Discover The Secret: How To Escape The American Rat Race

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“I want to mention a couple of things up front in today’s blog post. It is important to make this acknowledgement and I may not have done it nearly enough. It is important that YOU know this.

First, I want to thank you. I thank you, the reader, for reading my blog. Thanks for following, subscribing or regularly finding and reading my articles. That is so cool of you. Thanks!

More than anything, I hope you will do the exercises, practice the principles and follow the advice. Action is the proper fruit of knowledge. To know and to not do – is really to not know.

If you know the material you apply the material. It is through the application of these principles that true change occurs. Change doesn’t happen simply by gathering more information. So you have to DO IT to make it work. I hope you are or that you will!

Second. Thanks so much for the support! Thanks for sharing this blog with others by social media and email. It means so much to me when I see that you have taken a moment to pass it along. It really makes me feel good.

More importantly, whenever you pass it along for someone else to benefit you are paying it forward. That is such a wonderful thing to help others and to want to help others. SO a big thanks and kudos to you for sharing. Every time you do it helps someone! Thanks!

Third. Thanks for your comments, questions and support online and offline. I really appreciate hearing from you. This blog is a labor of love. I have received so much in life I enjoy giving back. These principles have helped me so greatly I feel compelled to let others in on them.

I imagine, someday, a community of doers and sharers who have made their lives wonderful and who help each other and strangers as a form of celebration and gratitude. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

That said, I again say, thanks for all of it!

Today, rest. Escape the rat race.

That doesn’t mean you don’t do anything. Continue your practice but don’t push. It is important to learn to relax.

Consider this: it is important to be a loving and kind giver. Give from the heart, without judgement or qualification. Go first, apply the Golden Rule and give. This is important.

It is also important to be a loving and kind receiver. One, who can accept openly without judgement or qualification. Who can appreciate it when others go first and can graciously accept.

Giving and receiving are part of the flow of energy. Doing and relaxing are part of the flow of energy. Be both!

Learn to let go. Accept what is. Enjoy whatever IS as perfect. Be truly in the moment. Don’t try to get or be anywhere else than right where you are. Be at home in the moment and in that location where you are.

Zen is IN the moment. When you wash the dish you do nothing more and nothing less than wash the dish. Your thoughts are not elsewhere. You aren’t thinking ahead or behind you are simply washing the dish. You become ‘one’ with washing the dish.

Whatever you are engaged in be IT fully. When you walk become the walking.  Sitting, become the sitting. Eating just eat. Don’t read, or watch television or watch others. You simply eat.  Be aware. You allow. You are centered and quiet. No distractions. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to be.

Find your center. Relax, accept, let go and go within. Enjoy. Find your center. From your center can arise a wonderful joyfulness. Awareness. Aliveness. So simple yet auspicious.

We can live meditatively.

When we do there is really no need to go and meditate.

Until we can live meditatively it is wise and good to go and meditate.

Create a special place. A special time. Make it wonderful,  make it comfortable for you to sit or lie in. Temples are like that. They are reminders that within the temple you are to go within yourself. That is where the real journey is after all. Inside each of us. Inside you.

Take time to create balance. Go with the ebb and flow of life. Just as waves come in and go out, day becomes night and night becomes day. We need both. We need to push and make our dreams come true. Create! Be responsible and make them happen.

We need to stop, relax, take a breath and smell the roses. We need to settle and center. We need to receive and to allow. We need to allow the universe to gift us with moments as they arise. Find peace. Be peace. Go within.

As above so below. As within so without. Make the moments marvelous, mystical and magical.” Rex Sikes

Have an easy going and relaxing day.

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