Thinking It Is A Problem Is The Problem!

“When you say, ‘this is a problem’, guess what? It is! When you say, ‘I have a problem’, you do! You ARE affirming the problem.  Get it? It is really only a situation, an event, another person, but you are looking at it and declaring it AS a problem. It is whatever you declare it to be.

In reality, it is neither good nor bad. You know the saying, ‘one man’s meat is another’s poison’. ‘One person’s ceiling is another person’s floor.’ It is just a set of conditions, or circumstances, that you choose to view in a particular way. You react to it as you learned to react.

It is nothing until you declare it as something. Your judgment, your naming it, is A problem that makes it THE problem. Perception is everything. What you say IS WHAT YOU GET! Stop labeling events as troublesome or problems! Just stop doing it! STOP! Get it?

What You Say Is What You Get – Thinking Makes It So

Outer circumstances are just elements in play. It is inside you, that you determine how you react, respond, review and feel about them. You translate if from situation to problem. You could translate it into an opportunity, but most likely won’t. You’ll do what you always do.

Until, you learn a better way, you will continue to make things problems! Until you stop! Thinking it is a problem IS the problem! Once you stop labeling the situations, and the thoughts and feelings associated with it, you are free to make better choices!

There are a number of things you can do to transform yourself, and your situations. BUT the very first step is to become aware of what you’re already doing. If you aren’t aware of how your thoughts and behaviors limit you, you won’t change them. You must notice!

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You – Speak To Only To Bless 

First, become aware of what is going on. Then STOP what you are doing. Learn to do something else; anything else! Learn to change yourself, and what you normally do, in the moment by doing something different than  what you automatically do. Get it?

If you keep doing the same thing again and again, you keep perpetuating those issues. Only you can stop it. That is good news. Only you can stop it when you first become aware of your habits. So, become aware. Get grateful.

Be happy when you recognize yourself engaging in  the behaviors you want to change. That IS THE FIRST STEP. Noticing. Recognizing. From there you can begin the process of changing. You can’t if you are blind to what needs to change. So be glad. Really glad.  THEN celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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