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The Idiot Manifestor Doesn’t Know To Relax

“The Idiot Manifestor doesn’t know when to relax. They spend too much time working, fretting and pushing a rope. STOP. Learn to give it your best in a playful manner. Create from, and for, the joy of creating and not from need or desperation! Learn to let go.

There is giving and receiving. Their is creating and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Their is sowing and harvesting. There is a season for everything. Learn to plant the seed, maintain your passion and your faith in a playful spirit. Then rest, relax and let nature carry it on.

You have initiated the process. Let go. Continue with your plan of action. Continue to affirm and visualize but relax about getting it. You have put it into motion. Now, trust the process. Continue high vibe, feeling wonderful. Feel enthusiastic anticipation for getting it.

Enthusiasm Is Mental Sunshine – Celebrate And Enjoy – Delight

Act as if you are already there. You have already become it, are doing it and having it. Rest in enjoying it. Celebrate it. Celebrate you. Celebrate accomplishing your goals. Party now, as you will then. Live from having it. Stop seeking it. Own it. It is yours! Relax. Receive. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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You Deserve A Break Today So Enjoy It!

“Take a break. Relax yourself. Let go. Count your blessings. It is vital to refresh and rejuvenate. Do something marvelous for yourself. Celebrate. Enjoy and delight. Treat yourself well. Treat yourself to something special today. Do something extra nice for you.

When you can be truly thankful for all that you have in your life, when you appreciate it fully, something inside you changes. It as if you wake up. Something inside you awakens. You become more aware. You become conscious. Everything becomes new!

Once you live in gratitude you find much more to include. You discover more to feel happy about and thankful for. You make more room in your life for all good things to begin to come your way. You see with new eyes. Your heart sings a new song.

Happiness Is Whatever You Decide It To Be – Live Well

Each moment becomes a blessing. You open up.  You allow and become receptive. You are accepting, receiving, inviting, while giving thanks. It is really amazing how your life can change when you become filled with thankfulness. ‘Thank You’ are magic words!

In thankfulness allow yourself to be. Enjoy! Delight in the small and the large miracles in your life. Celebrate yourself. Delight in being you. Rest in who you are. Trust who you are.  Allow your self to simply be open. Allow wonderful things to find you. Receive all.

Make it a point only to find those things and those moments you appreciate. Do so fully! Take a walk, visit a special friend, take in the sights, have a special meal, take a bath or a nap but do something that makes you feel more wonderful. Celebrate everything.  ” Rex Sikes

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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
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Stop! You Are More Likely To Fail If You Do This!

“There are times when you have to be smart or suffer potential consequences. Many people attempt to work harder, and harder, to get ahead. Instead, they actually put themselves at risk of screwing up everything. Be smart. Know when to quit. Know when to let go.

No, I am not suggesting giving up on your dreams. I am suggesting taking a break. Don’t work when you’re exhausted. Stop trying so hard. Quit and take a break because you’re more prone to negativity, pessimism and even accidents, when you’re tired and worn out.

Take care of your mind and body.  Stop and go have a little fun. Lighten your load and spend time chilling out. Return to your work once you’re refreshed. You will perform much better. YOU have to be your own benevolent boss and  know when to stop! Get it?

Breathe – Take A Break – Rest – Have Fun – Then Move Forward

You make less mistakes, and have less do overs, when you are at the top of your game. If your mind is worn out, if your mindset is strained or tired, if your body needs rest, take the rest you need. You’ll be more productive when you are positive and feeling good. Get it?

So be good to yourself. Be gentle and kind. Keep yourspirits up! You get further faster when you are feeling great, anyway. Make it a point to always feel your best. Do those simple things I’ve shared elsewhere in my blogs to keep feeling good as you journey.

Savor each moment. Stop and smell the roses. Don’t allow yourself to fall two or more steps back because you didn’t take care of, and look out for, yourself. Enjoy the process. If you aren’t, stop. Take a breather! Stay positive. Stay optimistic. Keep feeling marvelous. Feel delighted, grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Have a great day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Sometimes It Is Better To Inch Your Way Along

horizons by-the-light-of-a-new-day-phil-koch

“Everyone needs to rest. It can’t be all work and no play. You want to make sure you have fun too while you pursue your goals. You want to enjoy what you are doing or you won’t do it for very long. You need rest too. You need to replenish. Chill and relax. Nurture yourself! Take good care of yourself.

Sometime, people effort too much. You see it every new year. People make all sorts of resolutions. They rush to the gyms. They buy equipment. Then they over do until they eventually quit. Better to do less and continue than try to do too much and quit early.

Have Fun – Get Rest- Nourish Yourself – Enjoy Everything

Still, every year lots of people will abandon their goals because making changes takes too much time or effort. These people often don’t figure out the easy way to make new changes fit into their already busy lives. Don’t fall into this trap.

Ease your way along. Instead of going for the overhaul go for the upgrade. To inch your way to you destination is better than to go fast right away and run out of gas. You eat an elephant bite by bite. Drop by drop fills the tub. Be consistent and persistent and you will get there. Allow yourself to enjoy it all as you journey along.

Small Steps Consistently Taken Will Get You There

The same principle applies whenever you discover yourself feeling down and out or thinking less than glorious thoughts. Learn to switch from the less than glorious to the glorious whenever you notice you aren’t feeling so good. This is when you become aware that something is off.

Realize and remember the less than glorious feelings ARE the signal that something is off. The way you correct it IS to switch from thinking negative to thinking more positive thoughts. The less than glorious feelings are the alert signal to get YOUR OWN attention.

Use Your Body’s Alert Signal System To Make Positive Changes

When your thinking isn’t productive your body responds with less than good feelings. Once you notice this  it is THE time to begin the change. It is up to you to do whatever positive things you need to to feel better.

Work your way up the ladder of good feelings and thinking. Inch yourself into feeling better bit by bit. You may not be able to leap from feeling down to feeling bliss. So do little things that make you feel better bit by bit. Walk, read, rest, get a massage, talk with a friend. These will help you change your thoughts and feelings!

Better To Do A Little Something Than A Lot Of Nothing

Spend time with family, kids, help someone else, enjoy a pet. Smile more. Affirm. Ask yourself positive questions. Pay attention to what is good, what feels good, what is new that you haven’t noticed before. Look for things to be grateful about. Meditate and let go.

Eventually, you will begin feel better. Steer your thinking to more positive thoughts and you will feel more positive. Continue these practices until you are once again able to hold your positive dreams in your mind and  feel wonderful.

Take Control – Captain Your Ship – Steer Yourself There

Inch your way up. Step by step until you feel wonderful. If you do this every time you feel down or negative you will create a new habit for feeling better. You will be create new neural pathways or mental routes. It is incredibly valuable for you you take charge and initiate the change when you notice something is off!

Ultimately, you learn that you are able to direct your thoughts and feelings productively. You discover that you are in charge more of the time. As you become aware of this, more and more life improves all along the way. You will have created some really useful positive habits and changes. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

There is plenty to enjoy today! Can you find it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Take Advantage Of Opportunity And Succeed

horizons frozen-phil-koch

“What mindset makes a winner? How does your self talk influence you? Do you monitor and make certain it is positive? Is it helpful 80% of the time or is it 80% less than glorious or unhelpful? These are important, critical, considerations.

We have been discussing Edwin C. Barnes, in previous posts, and what was his mindset and self-talk were like? Napoleon Hill uses Barnes’ story as an example, in chapters 1 and 2, of Think and Grow Rich. He states Barnes traveled to New Jersey confident and positive; he knew inside he would eventually partner with Edison.

‘When he went to Orange, he did not say to himself, ‘I will try to induce Edison to give me a job of some sort.’ He said,  ‘I will see Edison and put him on notice that I have come to go into business with him.’ He did not say, ‘I will work there for a few months and if I get no encouragement, I will quit and get a job somewhere else.’

He Knew Inside

Remember, Hill said he may have looked like a tramp but his thoughts we those of a king. Further, he said, that while Barnes aim may have begun as a wish he turned it into his dominant chief aim. He made it a burning desire and had complete faith himself to accomplish the outcome he sought. Barnes left himself no other options.

Hill continued, ‘He did say, ‘I will start anywhere. I will do anything Edison tells me to do, but before I am through, I will be his associate.’ He did not say, ‘I will keep my eyes open for another opportunity in case I fail to get what I want in the Edison organization.’ (He wasn’t trying it out to see ‘if it might work,’ Barnes would make it work!)

‘He said, ‘There is but ONE thing in this world that I am determined to have, and that is a business association with Thomas A. Edison. I will burn all bridges behind me and stake my ENTIRE FUTURE on my ability to get what I want.’ (There was only one thing he wanted!! He burned all his bridges. There was no escape route; no plan B.)

I Will Start Anywhere I Will Do Anything

‘He left himself no possible way of retreat. He had to win or perish! That is all there is to the Barnes story of success.’ I love this, he had to win or perish! Hill closes the discussion with, ‘that is all there is to Barnes story  of success.’ It is that simple and that extraordinary!

Napoleon Hill points it all out for us in the very beginnings of his book. He says he was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to study and model 500 of the most successful business men of the day, He was to release his findings as a practical, teachable, formula and philosophy anyone else could apply to succeed. He spent 20 years.

His first book ‘Laws Of Success’ was based on the principles he uncovered. Later, he released, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. In both, he succinctly present the information and says, make a study of this and do these things. ACTUALLY do them, practice them, day and night, don’t just read about them, and you will be successful.

His Thoughts Were Those Of A King

You can be, do and have anything you desire when you apply these principles. A strong claim backed up by the fact that more millionaires have been made by reading Think And Grow Rich, and putting his methods to work than apparently in any other ways. HIs methods have stood the test of time. Would you like to be one too?

If you answered yes, then do what he says. Study the works. Make it your ambition. Then do what he outlines. Look at Barnes, do what he did. After all Hill says, ‘…that is all there is to Barnes success.’ You should read and study the rest of the book to learn how Barnes got to that point. BUT you must implement the practice, not just read!

Still, I will simplify much of it right now. You can’t be a wimp you must be deliberate about what you intend to make happen. You can’t be half assed you must be all in. You can’t call the shots you must begin wherever you are and take advantage of any opening opportunity that presents itself. You must know what you want.

You must continue in the absence of evidence to intensify what you want and know that if you stay with it, and not quit but persist, you will make it happen. Hill goes on to add some very important things. You must have a pleasing personality so people want to help you. You must attract others with your mindset and actions.

I Will Stake My Entire Future On My Ability To Get What I Want

You must add value and go the extra mile to those you work for and with. You should be the first in and the last out and demonstrate your worth to all concerned.  You must believe in yourself and make whatever adjustments are necessary all along the way to the win. You must be ultra-confident but humble too.

Always keep your goal in sight. Visualize it, as if you already have it. Affirm it with your speech. Remain positive inside and out. Do these things and you too will succeed. It does require effort. That is why not everyone who begins continues the journey to the end. If you are committed, and are ‘all in’ you will. Journey and complete it!

You will make you dreams reality when you do these things whole-heartedly and fully. When you are completely committed there will be no stopping you. Just make sure you aren’t doing anyone else any harm in pursuing your goals. When everyone wins and benefits you are assured to win and benefit. Commit! Start making your dreams come true today!” Rex Sikes

Today is yours!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Transform Troubles Into Amazing Opportunities

horizons the-never-ending-story-phil-koch

“What do you do when you are trying your best to be positive and someone or something comes along and seems to rain on your parade? There are times like that. You decided I will be positive and shortly thereafter find yourself in a funk or a fight. What do you do?

Realize that all great spirits encounter opposition. Obstacles are opportunities to learn and grow. Accept what is IS what is. You can’t push a rope. Understand it takes two to tango. Recognize you part in making it happen or continuing it.

Try to imagine the other person you may be in conflict in as a mirror, or holding up a mirror for you to see what YOU need to change. Learn from circumstances in the same way. Take it as ‘the universe’ is trying to get your attention to help make you a better person. It is trying to help you fulfill your dreams.

Everyone Everything Is A Mirror Held Up So You Can See You

Stop. Let go. Reflect instead of react. Realize what the message is and when ready respond instead. There may always be tough times. Living successfully and happily doesn’t necessitate the absence of obstacles it means learning and growing from them and with them.

Stop blaming others and circumstances. Stop whining and complaining. That is only more fuel for the fire. Accept the blame. Accept the responsibility for your part in all of it. EVEN if you don’t think you have any, look to see how you may be culpable. If honest, you will notice you are a part of it. Accept it. Go beyond it.

‘The kite rises against the wind’. People, events, circumstances are that wind. Your own inner conflicts can be that wind. Remember, when pushed there is push back. When you push back YOU are responsible for your reaction. Be willing to face your part in it.

What You Resist Persists

It takes two opposing sides to fight. The world and you, the other and you. You against you. You against the world or the other. It is normal but you don’t have to fight. You aren’t weak if you don’t push back you are far stronger. You are far superior.

You are far smarter and wiser if you know which battles to fight and which to not. You are far stronger turning the other cheek. Do you realize how much ‘let go’ there is in being able to actually turn the other cheek?  Do you understand how evolved you must truly be to forgive honestly? Seek to be able to do this and you will truly benefit.

Most people don’t actually forgive, truly let go, or are capable of turning the other cheek without resentment. Imagine a world when you could be free enough, secure enough, loving enough, of yourself and others you could do that. You would actually be free!

The Kite Rises Against The Wind

The strong person isn’t concerned with their ego being bruised; does not play one up one down power games; does not try to assert their power in order to triumph over family, friends, colleagues or strangers. That strong person knows there is no need. What is IS.

The strong, wise person seeks to accept, love and understand; to rise above the ‘disagreement’ and realize the stakes each has in it and simply not participate in further aggravating the situation. Yes, it is a road less traveled. That is certain.

How does one disengage when all our hot buttons are pushed and inflamed. When we are hot and emotional. THAT is the ability we need to learn and the only way we learn it is by stepping out of it. We need to become aware when we are a partner to it.

When You Drop Something You Drop It You Don’t Try To Drop It

When we, in that moment, recognize we are part of perpetuating it, we can STOP. I use the analogy of being stuck in traffic. When stuck, you can sit and stew, fighting it won’t change it. It won’t and you know that is true. But what do you do?  You can use the time productively to relax and enjoy. To chill while waiting.

It doesn’t matter if you need to be somewhere. If traffic isn’t moving it isn’t moving. That is what is. Accept it, get over it, get on with living life. There are other things to pay attention to. There are other things far more important and enjoyable than time spent blaming the world because you are stuck in traffic. IF you can’t do anything about it LET IT GO!

The same is true when you are in a hurry. The slow asshole in front of you isn’t that slow, you are that sped up. You are pushing traffic trying to make your way through. Stop. Going faster won’t get you there that much quicker. You are all riled up. YOU are the issue not the traffic. YOU are late because of YOU no other reason.

You Can’t Push A Rope

We can interrupt the pattern. We can stop the cycle. We can take a break, a deep breath, we can stop. We can slow down, walk away. It may take time to cool down completely it usually does. The other may insist on continuing, circumstances may persist but we have stopped. Allow yourself to cool down. Endeavor to keep peace.

We learn ‘let it go’. In doing this whenever we get ‘hooked’, if we can become aware and wriggle free we are learning and evolving. The time between the trigger, getting hooked , and getting free will lessen.

We will learn to let go sooner rather than later. Eventually, we come to our senses because our senses are freed up and not engaged in anger and hostility. Learning to get free and let go and not continue to create drama by participating in it IS A process. We evolve.

Stop Take A Deep Breath And Let Go – Breath – Get Free

More clearly are we able to see. When we are free of anger and stress our brain works better. Our eyes work better. Literally. Stress, fight or flight, constricts our abilities to only focus on survival. It narrows our senses to focus on immediate need.

When dealing with most people, most all of the time, survival is not an actual issue. Though we perceive it as one physically. The brain doesn’t know the difference between a real and imagined image or a real or imagined threat. The brain and body respond the same to a perceived or real image or threat. That is a blessing and a limitation.

So when troubles come your way in the form of a family member, friend or stranger there is something to be learned. When events and circumstances are not to our liking a message is being delivered. Even if that is not actually true, if you act as if it is, you will be better off in the long run because you will become more self aware.

Let Go And Let God

Seek the road less traveled. Find the higher ground. Let go of troubles and woes and do not participate in trauma drama. Seek instead to feel better and help everyone else feel better too. Seek to think and feel positive and happy most of the time.

You can’t if you are upset and cursing the world and others. So ‘let go and let god’, as the saying goes. Trust it will all work out without you trying to manage and fix it. Trust and enjoy that all will be okay if you don’t get hot, bothered and angry. Enjoy, feel good and have fun.

Then you and life transforms. Problems, while there will lessen. You will spend more time able to focus on what you want and not get caught in what you don’t want or want to avoid. You can focus more on what you intend to create. So celebrate whenever you notice.

Deliberate Creation Is To Create Only What You Intend To Create

Use the fact that the brain can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined image to visualize the future you want! See it. Imagine it as if you already have the good you desire. This is how you use how the brain works to get what you want.

Create the future in your mind as a present reality. See it, affirm it, feel it fully! That is how you get it! What you see is what you get. What you say is what you get. What you feel is what you get. Feel how good it feels to live that life in your mind’s eye. Enjoy it!

Celebrate!  Celebrate whenever you become aware and get unhooked and walk away from a fight you need not participate in. Let go and live free. Spend your time in gratitude and loving life. When others and circumstance challenge you realize it is an opportunity to go beyond what you already know and into an entirely new way of being.” Rex Sikes

Make your day magnificent!

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What To Do When Life Is Tough And You Don’t Like It!

fhorizons cloudy barn

“Know this. Some days you are up and on top of the world. Some days you aren’t. Sometimes, things may come along and knock the wind out of your sails. Some days may just seem to drag. Some suck! All of it is what is. That is what is going on.

If you fight it, well you know the saying; what you resist persists, and it is true. If you push back you spend your energy in a fight. Then you get more of what you are focused on; push back. You get more resistance. If you don’t want more of the same yuckiness, what to do?

I say, throw your arms up and surrender. It is what it is! That is what the waitress brought you. Yuckiness on your dinner plate. You can get sad, you can get mad, you can fight her, it, and the establishment, you can threaten, you can blame, you can whine but that is what was served up. Do you really want to do all the rest of that to yourself?

What You Resist Persists

Hopefully not. So don’t! Understand that is what you got and let it go. Drop it, at least as best as you are able. Any time you are tempted to return to it think something else. FOR GOODNESS SAKE don’t talk about it to everyone all day long either. You only keep the bad news alive that much longer. Don’t perpetuate it!

It was what it was. Let it go. It is already in the past an instant later. You were served what you didn’t want. OKAY! Be bigger than it. Don’t reduce yourself to that person in public griping that no one likes. ORDER something else for yourself! You didn’t get what you want, you got slop instead of savory, ORDER something else!

Whenever you may realize you got caught up, got hooked and are fighting the flow, resisting what is, in that instance, drop it. Let it go and focus on what you would prefer instead of what is causing discomfort. To argue over what causes discomfort will only make you more uncomfortable.

You Go Where Your Thought Take You

If you feel you have to be right, put another person in their place, teach them a lesson, well, most likely you won’t and they will only resent you more afterwards. None of us like self-righteousness, even when it may be appropriate. SO give them and the world and you a break.

Cut everyone and yourself some slack. Ease off. Back up, stop, and move forward new and afresh. Going down the wrong road further won’t undo the mistake already made. Stop, turn around, change direction and head towards where you want to go. Heck, laugh it off.

Probably, the best response you can have when you catch yourself being an idiot is to laugh. Not at yourself or anyone else; you wouldn’t want to do that. Let it go and just laugh  at how ridiculous it is to fight what is. There is the saying, no use beating a dead horse. Sorry for that but it is illustrative.

It Is What It Is

Okay, better one, no use crying over spilt milk. OR it is water over the damn. What is IS! What is done is done! Move on from that moment cleanly. The only way to successfully do that is to drop it. Accept it and go on. My favorite analogy and teaching example of going with the flow in our modern age, is traffic.

The zen of not driving or not caring is learned in traffic. You can’t push it but you can try. When stuck and surrounded there is no where to go, so relax you can’t change it until it changes. LET IT GO. That person that cut you off they are already ahead of you leave them be. That person who gave you the finger, bless them; returning it my make you feel right but won’t make you feel much better.

Yes, traffic is the perfect place to let it all go and learn to surrender to what is. Use it to enjoy. Yes, you will be late, but that is what is. You may be reprimanded, docked or fired. Leave earlier next time. It is what it is. Use whatever happens to learn to not react out of anger, or fight or flight, but to let go, accept and respond more appropriately.

Realize You Always Have Choice Even When You Think You Don’t

Celebrate and be grateful you are able to. Celebrate and affirm how wonderful you are. You have all this extra time for yourself to chant your positive mantras in the car or listen to positive motivational audios. Use it wisely rather than loosing your cool. Steer back to positive thinking and feeling good and you will have learned something useful.

If you steer back each time, as best as possible, you are developing a positive habit. Whenever you encounter something less than glorious, something you don’t like and wouldn’t choose for yourself, you are returning to what is good, positive and enjoyable.

You seek a better alternative. Soon you will do it automatically, reliably and habitually. What a wonderful tradeoff. You learned to make your life more grand by default. SO use your not so good times to create better times ahead. Be grateful you can. Celebrate it all and you will live a life of true, absolute celebration!” Rex Sikes

How many delightful things can you discover today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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