Action IS the proper fruit of knowledge.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

“Understanding and application make the difference in making your life what you want it to be not reading or memorizing. Information does not change us. It is what we do with the information that can transform us.

People think that if they read about something they will somehow be better off. Having information can be useful but only when you apply it correctly. Many people want to read about personal change or NLP techniques but they never DO anything with the information they gain. They just read about it. Sadly, that is their loss.

For example, studies have demonstrated that the act of reading a book on bike riding is not the equivalent of bike riding. Different areas of the brain are utilized. So reading about it doesn’t do much to add to the ability if you want to learn to ride a bike. Once you already know how, reading may add to you knowledge and inform you about some things you may wish to try.

However, imagining riding a bike, seeing yourself on the bike watching yourself peddling and steering that is a good brain work out. Also imagining what it is like to be on it from the rider’s perspective, what do you see, hear, feel as you balance and ride, feel the bumps  etc.  Living it in your imagination does utilize portions of the brain for riding and actually activates at the micro-muscle level the very same muscles used when riding. When imagining riding vividly you are actually experiencing it in the brain at some level.

This is true if you imagine yourself playing tennis, swimming, golfing, making a sales phone call or any activity you might engage in.

You can rehearse the activity in your imagination and get some benefit. So while reading about something may illuminate and increase awareness it is only by doing something with those insights that makes a real difference for us. You have to act on it.

One question useful to ask ourselves is: Are you interested in where you want to go, what you want to do and what you can accomplish or are you more interested in defending where you are now and why you are there? The honest answer determines a lot. If you want to move forward you will act. If you wish to remain the same you will provide reasons.

Your present state or condition is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thinking. If you want to get different results in your physical world and have a different life you must immediately change your thinking and not defend where you are at.

For most people their present situation determines how they think and feel. The outer controls the inner. In fact, it is your thoughts that determine the results and the life you get. The inner actually controls and dictates the outer.

If you are fearful, or negative life is not much fun. If you are confident and loving you probably enjoy it much more. Your inner being determines who you are, how you move and act in the world, and what you get. You are where you are because of where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. You can not escape the results of you thoughts.

In order to behave in a new reality you must first be able to conceive of a new reality. It begins inside you head. You must see it first inside you in order to create it on the outside. All our art, music, product is created this way. An architect sees it on the inside, puts it on paper, then builds from the paper a physical replica of what they imagined. Inner begets the outer whether good or bad.

So if you want things in your life to change you must change things in your life. Napoleon Hill stated “Any idea held in the mind, that is emphasized (feared or revered) begins at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available” Said differently, we attract whatever we think about and feel emotional about.

Joy is a strong feeling so is worry and fear and doubt. Whatever you are thinking and whatever strong emotions you are feeling you are perpetuating. If you look around and see lack and problems you keep thinking, feeling and having them. This IS the outer controlling the inner. We look at the present feel bad and get more of the same.

We need to ignore the present and look to what we want to create. We need to see in our mind what we WANT rather than what is or what we don’t want. We imagine what we want  first on the inside. Hill also said “What we can conceive and believe we can achieve.” Conceive it, create it in your imagination first, feel good about it and believe you will have it and you will.

Heck, that is already what is going on. You have already been creating your life whether you have realized it or not. That is precisely what has been happening.

Whatever your present life is like is the result of your previous thinking.  So reading about it is not going to help. It is only by putting into action the principles and practices that will make an incredible difference. See a new better glorious future and you can have it.

Van Gough said “I see the painting in my dream and then I paint my dream.” You can create it.

Become the change you want to be in your life! Activate your attitude and move forward. You can create what you want because you have always been creator. Perhaps, you created and attracted lots that you didn’t want but you can change that now. Decide what good you want and take charge of the creation process. Make your life what you want it to be.

Today’s thoughts become tomorrow’s reality.” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day!

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