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Are You Costing Yourself Or Making Yourself A Fortune?

“In the HBO Documentary ‘Becoming Warren Buffet’, Mr. Buffet reveals two rules of investing. Rule Number One: ‘Never Lose Money’. Rule Number Two: Never forget, always remember, rule number one. Do not let the power of these rules be lost on you.

Consider that every purchase you make, how you use your money, either feeds you or eats you.  This concept taught by Robert Kiyosaki dates back to ancient Babylon. Everything is either a feeder or an eater; your house, your car, your hobbies, everything you own.

Does it appreciate and feed you, or does it cost you to own it? Your house could be a feeder, an asset, if it appreciates and makes you money, as in you rent a room. It could be an eater, a liability, that costs you monthly mortgage, taxes and repairs. How about your car?

Skill Comes Of Doing – The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge Is Action

Never lose money! Organize your thinking to adhere to this rule. No frivolous spending. Spend only to make more. Invest in yourself. Make what you have make you more. Put your money and investments to work for you. Never lose money! Be smart about it.

The way to wealth is to befriend money. Make it work for you while you sleep and play. Be smart. Save and invest wisely. Be frugal and always live beneath your means so you maintain your financial freedom. Remember the two rules. Apply the two rules. Get smart by learning how to invest. Don’t be stupid with what you have. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Be Sure You Don’t Fall Into This Trap!

“Later in his, life Napoleon Hill wrote that all but one of his richest 520 models were screwed up in some fashion. The individual and their families were troubled. Some committed suicide, some died penniless, some turned to alcohol and drugs. This is bad news.

He pointed out only one, John Burroughs, had close to a happy life. That was because he sought balance over riches. The others sought only money. You’ve heard ‘be careful what you wish for’. Oscar Wilde had a famous statement that parallels that one. It is worth noting.

‘There are only two tragedies in life; one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.’ How do you reconcile these with pursuing your goals and dreams? It’s important for your success and happiness to understand what you are doing! It is crucial.

It’s All About The Quality Of Your Life To Be Happy Seek Balance

You must realize things will not fulfill you. Often we hear about others who have achieved their dreams only to be let down and disappointed. Some rise so high, only to fall so low. Others kill themselves, feeling lost, hollow and alone. It happens too often.

Things will never fulfill you! You must realize this. Shiny objects won’t make your life better. You think so now, but once you have them you end up wanting something else you think will fulfill you. You must fulfill yourself not rely on others, circumstances or things.

It’s not the destination that is important, it is who you become along the way. You must transform yourself! You must choose to be happy. Be happy and you’ll be happy with whatever you have. Become happy now and you’ll be happy later. Don’t rely on things to do it.

Seek Peace – Listen To Your Heart – Love – Laugh – And Live Fully

Let go of the idea that a better job, home, car, significant other, piles of cash or fame will complete you and make you better. It won’t. Why strive hard to get something that in the end you won’t appreciate? Seek balance. Seek peace. Be happy. Transform yourself first! Get it?

Don’t spend life fighting just to be let down. Find a way to ensure you will enjoy what you make happen. Become a better person! Become a happy, fulfilled person. Find blessings in all things. Then whether you have something or not, you are fulfilled. Get it?

Then you will be happy with whatever you make happen, or don’t. You will be happy with whatever you have, or don’t. I am not suggesting you settle for less. Seek balance. Then you’ll be thrilled making good things happen and will be pleased getting them.

Find A Happy Balance Between Work And Family And Friends

You’ll be pleased because you are a different person. You are fulfilled inside. You are rich on the inside and not depending on outer things to fulfill you. Find inner peace. Find balance. You can still pursue your goals but become the type of person who can handle success, first. Get it? Learn to appreciate what you have. Be grateful. Find all the blessings. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch