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The Action You Must Take To Succeed!

“People work hard to get ahead. Do you? They are very busy but less than productive. Their actions aren’t helping resolve difficulty or further their positive cause. Too often their actions are the very thing that inhibit success. If you aren’t succeeding yet, consider this.

Right action means inspired action. Not action for the sake of doing. When things go awry many people try to solve the problem and figure out what to do. Stop! Figure out what to be, instead. Manage your mindset and your feelings. Be the change you want to occur.

Inspired action means you are acting to receive, not acting to fix. You aren’t trying to make something happen or something different, you are acting to receive, to allow. You are acting from faith. You believe it is coming to you, resolving itself, and you allow it.

Hope And Confidence Lead To Success – Believe And Receive

You get out of the way. When successful people say ‘I never work’ they mean they enjoy what they are doing so much they don’t consider it work. They love doing what they do. That attitude, those feelings, bring about further success. They are having fun. Get it?

They aren’t fretting, they are flowing! When you feel in flow you are taking inspired action. You are allowing all to come to you and you are celebrating and having fun. You are thinking positive and feeling positive. All is good. All is delightful. Get it? Learn to let go and enjoy.

In flow everything feels effortless. You are moving with the current not against it. You go where it takes you. You move intuitively not intellectually. You aren’t trying to figure out what to do next you are allowing your inner wisdom to take you there. You follow. You allow.

Trust – Relax – Float – Feel Wonderful – Allow – Expect – Receive

When you are truly grateful for all, you are in the moment. You are in flow. Your thoughts, feelings, words, behaviors or actions are all in alignment. The story you tell is uplifting and positive. Everything is lined up with you getting what you want. There is no discord, no distraction, no fear, worry or doubt. You believe and receive. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Believing This Lie Harms You Big Time!

“If your life sucks, this is a huge why. A friend posted this Carl Jung quote. ‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’ This is the issue for most all people in a nutshell. Your unconscious processes run the show.  You don’t!

How you handle the issue is crucial. Your subconscious does what it does in direct conflict to what you want. You try to get ahead but something prevents you. You want to be happy but think and feel crappy. You end up in debt or doing the same bad habits repeatedly.

Too many, for too long have blamed themselves for the conflict between conscious desire and direction and prior, chronic conditioning. It isn’t sabotage. It isn’t yourself fighting yourself in darkness. It is your brain carrying out automatic learned habits.

Stop Standing In Your Own Way – Get Out Of Your Way

Acquired thinking, feeling and doing habits that do run the show. The subconscious mind carries out all functions. That is its purpose. The conscious mind directs it. Just as a rudder on a large powerful vessel can steer the entire vessel. You have to know how to work it.

Unconscious processes do what they do, until you alter or change them. We have grown up conditioned to blame them rather than to embrace them. Once you embrace your own self for being an incredible learning machine that serves you, it will be different.

Many therapies exasperate the ‘issue’ by labeling it sabotage. The public seems to have adopted this less than glorious, and less than productive, manner of thinking. How you think, how you relate and direct the subconscious makes all the difference. It is crucial!

If We Defend Our Habits We’ve No Intention Of Changing Them

You don’t resolve the conflict by blaming yourself for sabotaging yourself. It drives a wedge between you and your subconscious. It keeps the rift wide and alive. There is a better way. Align. Bring the two together. Heal the rift. Learn to direct the mind how you want.

The subconscious mind is a faithful servant and will do whatever you teach it to do. It is already doing what you learned, without your approval or awareness, while you were growing up. That isn’t your fault. It is however, if you do nothing about it but blame it.

Now is the time you can change from deep within. You can heal conflict and resolve differences. You can befriend yourself and discover an incredible new you. You can be the person of your dreams, happier, freer, complete; living a wonderful life!

I Think It Is Time To Be Happy Again – Enjoy Life Now

You need to learn how to direct your mind so it delivers what you want instead of what is was conditioned to deliver. You need to teach it new productive habits so you start getting what you want instead of bad habits, negativity and worse. Get it? You need to do it.

I’ve shared how to do that, in blogs, videos, seminars and workshops. But no one can do it for you. It’s time to stop being a victim of your own mind and become the victor of your mind. Learn to be thankful for your unconscious processes. Discover how wonderful it is and you are. Get it? You must take action. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

If You Learn Self Control You Can Master Anything!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.