Stop Reacting From The Past! Learn To Respond Instead

“Currently, neuroscience points out that our feelings and emotions, come on, affect us, and last only 90 seconds. The actual feeling subsides. We, however, have been conditioned to entertain it for as long as we do. The good news is, ‘this too will pass,’ is valid!

It has always been the case only recently confirmed by science. I point that out because some people see to need that extra validation. The point is your feelings come and go and without your involvement. Your involvement keeps them longer.

This is true of positive and negative feelings. If you were to stop and think about it you’d realize how accurate this is. That said, if you will allow yourself to let go and simply sit with the feelings you will come to notice this. You will feel them and then watch and feel them go.

Observe – Witness – Become Aware – This Too Will Pass – It Does

Take 20 or 30 minutes. Do not react to the feeling. Simply watch it. Sit and breath and let it be. Yes, it is more difficult when you first start than as you progress, so be patient and kind to yourself. Give yourself the time to change. You will as you stick with it. Get it?

Simply notice. Stop, breathe don’t get hooked! Allow, watch and allow to go. Let go. Every moment becomes a new moment. Every breath is new. So let the feeling be and let it ebb away. Acknowledge and be grateful you can observe. Observe that ‘this to will pass’.

Everything is a blessing. Even the not so good times. We just have coded them as troublesome. We react that way from past conditioning. This is an opportunity to get free and to learn how to respond. Don’t deny or suppress anything . Acknowledge and be grateful. Everything passes. Let it become new. Let go and allow. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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