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When Will You Stop Stopping Yourself?

“What holds you back from being, doing and having everything you want in life? If there weren’t something you’d already be it, do it and have it, wouldn’t you? So what stops you from living your dreams? Discovering the answer and eliminating that can change everything.

If you haven’t listened to the audio program I shared with you a couple blogs ago, please go and listen to it now.  Here it is again. Listen and learn. Then begin to explore. Feel free to share your thoughts with others and  me in the comment sections.

I asked some questions in the audio blog, from the Virtual Summit and I’d like to go over those with you. These are important questions to consider. If you give actually ask, entertain and reflect on these  they can help you to create the kind of life you want to live more of.

What do you want? Clarify it. Be specific. If you say you don’t know what you want, then what is it you absolutely do not want? Once you know what you don’t want, reverse it. What do you want instead of that? Get to the bottom of what you want. Get clear about it.

What stops you from having it right now? Something must or you would already have it, right? So what is it? Why don’t you have it? Once you know that it is some block or limitation or experience from your past, you can begin to get over it. Be honest with yourself.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

When will you stop, stopping yourself? When will you  move forward on what you want? When will you do this? Will you begin now? Decide. Only you make decisions for your life. No one else and no experience from the past decides for you. You must choose!

YOU decide. So when will you go for it? If you don’t know how or need help, that is why I write this blog. I am here. I can help you but I can’t do it for you. I can be a guide but you have to take the steps. Get clear about what holds you back and where you want to go.

You may not know how to get past the blocks yet,  but decide  you will. You don’t have to know how. You just have to really want to, as a first step. You must also know where you want to end up. That is why I asked you what you want. Get clear in your own mind. Get it?

Our Only True Limitations Exist In Our Thinking 

If everything in your life is okay, keep doing what you are doing if you are living a fabulous, joy-filled life. If not, and life could be better, but it isn’t yet, are you open to some options? If yes, fantastic. If no, you are not, that is okay too. It is always your decision. Which is it?

If you are open there are options. You can email me regarding some of these at createyourbestlifewithrex@gmail.com I can let you know some of what is available. Meanwhile, practice gratitude. Ask and answer the questions. Do some real soul-searching and be glad.

You can get clear and move forward and begin to make your life more of how you want it. An important step is practicing gratefulness daily. The more grateful and appreciative you are the better life becomes. So take some time each day to count your blessings and really focus on them and how good it feels. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control You Can Master Anything!

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