Don’t Get Sucked In Or Distracted By Nefarious Forces

“Something very important to notice. Bad news is rare. That is why it is reported. It is the exception to the good that goes on. Bad news sells. People buy it. Bad news sells for this reason. People love gossip and road kill. It is a rating game. Still, bad news is rare!

Bad news is the manipulation of your mind whether intentional or not. If you think bad news is real then you have been drinking the sugary flavored drink. Good news abounds but no one reports the good news because it is common. It doesn’t sell. Bad news does.

There is a volcano. It makes the news. WHY? Because  it doesn’t happen all the time. It is rare by comparison. Get it? The less something happens the higher the signal value. So media looks for all the bad news it can find because it means ratings and more profits.

The Mind Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think – Learn To Think Well

That is the business they are in. Selling bad news. Actually, selling commercial products. How can you tell you’ve been brainwashed? You buy all the bad news and the breath, hair, body products, designer logo clothing and goods. People are walking billboards.

People are walking commercials for corporations and the news media. We wear it and we share it. We gossip about it and brag about it. Still, all the bad news pushed on us pales by all the unreported good news! Still, we’re influenced and feel bad.

We watch or read the news and then think everything is bad.  Advertising convinces us we are stinky, foul, flakey, humans in need of more products to eliminate our ‘humaness’ so we buy the ‘right’ clothing and advertise their brands for them as walking billboards!

Learn To Vet And Verify – Seek Accurate Information – End Gossip

News influences us to be worried, angry, intolerant and scared. We give in. Because news and advertising is relentless in all forms of media, music, movies, TV, cable, streaming, books, magazines, online social media, clothing, food products we succumb to its influence.

We can’t escape it.  It is repeated endlessly 24/7. There is no escape from it any more than there is escape from all the microwaves and radio waves and gamma waves in the atmosphere. We are in it. We can limit it but can’t shut it out. The onslaught surrounds us.

We are influenced by the pessimistic thoughts and speech of others. Family, friends, strangers all influence us. We get caught up. We must realize it is not as it appears. The picture being painted is for profit and power. We willingly buy into it. We give our minds away.

We’re Surrounded By Forces That Attempt To Disable Us – Notice

We buy into it because we have grown up in it. As a fish doesn’t notice the water, we don’t notice the propaganda. We do live in an Orwellian world. We are facing some difficult times in the U.S. and around the globe. We must become aware of the influence on us.

If we don’t become aware of our own past conditioning, and the ongoing inculcation, we will be the worse off. We need to wake up. Some will and some never will. Some will believe, no matter what, the lies being told. It’s easier to convince a stump than some people.

They’ll believe the advertising, the news, the political agendas. Some will tune out and become apathetic because of the onslaught. Since, we are overwhelmed continuously we need to claim our minds back. Then we won’t be as susceptible as we’ve been. We may wake up.

Become Aware – Your Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

Because of the chaos, confusion and distraction from what we could and should, be paying attention to some will tune out, give up and do nothing. They will become apathetic. They’ll refuse to notice. They are unaware of the consequence. They’ll miss and lose out.

Then, only those who believe the news will act. They’ll support choices that go against their own interests because they’re being conditioned to do so every minute of the day. Make sure you don’t go numb from this all mind-numbing. Claim your mind back!

Become conscious. Stay alert. Be aware. It may seem we are all going to hell in a handbasket. It may seem as if nothing good happens. Still, more good still happens than bad. Good can and will still prevail if we commit to making it so. Transform yourself. Love yourself.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You – Be Aware

Love others. Help others. We all need to row in the same direction, together at the same time, to get ahead. We don’t win by not playing or by hurting the other team. Rise to a higher standard. Live from that standard. Be alert. Work to remain free in mind, body and spirit.

Stop buying into bad news and advertising! Recognize that there are changes that need to be made and help make them! Help make the world better. Don’t give up. Keep the faith. Remain optimistic in the face of opposition. Seek the truth. Look for accurate information.

Vet your sources. Pay attention to all the good, the blessings, the kind acts, the people who help each other. Pay attention to the loving, the generous, the kind and the peaceful. Be accepting. Never give up your freedom to think and choose for yourself. Become whatever you want to be, do or have. Make good happen! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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