One Big Reason Why People Keep Failing

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“Some things are tried and true. Sometimes, when you bake a cake you should just follow the recipe. Pioneers have blazed the trails for you to follow in their footsteps you don’t need to blaze another one.

Welcome to Part 6 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. We continue on today. I hope you found the first 5 parts valuable. Ready, let’s go. Part 7 tomorrow.

Sometimes, it is easiest to take the path of least resistance. Learn from the models who began where you are and have attained what you want because they know the pathway to that success. Listen.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Follow in the successful footsteps of others. Actually do what they tell you and take their advice. Listen and learn. Do and learn. Be glad if you have a successful mentor.

Learn To Listen Then Listen To Learn

It never fails to amaze me, especially in Hollywood. Someone will ask a famous writer or director to give them feedback on their script. ‘Please help me, tell me what I should do. What do you think?’

Instead of taking it, implementing it, and then coming back, thereby showing the mentor they could take advice, and that they are people of action and value the mentor’s input and time.

They say thanks and do nothing. They join the ranks of all those who ask and do nothing. Is it any wonder why ‘the big wigs’ get wary of helping others at times. They know few will do what they say.

Listen – Learn – Grow

The reason so many people fail is they don’t implement what already is proven to work. They try to do it their way. They want the faster route. They think they will find a short cut. They want it easier.

They will attempt to do it their way. I can’t tell you how many times I have been with someone who was asked ‘what should I do’ and when told, they respond with, ‘yeah, I think I’ll do it my way’.

Yup, they try to do it their way. They don’t listen or follow advice. They don’t listen or read instructions. They get some new fangled thingamajig and don’t look at the manuel to put it together.

Mentors Are Here To Guide Us To Their Best Knowledge

Are you one of these? Listen, Napoleon Hill modeled 520 of the most successful people on the planet in his day. Countless thousands have gone on to success following his discovered formula ever since.

It is as applicable today as it was then. However, some people who have never yet succeeded think THEY know what to do. They don’t and haven’t succeed. Thousands of others, read the book, and have.

However, most people never will. They just won’t do it. They will try it their way and give up. That is another part of why people don’t succeed, is they don’t follow through to completion. They quit.

Improve Your Life One Lesson At A Time

They do a little bit. If it gets tough or confusing they abandon it. They dabble they don’t actually do. They flit from one thing to another trying many things. They don’t commit to a plan of action that works.

To succeed you must be clear about what you specifically want to accomplish. You must feel passionate enough about it to keep going and not let anything stop you. You have to cross the finish line.

Of all the people who begin the race not everyone crosses that finish line. More than that won’t even enter the race. You have to start, you have to work smart, you have to follow through and complete it.

Winners Never Quit – Quitters Never Win

When it comes to success you must be headstrong in the right way. Being obstinate about doing what is tried and true, just because you feel like you want to, isn’t very wise. BUT go ahead if you must.

To succeed remain steadfast. See it through to the end. Be willing to listen to those who got there before you. If they started out as you have. If you have nothing, nor did they when they began, listen!

Chances are they know something you can benefit from. They blazed the trail. You know how you tell the pioneers from those who come later? The pioneers are face down with arrows in their backs.

You May See Me Struggle But You Will Never See Me Quit

They led the way through most of the hardship and they know the pitfalls. They know what might and might not work. Pay attention and learn. Don’t be gullible or stupid about it but listen up!

Remember, success leaves clues. Sometimes, just sometimes, the advice being given is worth more than its weight in gold. One idea at the right time can transform your entire life. Be open minded.

Study, learn and grow. To know and not to do is not to know. Information or knowledge is only power when it is correctly applied. Otherwise, it is interesting but not transformative.

To See Further – Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

So stop spinning your wheels. Do what works. Apply it and keep applying it until you succeed. You will if you stick with it. It may or may not come easy but you must keep at it if you want to win.

Learn from mistakes. Celebrate and embrace all opportunity to grow and develop. Challenges make us stronger and wiser if we examine and learn from them. If you don’t, they just suck.

Inside ever challenge is the seed of opportunity but you must find it. Learn to learn. Learn to control your thoughts and feelings. Learn to take right action and get the results you intend to get. Act with intention.

Cultivate The Habit Of Being Grateful

Be grateful for the opportunities presented to you and that you can pursue your dreams. Many others can’t or don’t realize they can simply based on where they live in the world. If you can, then stop whining and start celebrating everything!” Rex Sikes

I wonder how many different ways you can feel delighted today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. We are fortunate today that there is so much information at our fingertips. So many practices to choose from, so many styles and routes to the same goal. It’s like an all-you-can eat buffet for the soul!

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  2. Thanks for asking – the new blog site has not yet launched. Someone is busily working behind the scenes to move content from this site to that one.

    When ready I will let you and everyone know. I am very eager to get this done. I have numerous websites hanging in various stages of development and issues.

    IN the meantime – subscribe to this one so you don’t miss anything. All the best wishes!!!


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