Isn’t It Time To Be The Person You Always Wanted To Be?

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“Isn’t it time to be the person you always wanted to be? Don’t you want the career, the relationship, the life you always hoped you could have? If you want more success and happiness you have to make new decisions.

You must decide, to choose, how you want to think, feel, act and live your life. I shared some ways you can begin to do that in my recent blogs. Here is something else you can do.

Give Yourself Permission To Change For The Better

If you don’t decide now you are living from a past decision. If that is fine with you then carry on. If, however, you wish things were different, you want to get better results, you don’t like your present circumstances, if this is how you think and fee, then you must make a new decision.

You must take the bull by the horns and choose to change things in your life that will enable you to make a difference for yourself. If you don’t decide, someone else chose for you, perhaps recently, perhaps a long time ago when you were very young. Still, someone chose for you. You need to make your own decisions. Don’t live from the past.

If you don’t act in your own best interest now, today, in the present, some other decision, made by some other person, that you adopted is controlling you and your outcomes. If you are okay with that carry on. If not change it now. You are the only one who should be in charge of yourself and your destiny. You need to be in control.

Your Future Does Not Depend On Your Past

Decide to be different. You may say, ‘wait you don’t understand, it is not that easy’. I understand it is not easy and that it COULD be easy. Whatever you think it is what it will be. If you think it is hard, you will be correct. If you think it easy, you will be right then too. Your thoughts make it so. Whatever you focus on expands.

Your thoughts determine what you get. Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings  lead to your actions (what you do or what you don’t do) which lead to the results you get. The starting point for all the results is your thoughts. If you don’t like the results you have been getting then you need to change your thoughts. Start now.

Give yourself permission. Make it okay for yourself to think and feel differently. Give yourself permission to see and feel and act differently, to get different, better, positive, powerful results. Give yourself permission to change your life for the better. Give yourself permission to make a new decision. Allow it. Permit it. Accept it.

Your Future Depends On The Decisions You Make Today

Once you do many things change for the better. They will remain the same as long as you remain the same. As long as you act from the past you will continue to get what you have always got. Move into the present, decide now.  Give yourself permission to use and enjoy your present to create a more wonderful future.

Some people never change because they don’t feel it is okay that they do. They remain stuck. You may need to give yourself permission and that is fine. Go ahead. Acknowledge that is is okay for you to move forward. It’s okay to change positively. Allow yourself to be okay with the unknown.  The future is wide open.

You can accomplish many things in the future once you get beyond being stuck. What keeps someone stuck is mostly old chronic conditioning. That’s okay it served you for a time and now it is time to change, let go and move forward in a positive direction of YOUR choosing. Permit yourself to be free of the past and take charge now. When you do it can begin to feel incredible. Enjoy it.

Enjoy feeling positive! Feel good about moving forward. Enjoy realizing this is the beginning. Many new ways of being can open up to you. Isn’t it time to be the person you always wanted to be? Do those things you always wanted to do. Have those things you have always wanted. Isn’t it time for you to begin today? Being right now! Delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Another incredible day to delight in.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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