Your Brain Can Be Changed!

“People said humans would never fly. The Wright Brothers changed all that. We once thought we’d never walk on the moon. That too, happened in our past. People made it happen! Still, some don’t believe it ever happened. You use a toaster and electricity, right?

Edison had difficulty selling people on the electric light but now the world is over lit. Ford produced automobiles en masse. We have circumvented the globe and sent probes into space, and within the human body. We have unraveled much about DNA. Amazing, right?

All these, and many more changes that humans made happen, at one time, existed only within the mind that imagined it possible. Steadfast souls conceived them, believed it was possible and kept working at it until they achieved. It is amazing, don’t you think.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Brought You – Consider This

What began as an idea became reality. It began inside the human, inside the mind, inside the brain. Nowhere else. All great things first start within. They start within you and within me. Your brain, my brain, our brains are amazing! We are amazing! I hope you notice.

Here is the great news. Not only are our brains magnificent but we can direct our brains. We can maintain positive and optimistic outlooks. We can do what other pioneers have done. Each of us have talents and abilities we don’t even realize we have. Still, we do!

We just need to look inside for them. We also have something else. Something so amazing! Not only can we change our thinking and our attitude, but we can change our brains. We can form new neural pathways all through our life. We didn’t use to think that possible.

The More We Do The More We Become Capable Of Doing

But it is! Neuroplasticity is the word, the medical term, for our brain’s ability to change and grow new neural connections and evolve itself. Not only that but we can actually direct how it grows and evolves. You can evolve your brain through how you think.

You can change your brain by will-power and thought power. When you decide to make changes in yourself, and your life, when you learn new things and apply new things you grow your own neural wiring. How incredible is this? Pretty darn amazing! Guess what?

This means if you set your mind to learn to do new things, as the Wright Brothers did, and as Tesla, Ford, Einstein, Edison, Jobs, Branson, and others have, you can too. You can make new things in the world that benefit all AND new things within that benefit you.

Skill Comes Of Doing – Our Brain Evolves By Doing New Things

You are truly incredible. Acknowledge this! Celebrate this. You can learn to do almost anything within reason when you set your mind to it. You can transform yourself and you can transform your life! This is worth being grateful about, don’t you think? I think so. How about you decide to put it to the test? Do something new and wonderful, and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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