Are You Ruled By Mythic Thinking?

“Positive thinking and optimistic thinking does not necessitate that it ever become unrealistic. That is mythic thinking. That is a great misunderstanding about positive thinking. Positive thinking does not mean turning a blind eye to problems. It has never meant that!

Blind thinking, as some have said, is to imagine ‘there are no weeds, there are no weeds’ when there are weeds. That is not positive thinking. That is ignoring the weeds.  Positive thinking is ‘I can weed the garden. I can learn to weed. I can make it beautiful.’ Get it?

One can ask, ‘what needs to be done to make this the best garden? I can take care of this’. Thought precedes action so the appropriate follow up to ‘I can weed the garden’, is to then weed the garden. Many people misunderstand what it means to think positively.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Correct

Many misconceptions abound.  Positive thinking is most useful in creating what one wants. You can create and design your plans. You aim at the target so you can hit it. It can even include knowing what you don’t want to clarify what you do want. YUP! It does indeed

You can’t build a building knowing only what you don’t want in it. You have to know what you do want! An architect draws very specific plans! Looking at the plans one might decide the closet should be located elsewhere. You know what you don’t want.

Then, switch focus from ‘what is wrong,’ to the ‘right’ you intend to pursue and create. Example aside, positive thinking is incredibly useful in righting wrongs; the ‘wrongs’ in your personal life and in society. Stop tearing down, but recognize what you won’t tolerate.

Then make a plan to create what you want instead. What you resists persist, but you can overcome the problem. You can even overcome the solution to the problem to make things better than you could otherwise previously imagine. Get it? It’s important. Do you?

The More You Do The More You Become Capable Of Doing

What do I mean by overcome the solution? Sometimes, the obvious solution isn’t  the wisest or the most efficacious. Sometimes, the very solution one is attempting to utilize IS the problem or exacerbates the issue. This can be overcome by better thinking.

Positive thinking means you don’t let the negative thinking get you down or derail you from useful, well constructed plans or goals. It means you put your best ‘mindset’ on, manage your thoughts, and put your best foot forward. You function realistically and optimally.

In spite of odds, you continue to prevail. You persist and see it through. You adjust as necessary along the way. Use positive thinking! If you don’t know how, or if you struggle to, you can learn and train yourself to think more positively. You can make positive thinking  a reliable habit. If you want to be happier and more successful this is a must! Learn how to transform yourself and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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