Did You Know Negative Thinkers Use Affirmations Too?

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“You have heard the saying, ‘be careful what you wish for  because you might just get it.’ Have you ever had that experience. You worried, feared or dreaded something coming up and just as you thought it came to pass. Sucks right?

From the dawn of human kind, it seems, and certainly since early recorded history, AND today, neuroscience bears it out, thought precedes action. The predictor of the results we get is our thoughts.

The thought leaders in philosophy, science and religion have known this and promoted it for centuries. The wealthy, the successful and the powerful have known this.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Of course, they don’t want anyone else to know it because the elite wants to remain elite. So they obfuscate it. Still, the truth wins out and we have been able to get it in various forms.

If you don’t use it you don’t know it. You may know about it but that is as far as it goes. What you know about it may be accurate or not. Many people are misinformed. Many people think they know.

IF YOU AREN’T DOING EVERYTHING IT TAKES to make your life more wonderful, your thoughts more positive, to feel your very best then YOU DON’T KNOW IT. You really don’t know it.

You Are Today Where Your Previous Thoughts Brought You

If you aren’t using it to improve yourself daily you are missing incredible opportunities and advantages. In order to feel your very best you need to think positively and do whatever it takes.

If you don’t think that is absolutely true then you prove my point.

If you think you can think just anything or any old way, and it doesn’t matter you are incorrect. What you think absolutely matters and creates effects. Our thoughts affect our body and our health.

What you eat or drink affects your health. Whether you get enough sleep or not affects your health.  Whether you move or exercise or not affects your health. Your thinking greatly affects your health.

You Will Be Tomorrow Where Today’s Thoughts Take You

If you don’t pay attention to what you eat, drink, whether you get enough sleep or exercise my guess is you aren’t in that great of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual shape or well-being.

How could you be in great shape if you let yourself go and don’t take care of yourself? You know your finances would be in terrible shape if you let them go and didn’t pay any attention to them, right?

Your thoughts matter. They may matter more than any of the rest of these things. They dictate what you do regarding these other areas. Your thoughts determine your feelings, your actions and results.

You Cannot Escape The Powerful Results Of Your Thougts

If you want to be able to do anything in this life you must believe it is possible. You must think that you can. You must be willing to try and want to do it in order to actually do it.

If you don’t believe it is worth it, or if it is too difficult and you don’t want to and if you are unwilling to attempt it then you won’t. You won’t even try. Will you? No, You won’t? Unless…

Unless what? What is it that would get you to do something you refuse to do? What would get you to do something you think you can’t do or see no benefit in? Consider this. What would it be?

What would have to occur for you to do it anyway? Think about it! What would have to occur for you to do it regardless? What would get you to start acting in your own best interests? What is it?

The Mind Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think

Whatever it is you just thought it. Whatever it is that would have to occur is what you THINK you need, what is necessary, for you to go ahead and do it. It is what you THINK has to happen. Your thought.

Perhaps, you thought either you would have to want to feel like it in order to act. OR someone would have to force you to act. OR circumstances  would have to get so bad that you finally act.

Don’t you see? Are you able to recognize the thought process here? Can you become aware of what needs to change in order for you to change? Because you won’t until you do! Isn’t that right?

Thoughts Are Things – Choose Wisely

What do your thoughts prevent you from doing? What do your thoughts assist you in doing? It makes a difference, doesn’t it, what you think? The actions you will or won’t take are based on your thoughts, right?

You won’t change unless you wan’t to. You will stay exactly as you are! Won’t you? Because nothing works. It is too hard. You don’t know how. You didn’t get the right info. You weren’t raised this way.

Your parents are to blame, right? No they were conditioned the same as you. They just passed it along they way they got. You will too unless you interrupt and change the process. It is true!

You Get What You Think About Most Often

Positive thinking transforms you from an ‘I can’t’ person to an ‘I can’ person. When you change how you think you change how you feel. Whatever your thoughts are determine your reality. Choose well!

You can have more positive powerful energy. Put yourself in charge of you and manage your thoughts and feelings. Aim for the best and make it the very best. Don’t settle for anything less.

Positive thinking is active. You take control. It isn’t not passive. Your default thinking mode is previous, negative conditioning. Admit it you have negative thought habits. We all do. Change it!

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

That is why we have to take control of our mind and direct it toward the positive. Aim it at what we can do to achieve our goals and dreams. If you don’t run your mind your mind will run you.

As it has been doing. You have been living from your previous, past, prior, negative habitual chronic conditioning. That is why your default thinking mode is less than glorious. It is negative. It is, right?

Once you take control you can replace your habit of negative thinking.  When that is replaced with the habit of thinking positive you begin getting better results. Life becomes far more pleasurable.

How Do You Eat An Elephant? One Bite At A Time

You transform yourself, your mental, emotional and physical health  will improve. You begin making your dreams come true. You are able to to get the results you want. You create the life you want.

You start creating and becoming what you want to be. You begin doing what you want to do. AND you start getting what you want. Money, home, cars, new job, family, friends, career you name it.

You feel you are worthy. You deserve good things. You are more capable to get them for yourself. You can be, do and have anything you want in life. You feel great because you think great!

Whatever You Want To Do With Ease You First Do With Diligence

Keep going until you get them. When you think positively you will persist because you won’t let thoughts prevent you from prevailing. You overcome obstacles and negative circumstances.

You know you can win and you accept that challenges are a part of life. You live and act as a champion, a winner, a victor. You succeed because you know you can and you don’t let anything stop you.

That is what positive thinking is. It is a way of life. You take control, 100% responsibility for yourself and you transform yourself into a person who looks for opportunity and solutions.

If you want to do anything you know you can learn how.

Begin by watching your thoughts. When you become aware of your of a negative thought change it. Deliberately steer or redirect your thinking to positive thoughts. It may take practice at first.

Awareness Is The First Step In Transformation

You will get better in time. Be patient. Find positive thoughts that make you feel good and affirm them. Declare them, repeat them often, out loud with enthusiasm. Stay focused on the positive.

Negative thinkers affirm negative thoughts too. Keep that in mind. An affirmation is any declaration following ‘I am’ or ‘I have’. You can affirm ‘I am rich’ or ‘I am broke’. You can affirm ‘I feel healthy’ or ‘I feel sick’.

Usually negative affirmations are expressed emotionally too. Affirmations work by powerful emotion. If you are angry and frustrated while negatively affirming they are powerful.

A Hammer Can Be Used To Build Or To Tear Down

When you positively affirm you want to do so happily, energetically, enthusiastically, confidently. The more emotion the quicker they work. The more they take hold. Emotions make affirmations work.

What we pay attention to and concentrate on is what we get. So affirm positive thoughts. Repeat them over and over. Manage your thoughts daily until it is a habit to naturally think positive.

Yes, it takes effort. Nothing in this world is free. It comes with a cost. You must pay the price with your energy, time and commitment but the reward is great. When you are willing to pay the price you will begin to reap the great rewards.

Who Is Driving The Bus? Are You In The Driver’s Seat?

Eventually you become competent  in managing and directing your thoughts. Eventually you think positive more frequently than negative. Eventually you learn and acquire a whole new way of being. You reach a tipping point where good things start happening.

Eventually positive thinking becomes an automatic reliable unconscious habit which replaces the old ways with positive, powerful new ways. You become unstoppable!

When you think positive you can be healthier in every area of your life. All of you is affected. You can begin to accomplish more of the great things you want to accomplish. You make your goals and dreams come true. You are happier and healthier. All of this begins by managing your thoughts. It is worth it to think positive, feel grateful and celebrate everything. It really is!” Rex Sikes

How much fun can you have today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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