Leader Or Sheeple? If You Aren’t In Charge Who Is?


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“Some people never come into their own power. Sadly, they never know the upper reaches of their talents and abilities. They are truly rich but live as paupers. Wouldn’t this be a terrible way to live?

They have it all and can have more but they never realize what is theirs. They live below their means, below their resourcefulness, below their happiness and wealth quotient. I refuse to live that way.

What about you? Wouldn’t you prefer to live up to your potential? Wouldn’t you want to have more of all the good things you can have? Don’t you want the best for yourself? Maybe, you say ‘yup’, but you aren’t sure how. I’ll show you how. Read on.

What You Think About Expands

You can accomplish more and make your dreams come true when you begin to live intentionally. Too many people live haphazardly, they are victims of circumstances and events. They move through life from one upheaval to the next, as a cork bobs on turbulent water.

Occasionally, they can rest, relax and enjoy themselves once they put out all the fires. If this is you, you can change this when you decide too. There is great power in learning to decide and live and act decisively. There is power in choice and in choosing.

Instead of letting things happen choose how they will be. Decide. Decide to take charge. Decide to be responsible. Decide to commit and follow through on your commitments. Determine to make the most of all your moments in your life. Decide to live passionately.

What You Think About You Bring About

Live with enthusiasm, confidence and positivity. How? Make the decision. Then act on it. Don’t wait, don’t expect help from the outside. Realize if things are going to change you will have to change some things.

Today, live with intention. Determine how you will greet the day, how you will think and how you will act each moment throughout the day. Yes, you will forget, and slip up, but choose to become aware of when you act with intention and when you don’t.

Exercise your power to decide and determine how you will think and feel about situations. It requires awareness, mindfulness to stay with your choices and to notice when you have forgotten and move yourself back on purpose.

You Become What You Think About

You have a meeting. Determine how you will think about it in advance. Use your imagination, visit your mental movie theater and visualize how you look and sound and behave when you are resourceful. Declare it, affirm it.

Run the mental scenario and rehearse it in your head. Take some actual time to do this. Later, you meet your friends or family, imagine in advance how you will think, feel and behave resourcefully. See how you look, sound and move. Rehearse it in your mind.

Choose how you want it to go. Decide! Imagine it. Mentally review and rehearse it. Tweak it. If it is a problem you know you are going to encounter see how you behave resourcefully to get through it. Possibly, you resolve it. Perhaps you don’t. But see how you remain positive.

Thoughts Are Things

Use your brain to get you what you want. Not everything will go according to your visualization. Don’t make that a condition. Expect things to go well and if they don’t expect to be able to handle them competently, confidently and positively. Make the plan and then work the plan.

In sports there is defense and offense both are necessary. Contingency planning is important. If you know you will encounter a tough time, imagine it being tough but see yourself able to get through it the way you prefer too. Ask yourself, what do you need to pay attention to in real time to be able to do this? Then rehearse it.

If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. SO practice the new behaviors in advance of needing them. Review and review again and again. Mentally rehearse. So that when the tough moments arrive you are prepared.

If You Don’t Like The Results You Got Change Your Thoughts

Each time you decide to be in charge and be aware, each time you mentally rehearse you will exercise many mental and behavioral muscles. You will reap countless positive benefits. You will grow and develop so many positive muscles to do many more positive things.

You will exercise your ability to be aware and recognize when you serve and support yourself and when you are off base. You will exercise your decision power and your will when you decide to return to acting with intention.

You will exercise your ability to control your thinking and feeling to think positively, powerfully, to feel better more of the time. You will exercise you ability to triumph over any circumstances and make things happen. You will exercise your ability to be in charge, dictate the results you get and enjoy more of life, Isn’t that worth it?

Nothing Is More Impossible Than You Believe It To Be

Guess what, there are some bonus learnings and benefits I will leave to you to discover. What does it mean to set an intention?  It means to determine in advance how you will think, feel and behave. You decide, you create in your imagination, your run it, review it, repeat it. It is what you intend to do and make happen.

Each night before you good to sleep, do your gratitude and success list. Then decide how you want to arise in the morning and how you WILL arise. Imagine getting up in the morning and watch yourself. Hear yourself, feel the positive feelings as you do this in your mind.

Do you drag your ass out of bed or do you leap positively, cheerfully into your day? Decide before you go to bed how you will awaken the next morning. Then in the morning awaken that way. Do what you planned to do from the night before.

Throw Out Any Beliefs That Hold You Back

Don’t expect to be controlled like a puppet and do it without your own volition. That is the mistake too many people make. They think something will possess them to do the new things. NOPE! You must go ahead and carry it out. It is YOU doing it not some power.

What happens if you don’t?  Keep at it until YOU do. After all, who is in charge? Is it you or your old habits? If you want to succeed in more areas of your life you need to be the one in charge. Take control of your life by declaring, asserting and confirming you are! Because if you aren’t the one in charge, WHO IS?

Stop the old chronic programming that neither serves or supports you. Create new habits. How? Set intentions and then fulfill them. True, it won’t always be easy but it will be worth it. You may not always feel like it but it will be worth it to follow through.

Concentrate On The Job At Hand And Get It Done

Your muscle and ability to be in charge will grow when you take charge and consistently follow through. If you screw up begin again. So what if you screw up. No big deal. Professional baseball players strike out more than they hit but that doesn’t deter them.

Keep beginning again until you master it. Never give up, persist and you will have incredible breakthroughs eventually. Stop hoping for instant change and dedicate yourself to a life long pursuit of increasing your talents and abilities. Then you’ll find many blessings.

The positive results and enjoyment you get back from being responsible and in charge will delight you.  Live the lifestyle of a leader, and emperor, a champion and you will be thrilled. It will exceed your expectations because you haven’t lived that way, yet.

You Have All The Resources Necessary To Make Any Change

It is all in your hands. Decide now how you will live moment to moment. Victor or victim? Leader or sheeple? It is all up to you and only you how you choose to live. What will you do? Lead yourself in positive ways into positive opportunities and delights. Celebrate everything!”  Rex Sikes

Live with intention each moment!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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