Thinking Its A Problem Makes It A Problem Part 2

“Remember, when you say, ‘this is a problem’, it is! You declare a situation troublesome. How bad you say it is, makes it so. When you say, ‘I have a problem’, you are affirming that you have a problem.  The reality is there is a situation, or a person, you describe as bad.

The reality is, it is neither good nor bad. It is nothing until you declare it as something. Prior to human presence on the planet, all sorts of things happened. No one here to judge them. Your judgment biases the situation. It colors or flavors it. It makes it worse than it is.

How you represent it, how you think, feel and speak about it makes it so. It is whatever you think and declare it to be. If you want to change it, change how you think, feel and speak about it. Reframe it into an opportunity to discover new things. Shrink it down in size!

Today You Are Where Your Previous Thoughts Brought You 

Get it? It is whatever it is. Your resistance to it makes it what you label it. It is whatever it is! You lock it in as a difficulty when you declare it one. Otherwise, it really is an opportunity to discover your resourcefulness. You can find your strength and learn something.

If you want different results, change what is going on inside you. Change your thinking. Stop labeling it as bad. Call it a situation. You have an opportunity to explore options you might not otherwise have . You have a learning opportunity. You don’t need to lie about it.

You don’t deceive yourself. You notice it and reframe it. You look for the good within it and accentuate the good. You emphasize your strengths, not your weaknesses. You explore your ability to rise to the occasion, think positive and not let things take you down.

Tomorrow You Will Be Where Today’s Thoughts Take You

If you’re so inclined you can call it a blessing. Everything this side of death can be considered a blessing. You’re alive. That is better than not being alive. You go through experiences, ups and downs, as an adventurer. Act like an adventurer. They like challenges. Do you?

It’s our desire for everything to be ‘perfect’ that screws us up when things go awry. We don’t want anything to come along and upset the status quo. We want things the same. We want them comfortable. Nothing wrong in that but things change. Flexibility is desirable.

Do you understand it is within your control, and ability, to call it whatever you want to call it that serves you and supports you. Some people call it a ‘big’ issue. It really is not unless you decide it is. A ‘big issue’ is another representation of it as a problem, Change this!

You Can’t Escape Your Thoughts – What You Focus On Expands

Instead of making a mountain out of a molehill, make the mountain a molehill! Shrink down the size. Make it manageable in your mind. When you do you’re more resourceful. You can more readily, easily and swiftly resolve it when it isn’t looming or overwhelming.

Change what you are doing and you DO get different results. If you always think the way you always thought you keep getting what you always got. It’s all about how you represent it. How you think, feel and speak about it that makes it so. Get it? So reframe it.

Learn how to reframe it. Call it something different. It is whatever you think and declare it to be. If you want to things to change, change how you think and feel and speak about things. Reframe it into an opportunity to discover new things. Shrink it down in size.

Thoughts Become Things – Thinking Makes It So

Want different results, change what is going on inside! I repeat. If you want your life to change you must change things in your life.  Doing the same thing repeatedly isn’t getting you the results you want. Find the good. Accentuate the positive. Make it so!

Be grateful you are alive! Be grateful you are able to experience ALL situations. Look at them as a blessing. When you are able to do this everything in your life transforms for the better. What you seek you will find. Want a problem? You can have one. Want an incredible life? Then celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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