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Why You Should Never Ever Quit


“All things we learn are at first difficult to do. As infants we learned many difficult things prior to learning how to comment on how we were doing. We just did and did and did without quitting. We were learning machines. We didn’t know not to do things until told.

We learned to roll over, crawl, sit up, balance, walk, talk, feed ourselves, use a toilet, read and write, hobbies, sports and passions We learned many useful thing and many not so useful things. Plus, we learned to limit ourselves, to give up our goals and dreams.

We learned to talk ourselves out of trying harder. We learned to give up. We learned the good and the not so good. We learned so many things. We learned supportive habits and non-supportive habits. We were the ultimate winners who learned how to become losers.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

We went from never giving up to criticizing, blaming and exucsing ourselves and others. We went from never quitting to thinking and talking crap. Instead of remaining great learners we learned if we don’t succeed in three tries we should quit. We learned to give up.

We can change this! We can learn to control our thoughts and feelings. We can reverse the damage, Learning this is similar to learning anything else we have. We repeat the thoughts we want to think over and over again. It takes application and commitment.

We think the supportive thoughts we want to think instead of the non-supportive ones. We focus on our mission and goals positively. Eventually, we learn. Then these positive thoughts become our new habitual  thoughts. We replace negative ones for the positive.

Application Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge – Apply It – Do It

It isn’t always easy but it is simple. It is not impossible! This is absolutely doable! Stick with it and you will get better and better. Stay with it and you will eventually master your thinking. Become the master of your own mind! When you do new doors open up.

This is why Napoleon Hill said you can Think And Grow Rich. ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it.’ As Earl Nightengale pointed out it is The Strangest Secret. ‘You become what you think about’.  YOU learn you can make things happen. AND you do!

When you take control of your mind back you can ask for and receive almost anything! It is all up to you. You make things happen because you are able to align your thinking, feeling and actions in one direction. You develop laser focus. You become unstoppable.

You stop being a victim and become a victor. You become a champion. You create and amazing future. You discover the incredible positive power you have to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams. You learned everything else. Now, learn this too! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Learn to have a more beautiful day.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Use This Acting Tool To Get Everything You Want In Life


“I am an actor. I love to pretend. I can pretend anything and master it. That is what acting is all about. Acting as if your character and the story is real. Being believable by believing it. Thinking the thoughts the character is thinking. I love being an actor. I love pretending.

‘Act As If’ it is real  – is a tool for creation. Imagine the good you desire as though you already are in possession of it. Visualize yourself  already as the person you wish to become. Pretend it! When you do you ‘trick’ the brain. It doesn’t know the difference.

Doing this aligns your inner resources. It helps realize your desires to make them crystal clear. You infuse your dreams with energy, passion and enthusiasm. You rehearse living your desires right now. You enact, what it IS like, by acting what it will be like right now!

To Enjoy Success One Must Travel In Advance Of The World

You think, feel and act as you would think, feel and act when you have what you want. You train your brain and your entire being to accept that this IS who you are and what you have. You live from power and ownership of the good you desire instead of hoping for it.

Use pretending, use ‘act as if’, to give yourself the edge to make your dreams come true. Athletes know the advantage visualization and mental rehearsal gives them, at the micro-muscle level, to improve their performance. Many testify to this incredible power.

Use it. Prepare your mind and your being to accept what you want to have. Living from having it, from being there, helps you clear blocks and limitations. It helps you to plan and know what action steps to take to get your goal. You prepare the soil for the seeds to grow.

To Know And Not To Do Is To Not Actually Know – Apply It

You can read all about it but unless you do it, you won’t know it. Application is the proper fruit of knowledge. You must do it to know the benefit of doing it. Don’t delay. Begin today. Be grateful for all you have now and will have. Practice gratitude because that further helps unlock the floodgates. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Notice all the good things about your life today and enjoy!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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United We Stand Divided We Fall. But Wait There Is More!


“United we stand. Divided we fall. Consider the sources and topics and methods utilized to divide us. How about you and I consider not falling for it? It might be difficult to extract oneself from social conditioning that has been going on for decades, eons. but one can.

Perhaps, it is easier than one imagines. Consider attempting to do that. Consider letting go of social conditioning and uniting as a people. Imagine peace, harmony, goodwill and goodness all around. No division. Oneness. Congruent and aligned.

What an amazing world it could be. Not a utopia, but a world where we positively handle events and circumstances that arise.  Imagine a world not devoid of hardship but one where together we work to overcome difficulty more easily. Imagine a wonderful world.

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It – Believe You Can Do It

Instead of being distracted and divided we work together all in one accord. We pursue a greater, higher good that is available and beneficial for all. Wouldn’t this be marvelous? Is it a dream? Yes. Is it only a dream? Perhaps. We won’t ever know unless we attempt it.

Do you want a better life? Would you like more harmony in your relationships? Would you enjoy more free time to be with the people you love. Having more fun would be nice, wouldn’t it? Who wouldn’t like to have more money and be free of debt? Is it possible?

Do you believe it is? That makes THE difference. Henry Ford said, ‘whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right’. Napoleon Hill stated, ‘if you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it. Thought leaders for centuries have said it is possible!

Repeat After Me I Can Do This – I Can Make This Happen

Do you believe it? After all, it is up to you. No one can do it for you but you. What we think about we can bring about. All human invention and progress first began as an idea. Whether it originated from need, to solve a problem, and overcome difficulty…

Or it originated as a desire, an innovation, to make things more wonderful, every human thing there is, we first thought up. We made it in our minds and then made it in reality. Creation begins with your thought, deciding it so and believing you can accomplish it.

Could we have a more wonderful society? Could we have an incredible world. Most certainly. Will we? That depends on each of us? Do you think it easy and possible or difficult or insurmountable. Your thinking about it does make the difference.

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To And Persevere

Coaches know an athlete or team must play to win rather than play to lose. That is true for most everything we do. Aim for the prize, the finish line, and make sure you get it or get there. We can do it if we think we can and we work to do it. That is simple. BUT…

It is more than that. Divided we fall isn’t just about groups of people but about individuals. United, congruent, aligned and focused we stand. Conflicted, distracted, divided we fall. We need to have harmony within our own selves. We need to align our thoughts.

We need to discover and live our purpose positively. We need to think, feel and behave positively to get positive results. WE need to know where we are headed and head there. Sure, we may have to take alternate routes along the way,  but we keep heading to it.

You Have The Power To Determine How Your Story Goes And Ends

Our goal is to arrive at our destination safely in one piece. United we stand. Divided we fall begins with you and me. Unify your thoughts and actions and behaviors in order to manufacture the positive good you desire. See it, believe it and go get it. All one purpose.

Drop the accusations of others. Let go of the blaming, complaining, and whining. Let go of the reasons why you can’t, why we can’t. Drop them quickly. Discover the reasons why you can. Find out why we can. Create them, believe them and work at achieving them.

Drop the excuses and reasons why you can’t and start living as though you will. See it happen and make it happen. Put your energy into creating the good you want more of. Withdraw your energy from what you don’t want. Create and attract. Align and unite.

Stop Whining Start Winning – Stop Excusing And Start Living

While going for your dream don’t trample others or prevent them from getting theirs. Support and encourage. Delight and enjoy. Feel grateful. Evolve yourself. This is how we grow and progress. Work on oneself to be the best self one can be. Work on community too.

Whether small or large in scope we still can light one candle at a time. Make sure your light is bright and perhaps others will want to get lit up in positive fashion too. Spread goodwill by getting your own ‘house’ in order. Unite yourself and stand. Become an example.

Support others and allow them to support you. Work together. We can be better off! We can if we bother to! Aim our sights on it. We won’t if we think it too hard or impossible. Forget the reasons why not and think the reasons why you can and why we can. Also, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

As you decide it will be it will be. Make your day marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Build Bridges Not Bombs


“You get what you focus on. That is the message from ancient times. It is a message in the Law Of Attraction. You get back AND more of what you put out. Energy flows where attention goes. The Law Of Compensation and Increase states we should expect a good ROI.

Focus on what you want! Not on what you do not want. Focus on the good and the positive you desire not the negativity you want to avoid. Draw to yourself the good you are passionate about and want to include. Focus on it and you will create it and attract it.

Gandhi said ‘Be the change you want in the world.’ Jesus said, ‘If you have the faith of a mustard seed (the tiniest of seeds) you can say to the mountain, be removed and it will be removed.’ I take this to mean have faith and you can solve your problems. There is a secret though.

If I Have The Belief I Can Do It I Will Acquire The Capacity To Do It

You must go first. You must have faith first that the problem will be solved. You must see and embody the solution prior to it existing. You must FIRST be the change. You don’t get it if you expect it to show up first. Become it and act as if you already have it to get it.

Certainty. Absolute knowing that it is yours IS stepping out on faith. It means develop certainty because where and how you put your energy determines the ease and the quickness you get it back. Having faith means certainty. Positivity is powerful.

Positive thinking is NOT the silly example as put forth by Tony Robbins and some others. It is not looking at the weeds and thinking ‘there are no weeds’. This is a poor misrepresentation. Positive thinking is ‘I can clear the weeds. I can learn to if I don’t know how’.

An Eye For An Eye Ends Up Making The Whole World Blind

‘I can do it. I will do it.’  ‘I can handle the weeds. I am capable and confident.’ You think and feel and act to get a particular result. It may seem realistic when you state ‘I can do this’ especially when others think you can’t. Great spirits encounter opposition from others.

Edison, Ford, Tesla, Jesus, Gandhi, King, Lincoln, and others have all faced opposition. Massive opposition! They didn’t quit or give up because others thought they were nuts or that they couldn’t do it. They persevered and prevailed. It came at a cost but they paid it.

You don’t get peace by acting hateful. You don’t build positive change by being negative. You don’t move ahead powerfully by complaining and feeling despair. You don’t get loving people or acceptance by being intolerant and hating others.

The Future Depends On What We Do In The Present

You don’t create anything positive, peace, love, community, acceptance or togetherness by blaming and acting like the others who want to tear you down. You must rise to a higher level of awareness to make a positive impact. Seek higher ground!

Gandhi, King, Einstein, Jesus and others far smarter than I seem to all say, ‘love each other’ rather than piss on each other. If you win be a gracious winner if you lose be a gracious loser. Correct wrongs but in the right way. Don’t give up. Stick with it. Commit to compassion.

Don’t whine, complain or abuse others. Work for positive changes in ways that bring about positive changes. Accept, forgive, inspire, educate, assist, expose, love. Build bridges not bombs. Respect life don’t harm or take it. Focus on what you want to bring it about.

Happiness Is When What You Think Say And Do Are In Harmony

We are always getting the results of our thoughts. We are either getting what we want or we are getting what we don’t want. We are either living or dying. What we end up with is based on what we think and do. If you don’t like the results change what gets them.

If you want your life and world to change you must change the way you are doing things in your life and the world. If you want peace you must become peaceful. If you want love become more loving, first. You create and attract what you already are. That’s what most miss.

It is just like prayer. Most people pray when things get bad and ask for something other than what is going on. When things are fine they don’t bother. Tides turn and they become beggars. Stop begging and start praising. Start feeling gratitude. Start appreciating. Be thankful.

Strength Rises From Indomitable Spirit Not Physical Capacity

Be thankful for what you already have if you want more of the same and better. Stop begging because when you beg you act as if you don’t already have it. Even the bible says, ask believing you will receive and you will receive. There is an order to how things work.

Be the change you want in the world. Go first. Build bridges. Focus on harmony. Focus on love. Focus on community. Think it! Feel it! Be it! And you not only become what you think about you get back more of what you think about. Basic cause and effect. Do it.

Be happy and get more. Be sad and beg for a difference and remain the same longer. Be angry and hateful and you will get it back. I mean really, think about what you create for yourself and if you don’t want it choose to create something more wonderful. How?  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

May your day be incredible!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2016 Election Results: What We Can Learn From A Trump Win And Accomplish In The Future


“I venture an opinion why Trump won the election from a collective consciousness position. There is a simple reason I hope we all could learn and benefit greatly from. Whether you are for or not for Trump is not my concern. This isn’t about politics. Truly, it isn’t political.

It isn’t meant to be political. It is an analysis of our behaviors and our thinking processes from the standpoint of creating, manifesting and the Law Of Attraction. In this I share New Thought and ancient wisdom and practice. We get what we put out there. We create.

Following this line of thinking that thoughts become things; that what you think about you bring about; that we become what we think about most often and that what we put out there comes back to us, let’s make a possible observation. I’ll keep it simple.

Most People Think About What They Don’t Want …

Some people wanted Donald Trump to win. Some people wanted Hillary Clinton to win. Some wanted other candidates. Some wanted neither to win. Some didn’t care and didn’t participate. Some wanted Trump to lose more than they cared he win. Same with Hillary.

Let’s look at some of these. Some people wanted Trump to lose MORE THAN they wanted Hillary to win. They focused mostly on what they did not want. Their energy went into Trump must loose. They wanted to stop Trump. Their concern wasn’t Hillary.

Trump people were very, very, pro Trump. They wanted him to win. As for Hillary some people were very pro Hillary. Some because they wanted her she was the best choice and they were hopeful. Others because we must stop Trump. Prevent Trump from winning.

… Then Wonder Why It Keeps Showing Up Over And Over Again

Many were divided about Hillary. They were unsure. Some totally convinced but a lot chose her as the better of two bad choices. Not totally convinced but she was the only alternative to Trump. Some wanted Bernie and were upset. They didn’t want Hillary at all.

Some flat out didn’t want Hillary. Then there were those who wanted Hillary to lose more than they wanted Trump to win. Then there were those who didn’t care. Then there were third party voters. Then there were those who never showed up to vote.

Think tipping point. You get what you focus on. Where is the preponderance of the energy flowing? Where is more attention given to which candidate most of the time? From the beginning I think we’d agree it was Donald Trump. Good or bad. Right or not.

Create What You Want – Attract What You Want – Stay Focused

If you want Trump you are focused on Trump. If you don’t want Trump you are focused on Trump. Same is true regarding Hillary. However, if you aren’t certain about Hillary you aren’t focused on Hillary. If you don’t care about either, neither matters much.

However, one might argue even a little caring about one candidate over the other provides more energy toward that candidate. Yes, perhaps. I think one can agree that Trump was the most focused on. Trump was everyone’s focal point. Trump was a lightning rod.

New Thought philosophy, which arose in ancient times, suggests we bring about what we think about. That means you can manifest what you absolutely want and desire most. It also means you bring about what you want to avoid and exclude. You get what you don’t want.

You Are Destined To Become The Person You Decide To Be

If you aren’t aimed totally on what you want you get what you fear or worry about most by default. This is an critical to understand. If your mind drifts and isn’t focused you still get results but they are probably undesirable much of the time and ok at other times.

Drifting is where many, if not most, people, live. However, I’ll save that point for another post. I have discussed it much in these pages. Check out other posts. Returning to my premise. Donald Trump caught and kept everyone’s attention whether one liked him or not.

All the energy was focused on Donald from the start. He got the media points, he got the attention. He made news daily. Positive and negative. How he was embraced or rejected is based on our perceptions of who he is. We make those assessments.

You Attract To Your Life Whatever You Give Energy And Focus On

Regardless of whether you wanted him or didn’t you could not escape him if you had anything to do with media. Many people loved him. Many people hated him. He trumped every GOP candidate and DEM candidate in the media every single day. He was news!

People were scared. He was in everyone’s attention and limelight. Hillary paled by comparison. More people, positively or negatively, focused on Trump than on her. Whether you liked her or not she just didn’t carry the charismatic lightning rod weight as he did.

He was fresh and new. A maverick. An outsider. A celebrity known to be extravagant and eccentric. Hillary had been first lady, Secretary of State, a career politician. Trump was sexy she was not. I do not mean in the traditional sense I mean as a product or candidate.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

Think about it from a brain stand point.  Many of us are aware that the brain doesn’t process negative language. ‘Don’t think about an elephant’ results in thinking about and picturing an elephant. ‘I don’t want X to win’ results in thinking about and imaging X winning.

This is why we create or attract what we don’t want. We keep imagining it over and over. Consider this. What is the most important part of this sentence? ‘I don’t want Trump to win.’ What is the focal point? Trump winning! That is where all the energy is!

I think the Bernie movement succeeded as much as it did because of the many pro Bernie people. They created momentum and energy around what they wanted. It is more important to keep in mind what we are going for than what we want to rid ourselves of. Learn this.

See It In Your Mind And One Day You Can Hold It In Your Hand

It’s important to know what you want to change to remove pain, suffering and injustice. Notice it. Determine what needs to change then focus on what you want in its place. What do you want instead of the pain and injustice. Where do you put energy? Where’s it go?

Keep your eye on the solution not the problem. Focus on the prize and the win. Not the loss. Yes, part of knowing what you want to bring about comes from knowing what you don’t want any longer. If you have a pebble in your shoe, remove it, and walk on comfortably.

Focus on where you want to arrive at. Stop recalling the pain of the pebble. Put more energy into what you want than what you don’t want. My point about the election is massive energy went to Trump. Less went toward Hillary. Trump can’t win becomes Trump win!

You Get What You Focus On – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Perhaps, we can learn about this for our personal lives as well as elections. Focus on what you want to create rather than fighting what you prefer not to have. Build rather than tear down. Create and manifest the good you desire. Put your energies into that!

Aim and focus on your positive goals. You have a far better chance succeeding if you aim at what you want than if you aim at what you don’t! Why, because you WILL get what you don’t want. Energy flows where your attention goes. This is critical to understand.

Whether you are happy or sad at the outcome. That is what we got. NOW how we think, feel and behave is critical. What do we want now that these two men hold office? What kind of future and world do we want? How can we put our energies into positive changes?

Take Charge Of Your Thoughts And You Take Charge Of Your Life

If we fear the worst we attract the worst. If we put our energy into positive change, at the very least, we have the chance and the opportunity for creating and attracting positive change. Stay focused, stay optimistic, stay positive. Put energy into positive good.

Leaving the election results for the moment, what do you want for yourself? Discover what positive good that is and focus on it. No excuses, no blaming anything. Work to make it happen. Develop an ‘I can learn to do it’ attitude and you will. Make it happen. I CAN DO it!

Focus on what you want to include and you can have it. Stop focusing on what you worry about, fear, or wish to exclude. Withdraw the energy. Put energy into accomplishing your goals. You can do it. We can do it. As an individual or as a nation we can create.

Our Life Our Present Our Future Are What Our Thoughts Make It

We always are. The question is what are we focused on? Are we focused on co-operation, abundance, positivity, success, accomplishment, fairness, generosity, rising together or otherwise. We will bring about that which we focus on most and most often.

The election is monumental energy. More energy surrounded Trump than surrounded Hillary. There was more momentum. Whether the outcome is good or not good we shall see. Simply realize WE did this. We manifested this. Some people say we get what we deserve.

This means do we feel we are worthy of the best. If not we need to make some inner changes to be certain we do. Why ever settle for less? Unless, of course, you don’t think we deserve the best. You do, I do. As individuals and as citizens of any nation we deserve the best.

There Are No Limitations You Can Dream Anything Is Possible

Don’t scream and yell and blame and accuse. Learn and decide to make happen what you want to make happen for yourself in the future. Learn to do the same with our representatives where ever you live. This election serves as an example. Manage your thoughts!

I hope this hasn’t upset you too much. The election is a hot bed of emotions for many. Many got upset with me for social media posts encouraging people to accept what is and move on. I get it. I might be upset with me too had I been the recipient of that message.

Learn the principles. Put them into practice and benefit. Remember we create our own dreams and nightmares. We either attract and create what we fear most and don’t want or we attract and create what we most want to enjoy. It is a mental decision. It is a choice!

Creation Begins With A Thought That Is Transformed Into Reality

Our thoughts, our perceptions create our reality. Think what do you want to make happen! Be grateful for your ability to do this and then LEARN how to do this. Learn to manage and control your thinking so you get more of the positive results you want. It is incredible!

If you don’t vote you get what others decide for you. If you don’t manage your thinking you get what others decide for you. Take control of your future by learning how to live powerfully in the present. Be happy, be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide to make your day glorious no matter what!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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I Receive Miracles In My Life Because I Expect Miracles!


“My home is Los Angeles. Hollywood. The Beach. I am an actor, producer, director. I spend much time elsewhere raising my kids as a divorced dad. I wanted to be with them as they grew up. My home is L A. This city is where my heart is. It is my power place. I own it.

This is important, WHY? Because when I am here the streets open up and a ride the waves of traffic getting to and from wherever I need to with little hassle. I get premium parking spaces in front of the venues. I meet and greet the right important people for me.

I create what I want. I am energized and I am magic. Everything works out. Everything is wonderful. I share this, WHY? Because so many of my friends here are burned out. They are tired of the grind. They hate the city and the accompanying troubles. Bad attitude!

You Can Be Your Own Best Friend Or Worst Enemy – Decide

My feeling is you get what you focus on. You create what you want. If you affirm it sucks, it absolutely will. If you affirm it is wonderful, it will be that too. Our mind and hearts set the frame for how we go through each day. We determine what we see and what we find.

If you are set to find opportunity, good fortune, wealth, health and happiness you find it more readily than if you hate each moment and whine and complain. Opportunity is always all around you. Can YOU see it? What is your attitude? That determines everything.

When everything IS a blessing in your mind and heart THEN everything IS a blessing in reality too. I don’t care whether you do or don’t believe in any of this. My world is incredible. My town rocks and opens up for me. My world is as I declare it to be!

The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create Your Future

My word is law! I ordered salad for lunch today. I was polite about the order. Shortly, thereafter I got my salad. It was delicious. This same principle applies to making your life and yourself what you want it to be. Order and receive. Be grateful for what you get.

If you didn’t get what you ordered, correct and continue. No big deal. No fuss. Adjust and move forward. Make your life and dreams come true. The secret is YOU! Your attitude. Your mindset. Your thoughts and feelings and what you expect to find and receive.

If you think crap you receive crap. If you expect miracles you get miracles. Everything can be a miracle if you are open about it. Be thankful. Feel blessed. Stop overthinking everything. Do not overthink my words. Place your order and expect it. That’s it!

Create Your Future From Your Future Not From Your Past

Stop, drop the crap, enjoy and celebrate everything. That is when you release your power to create and receive. How do you manifest more miracles in your life? Stop blaming, making excuses and whining. Take responsibility and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How many ways can you find  to fill your day with gratitude!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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If You Are So Smart Why Don’t You Create Some Good Things In Your Life?


“We are co-creators in everything.  Some people create Jaguars other people create junk cars .  We create either opulence or poverty. Together, we create the moment. I know some people will have difficulty with this blog, others will feel right at home.

I had an argument. Afterwards, I felt some remorse. I forgave myself accepted  myself, and what IS (was). I forgave the other person. During the argument I even said to the other person. ‘I’m sorry I was out of line here. I apologize.’ We argued. Afterwards, I realized.

I realized we created the argument together.  WE created the argument. It takes two to argue. I couldn’t argued alone. It doesn’t matter who or how it started. Both of us argued. Not only argued we kept arguing. Isn’t this a lot like it is for you and others, too?

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

What I realized was, I didn’t want to be arguing but I did it anyway. Most likely the other party didn’t want to either. SO then why did we? Habit. Yes, conditioning. That is what we often do. Act from habit. Our fights were habits. My fighting is habit. Old, old habits.

The question or questions I might’ve asked as the argument was going on would have been this:  Is THIS what  we want our moment to be? Is this what we want to create right now? Do we want to be arguing or solving something? What are WE creating?

It’s useful to remember there is positive and negative. There is up and down. There is hot and cold, good and bad. There are opposites and contrast. Which do you want to focus on? What do you want to create? What do you want the moment to be?

Where We Put Our Attention Is The Direction We Go

What you want to broadcast and receive? What are you putting out there? What are you taking in? Think creation. What are you creating? Think attraction. What are you attracting? It is important to consider each moment.

What do we want our present, here and now, to be? Are we even in the present, here and now could be in the present here and now, or suffering the past and the future? Are we rehashing old wounds and making new ones to try to change the future?

Do we  really want to suffer from  the past or be anxious or fear the future or would we prefer to be here now and create something nicer? Each moment we have an opportunity to be present and create something incredible if we keep aware.

Change How You Look At Things The Things You Look At Change

If we remember who we are. I imagine we are great spirit. We are god playing the game hide and seek with ourselves and each other. God argues with God. If I think about it this person I’m arguing with as god attempting to help me be a better person it helps me.

Yes, they are challenging me and confronting me.  What are my choices? I can react with anger, fear, sadness, worry, revenge, attempt to get one up. I can fight harder or run and retreat. I can give in and regret and resent.

OR I can remember that this other is there to help me be a better me. To be free of previous past conditioning. I can realize we both are divine and that this is a divine play. A divine unfolding.  I am god playing with god.  The other is god playing with god.

Every Thought We Think Is Creating Our Future Remember

It’s as if two piece from a broken mirror, the fragments, are arguing. Each blames the other. Each doesn’t realize they are both a mirror. They only think they are fragments. The fragments are arguing. BUT the fragments are the same thing only they don’t realize it!

Silly isn’t it. Even though we are fragments there is no separation. We are both the same. We are the same source energy. We are one thinking we are separate. The fragments have ego and wants and borders and boundaries and rules and games.

So as god pretending to be fragments we challenge each other to help each other remember who we actually are. Every circumstance, every obstacle, every argue argument, every frustration are designed to help you remember. We play the game so well, don’t we?

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes – Create What You Want

Remember, ‘I am a fragment of a mirror’. I am divine. The other is divine. What is IS. All of it, none of it. It just is. Yet, most of the time as fragments we spend our thoughts and feelings in the past and future, anywhere but here and now. We don’t realize much, do we?

We are all made of the same stardust. We were born eons ago. Our essences exists in timelessness. We ought to remember we are creating every instant, each and every moment.  We are all god. We are all universe. We are all life energy. But we forgot.

We are one pretending to be many. We are pretending so we have forgotten how powerful we are. We can create and attract anything. Some create Jaguars others Junk Cars. Don’t you think it is time we remember? It is time we woke up to who we truly are? I think so!

Reality Is Merely An Illusion Albeit A Very Persistent One

When you realize your power you won’t be preoccupied by the petty, will you? Why not create incredible good fortune? Determine what you want to create and then begin to create it. Aim high. It is your one go around, this life. After this, who knows what?

Is any of this true? I don’t know. I don’t worry about it. I utilize whatever frame is useful to encourage myself to explore and become more aware. I don’t worry about whether I am really god or not. Others will worry about that for me, I am sure.

I concern myself with conscious evolution. I concern myself with being present as frequently as possible. I determine to live here and now and celebrate the gaps between each moment. I choose to live from a higher perspective than what I was conditioned to.

By Changing Your Mind –  You Change Everything

I think recognizing that we can control our thoughts and manage our emotions is a great thing. We can put great creative, imaginative power to positive good use to create whatever we want in this life. We can become more aware, love more, live more and be more free.

So I choose to enjoy and delight. I invite you to as well. Create peace and harmony. Love. Be kind and find kindness. Delight in wealth, health and happiness. Enjoy your creation. Decide the life you are going to live and begin to live it. No excuses. No blames. Just go do it. Then have some fun. Be thankful and celebrate everything!”  Rex Sikes

Make each moment more enjoyable!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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