everything 100% in our reality, or that things happen and we react from our previous habituated mental conditioning and we have no say in reality. We are Victor or Victim,

You can believe you can learn to positively and productively respond to whatever circumstances arise or you are helpless and powerless to do so. You can choose to accept 100% responsibility in choosing how to respond what life offers even if you aren’t in control of it.

How well you fare in life, how happy and successful you are, depends on how you choose to view yourself, the world around you, and whether you’re ‘at cause’ and help make things happen, or ‘at effect’, and are a victim of happenstance. What you think is what you get!

Perception Is Everything – Your Beliefs Make It So – Be Aware

If you decide you are 100% responsible it means you account for everything, good and bad, that happens and you attempt to make the best of it. You aren’t a victim. You take charge and respond as best you can when difficulties arise. You choose to be resourceful.

You are either a victor or a victim of whatever happens. A victim has no say in making it different and reacts from habituated thoughts, feelings and behaviors. One choice comes from a place of power. The other does not. So, So are you able? Can you chart your own course?

Can you create the life you want? Are you a victor or a victim.? Whatever you may have decided previously can be changed, or not, depending on whether one believes you can change it or can not. How successful and happy you are depends on your mindset.

Stop Struggling Start Living – Create Your Best Life Ever

These questions are meant to help you clarify which mindset you live from. Which mindset do you want  to live from?  What are you willing to settle for? What will you stop tolerating? When will you begin to create what you want? You know your answers. So….

Are you powerful enough to make changes or must you live as a cork bobbing on the water driven by the wind and waves? It is either up to you or it isn’t, right? Choose! It is a choice each of us makes, or doesn’t. Whatever you do, or don’t do, there you are! It is up to you!

You live from your choices or decisions. Whatever you decide is what you get to fulfill; victor or victim. If you play the victim role your choices are limited. Whether or not you are actually responsible, if you act as if you are, you have more choices available.

What You Say Is What You Get – Success Is A Decision Away

As a victor you have the power to choose how to respond, how to make it different and how to feel differently! You are in charge. This an important distinction between a winning mindset and one that is not. You want a winning, victor, champion mindset, do you not?

More next time. Meanwhile, decide whether or not you are in charge of your thinking, feeling, behaving and your life. It is all up to you and your decisions. Success is only a decision away. Choose that which enables you to create and live the life of your dreams. Take action. If you say you are a victor, act like it! Live from your power. Live from gratitude. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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