The 80/20 Rule: Are You Using It For Or Against Yourself?

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“There is a reason why some people get what they want while others don’t. Did you know that? Would you like to know what it is? Better yet, would you like to know how to consistently get what you desire? Read on!

Frankly, the notion of getting is incorrect. It is more accurate to state, people ‘get’ what they make happen. It is true we are able to attract others, even events and circumstances. We attract, either positive or negative. BUT mostly, we create it and make it happen.

It Is More Important To Think In Terms Of What You Create

The Pareto Principle, named for an Italian Economist, is usually explained this way. 80% of productive accomplishment, in a company, is performed by only 20% of the workers. 80% of a company’s profits come from 20% of its customers sales.

80% of your positive results come about if you spend 20% of your time devoted to thinking and feeling your best. This means that most people aren’t spending even 20% of their time, energy or effort being positive, feeling great and making their dreams come true.

If you can’t spend even 20% of your time dedicated to your purpose, dedicated to having a wonderful fulfilling life, why should you expect to ever have one? This is why people believe in magic, the expect something from outside themselves to make it all better.

You Bring About What You Think About Most Of The Time

It doesn’t work that way. The Law Of Attraction, if you choose to believe in that, doesn’t work that way. You will attract negative or positive, whatever you spend the most time being, doing. Like attracts like. What you think most often you become!

If you want to feel great you must put your energy into tipping the scales toward feeling great. If you don’t do at least the minimum why should you expect any change. That is simply silly. Your goal should be to feel good 50, 60, 80% of the time.

Start with whatever you can do. 5% heck even 1% more positive will make a difference. Then work your way up. Increase it bit by bit. Focus on the positive. Focus on what you CAN DO. Focus on gratitude and celebration. It will make an incredible difference.

What You  See, Say, And Feel Is What You Get

Then as you begin to  feel great a greater percent of your time you will make happen what you want to make happen. You will build momentum. If you feel good and are vibrating all that well being you will attract others, events, circumstances and the good you desire.

If your thoughts and feelings are on your dreams and you feel delighted you will make it happen quickly. The issue is that most of people’s 20%, heck most people’s 80% is spent taking care of business, feeding the dogs, picking up poop literally and figuratively.

They are putting out fires, distracted by news and gossip, fighting traffic or their family members, paying bills, worrying about how to make ends meet. In other words they ain’t living large and having fun most of the time. Their time is wasted. They are distracted. Are you?

Speak Only To Heal Bless And Prosper

We get what we predominantly think about and feel back into our lives. If our lives are scattered, ho-hum and so-so that is what we get back. If it is filled with chaos and upheavals that is what returns to us. Why would you ever expect it to be any different than that?

If it is filled with joy, love, confidence and feeling healthy, wealthy and happy then more of the same is immediately ours. Think increase. How can you increase the amount of time you spend focused on all the good things? You can if you really want to.

Where and how we spend the majority of our time, inside our heads, and by what we say to ourselves and others, determines how we feel and  the quality of our results and our life. You want better? Start thinking and feeling better right now. Begin by feeling grateful.

Focus Focus Focus Focus Focus Focus Focus

Find whatever you can enjoy and focus on it. Celebrate whatever you have and more will be added. If you aim yourself well you will find and hit the target. A little goes a long way. Make it a point to maximize what you do. THINK INCREASE. Bit by bit!

You are either increasing or decreasing or remaining the same. Do the little positive things that add up. Up your odds by upping your percentages. If 20% brings good results. Imagine if you were 80% positive what you might be able to bring about. Imagine that!

You, at least, have to be doing 20% to get somewhere better. I think 51/49 or 60/40 or EVEN MORE is the way you want to live BUT you first have to start and then build your way up. You can do this. Get it? Good. Now make it happen! Increase bit by bit, work your way up and you will begin to notice wonderful results beginning to happen. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It’s your day. Fill it with joy.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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3 thoughts on “The 80/20 Rule: Are You Using It For Or Against Yourself?”

  1. I will spend less time today scooping poop. There, my mantra for the day. 🙂 thanks for a great reminder, especially using the 80/20 principle that is used in everything! (did you know most people wear 20% of their clothing, 80% of the time) I love his rule. great inspiration today, thanks! momentummikey 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wrote something about the 80/20 rule today too, but mentioned just the time aspect while working on projekts. But when I think about it there are many other things that can be used more productive.
    Thanks for bringing that up!


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