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You Are Either All In Or You Are Not In At All

“I spent time with a friend, mentor, today. He shared some powerful, pertinent ideas for all of us. It was a wonderful time. He shared how he grew his business and how he felt starting out. He got very successful in a very short period of time. Read and remember!

Another mentor of mine, went from less than nothing, to fabulously happy, healthy and rich in five years. Within three years, this gentleman changed his entire life. He began by asking, ‘what do you think it was like for me starting out? Then he began to share.

‘I built my business on a horrible presentation. I didn’t know what to do or how to talk about it. I didn’t know what to say. I  was scared. I didn’t have a clue how to share what I was doing with people. I sucked at it.  I felt like I was in over  my head; out of my league.

Wherever You Go – Go With All You Heart – You Have To Commit

BUTI just kept doing it. I had a vision of success I wanted to, one day, soon achieve. As someone said, your vision of victory must be bigger than your fear of failure. That is a choice. I had reasons to stop. Lots of things were not okay, but I kept going.  I was not organized.

The technology back then sucked. I just kept going. I just kept doing it. I made a promise to myself to continue in spite of obstacles. In spite of everything, anything, I would continue. I had mentors, I made myself coachable. I listened and I learned. I screwed up plenty.

Still, I listened and learned. I sharpened my axe everyday. I invested in myself and kept myself sharp. I filled my mind every day with positive reasons and thoughts. I read positive books. I stayed close to my mentors. I didn’t let disappointment or fear stop me.

We Are Here On Earth To Go All In – Make It Happen – Do It

The reason I made it in business is because I had reasons to succeed. I wanted to spend more free time with my children. I wanted to be with them while they grew up. Most people make just enough to get by, and that is it. I mean we all have cell phones and a place to live.

Most people aren’t hungry enough. They do just enough to manage. Dream big. If you don’t have a big dream, you’ll just get by.  We all want more than we have, but don’t pursue it! It is all or nothing. Do it. Buckle in. Make it happen. Only those hungry enough will.’

Yes, powerful words. You’re either all in the game or you are not in the game at all. Think on these things. Invest in yourself. Spend time reading and studying. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and gratitude. Spend time with people who are making it happen.

Commitment Transforms Dreams Into Reality – Decide To Do It

Commit to being successful. Dream big so you want to make it happen. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Celebrate everything today!

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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know And It Is Stopping You From Getting What You Want

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“Your personal blind spot. You can’t see it. You aren’t even aware of it. You don’t know it exists. Others may, but you don’t. You don’t know what you don’t know. You can’t. You are unable to. You need to become aware of what you don’t know because it IS  limitation.

What you don’t know IS limiting you. How do you become aware of what you do not know? You rely on others who DO know what you don’t and can see that you don’t know it. These become your mentors and coaches, your teachers, guides and consultants

These become your trainers or sages. They can help you begin to see what you can’t yet. Those who are where you want to be and have started from where you started are most qualified because they have been where you are and have gone where you want to go.

Minds Are Like Parachutes They Only Work When Open

How willing are you to learn? How teachable are you? Can you stay open? For most people the three words that cause most trouble are ‘I know that.’ People stop, when they think they know something. Often, they only know about something. They are informed.

They hear a presenter speaking about something they have only read about and they think or say, ‘I know that’. Instead of staying open and listening and learning. If you really knew THAT why are you getting the lackluster results you are getting? Hmmmmmm?

If you really KNEW that you’d be applying it in a way to make your life better. To KNOW and not to DO is to not know. Information is only power when you USE IT to transform. Knowing is the ability to take inspired action not just satisfying intellectual information.

You Can’t See Your Own Face Without A Mirrored Reflection

Get it? If you think you know something how are you using it to transform your experience into something more grand? How are you assisting others in making positive changes? If you aren’t yet, you can. Stop! Let go of being right. Allow yourself to be humble.

You may need some assistance so be willing to allow the right others to guide you. Invest in yourself. You may need a book or some audio material, a mentor, a program or coaching and training.  You may not but allow yourself to be helped in moving yourself forward.

Walk the path with someone else. Let them support you. Allow it. Look, listen, learn and apply. The proper fruit of knowledge is action. The most important thing one can do is stay open, be available and use what you are learning. Make the changes you want.

Be Willing To Listen To Those People Who Have What You Want

Get feedback. Get feedback from the results you get and from others. Learn from everything. Evaluate and apply the feedback. Be careful to not just dismiss it. Awareness and understand are the two first steps to change. You don’t change unless you DO something.

That may be changing your thoughts because mindset is the first BIG piece. Get the mindset, the attitude, the thoughts right. Your feelings will follow and help you produce the right actions. Performing the right actions, consistently for long enough to become habits.

You want success habits that lead to successful results. We already have some success habits and some not success habits. We have those that support us and those which don’t. We have habits of doing and habits of not doing. If results suck you need new habits.

Listen To Those People Who Are Already Doing What You Want To

If you can’t see it, or you ‘already know that’ but you aren’t changing AND you want to, then find someone who can help you take the steps that serve you. Get you head on straight and bring your best game. It is great to have assistance from the correct sources.

Maps exist to help you reduce the amount of time it takes to get from place to place. They exist because people who already know they way shared the way. Some maps are incorrect so be sure you choose your sources wisely.  Listen to the correct sources.

If those around you say it can’t be done, and are not doing it, while there are others who are, they don’t know either. They have made up their minds against it. Be respectful, be polite, love them anyway and find those who are doing it already to guide you. Choose!

Tour Guides Exist To Point Out What You Might Otherwise Miss

Be open to the feedback from the right sources. Learn from it and apply it. Be grateful for opportunities and for those who support you. You are blessed when you discover those right mentors who care enough to be there for you. Enjoy your guides and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate fully this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One Big Reason Why People Keep Failing

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“Some things are tried and true. Sometimes, when you bake a cake you should just follow the recipe. Pioneers have blazed the trails for you to follow in their footsteps you don’t need to blaze another one.

Welcome to Part 6 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. We continue on today. I hope you found the first 5 parts valuable. Ready, let’s go. Part 7 tomorrow.

Sometimes, it is easiest to take the path of least resistance. Learn from the models who began where you are and have attained what you want because they know the pathway to that success. Listen.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Follow in the successful footsteps of others. Actually do what they tell you and take their advice. Listen and learn. Do and learn. Be glad if you have a successful mentor.

Learn To Listen Then Listen To Learn

It never fails to amaze me, especially in Hollywood. Someone will ask a famous writer or director to give them feedback on their script. ‘Please help me, tell me what I should do. What do you think?’

Instead of taking it, implementing it, and then coming back, thereby showing the mentor they could take advice, and that they are people of action and value the mentor’s input and time.

They say thanks and do nothing. They join the ranks of all those who ask and do nothing. Is it any wonder why ‘the big wigs’ get wary of helping others at times. They know few will do what they say.

Listen – Learn – Grow

The reason so many people fail is they don’t implement what already is proven to work. They try to do it their way. They want the faster route. They think they will find a short cut. They want it easier.

They will attempt to do it their way. I can’t tell you how many times I have been with someone who was asked ‘what should I do’ and when told, they respond with, ‘yeah, I think I’ll do it my way’.

Yup, they try to do it their way. They don’t listen or follow advice. They don’t listen or read instructions. They get some new fangled thingamajig and don’t look at the manuel to put it together.

Mentors Are Here To Guide Us To Their Best Knowledge

Are you one of these? Listen, Napoleon Hill modeled 520 of the most successful people on the planet in his day. Countless thousands have gone on to success following his discovered formula ever since.

It is as applicable today as it was then. However, some people who have never yet succeeded think THEY know what to do. They don’t and haven’t succeed. Thousands of others, read the book, and have.

However, most people never will. They just won’t do it. They will try it their way and give up. That is another part of why people don’t succeed, is they don’t follow through to completion. They quit.

Improve Your Life One Lesson At A Time

They do a little bit. If it gets tough or confusing they abandon it. They dabble they don’t actually do. They flit from one thing to another trying many things. They don’t commit to a plan of action that works.

To succeed you must be clear about what you specifically want to accomplish. You must feel passionate enough about it to keep going and not let anything stop you. You have to cross the finish line.

Of all the people who begin the race not everyone crosses that finish line. More than that won’t even enter the race. You have to start, you have to work smart, you have to follow through and complete it.

Winners Never Quit – Quitters Never Win

When it comes to success you must be headstrong in the right way. Being obstinate about doing what is tried and true, just because you feel like you want to, isn’t very wise. BUT go ahead if you must.

To succeed remain steadfast. See it through to the end. Be willing to listen to those who got there before you. If they started out as you have. If you have nothing, nor did they when they began, listen!

Chances are they know something you can benefit from. They blazed the trail. You know how you tell the pioneers from those who come later? The pioneers are face down with arrows in their backs.

You May See Me Struggle But You Will Never See Me Quit

They led the way through most of the hardship and they know the pitfalls. They know what might and might not work. Pay attention and learn. Don’t be gullible or stupid about it but listen up!

Remember, success leaves clues. Sometimes, just sometimes, the advice being given is worth more than its weight in gold. One idea at the right time can transform your entire life. Be open minded.

Study, learn and grow. To know and not to do is not to know. Information or knowledge is only power when it is correctly applied. Otherwise, it is interesting but not transformative.

To See Further – Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

So stop spinning your wheels. Do what works. Apply it and keep applying it until you succeed. You will if you stick with it. It may or may not come easy but you must keep at it if you want to win.

Learn from mistakes. Celebrate and embrace all opportunity to grow and develop. Challenges make us stronger and wiser if we examine and learn from them. If you don’t, they just suck.

Inside ever challenge is the seed of opportunity but you must find it. Learn to learn. Learn to control your thoughts and feelings. Learn to take right action and get the results you intend to get. Act with intention.

Cultivate The Habit Of Being Grateful

Be grateful for the opportunities presented to you and that you can pursue your dreams. Many others can’t or don’t realize they can simply based on where they live in the world. If you can, then stop whining and start celebrating everything!” Rex Sikes

I wonder how many different ways you can feel delighted today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What To Do When Unexpected Challenges Arise And You Feel Fear

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“My blog today is in response to comment left yesterday. It is a piece of a puzzle. It is a first step in a journey. It is a morsel of food in the meal you eat. Without knowing specifics (this is not a request to know) the suggestions I have are general. Absolutely valuable and applicable anytime, but still general.

It may not be what the individual needs to read or hear at this time, and the person may be better served seeking answers elsewhere from someone in person.

Still, the principles are applicable to all of us in our quest for a more wonderful life so I wrote in reply, actually to all of us. Each of us face challenges, hopefully, this will encourage.

The reader commented, and I am always happy when readers comment. When someone reaches out, or shares insight, loves or hates something it is good to know. That is WHY there IS a comment section so you can LEAVE comments!

Here is the comment:

‘I’m facing an unexpected and very challenging situation. And I do feel fear. I agree with what you have written, but my path seems unclear to me. I want peace and a stable situation. (And I have re-written this 9 different ways)……Changing my thoughts will change my actions and change the situation.’

First,  I wish you the best. I am glad you commented. You are doing for yourself and working to make it work for you. That is excellent.

It is not uncommon to feel fear from an unexpected and challenging situation. That is quite normal. It is what we do as humans.

Getting clear about your path is what you do want to do.  When confronted with obstacles we may not know what to do or where to go. Still, in order to journey onward we first need to clarify where we want to end up. Otherwise, we may or may not make any progress.

How would we know if we were progressing if we don’t know where our destination is? Plus, it is important that we make certain we are focused on where we want to go to or end up.

Circumstances can be challenging and difficult, for certain. The learning we all need to acquire is to notice the circumstances but not focus on them. Stop giving the circumstances your attention and energy. Decide what you want instead, not what you do not want.

When you repeat,  ‘Changing my thoughts will change my actions and change the situation.’ while accurate notice what your attention is on. Change the situation. You want to change your thoughts and actions in order to change the situation.

How might you phrase your affirmation to put the emphasis on what you want instead of focusing on the situation? That is where you need to put you emphasis or focus. Think about what you want. Also affirm what you want to feel.

For example, ‘I am calm’; ‘I am confident’; ‘I am able to learn to do anything I put my mind to’; ‘I have peace of mind’; ‘I feel joy’. Whatever you want to think, feel and be. Simply put whatever you want to be after ‘I am’ or ‘I have’ or ‘I feel’. Present tense.

You might also ask Directed Questions™: ‘I wonder how soon I can discover myself easily find more peace and joy throughout today?’ In how many ways will I be delighted and amazed to feel my confidence growing in leaps and bounds?”

You can use what it is you don’t want to help you clarify what it is you do want. Make sure you know what you want and then imagine what you want fully. Whatever it is use your imagination and imagine all the positive good you want to have. Imagine it as though you already have it. It has happened. It is yours.

You want your energy to go where you want. That is why you place you attention on what you want. The work is to keep the attention on the good you want to create and positively have. It takes practice. It does take discipline but anyone can learn to do it in time.

The secret is keeping it there. Going back and forth from feeling positive and confident to doubtful and fearful is what keeps us stuck. We need to overwhelmingly feel positive and confident. We need our focus to be on the good most of the time. Of course, everyone has a negative thought.

As soon as you notice the negative thought or feeling steer it back to positive. Two things happen. One is this is the training we all need. The ability to control and steer our mind and get it to serve us instead of being out master is the skill we need to develop. Two it will make the difference. You will be more positive more of the time!

Make sure what you want is a win/win for you and everyone; wonderful and positive! Place your focus on this. You may not know how to bring it about yet but stay focused on what you want to create. The good you want to create is the good you focus on and imagine throughout the day. This is what you can create!

Feel the good feelings that come with the good you desire. If the world were perfect and your situation resolved and you were your ideal self, being, doing and having what you want how would you feel?

Those are the feelings you want to have more of. Those are the feeling you want to savor and bask in when you think about your destination.

Those are the feelings you want to spend time with. Day and night, and as often as you can, think of the good, see it in your mind’s eye and feel the marvelous feelings. As long as you win and others with there is no disharmony.

What we think about we bring about! If we concentrate on avoiding what we don’t want we just get more of the same. If we focus on what we DO want to create for ourselves we get more of that.

Even though you may not know how it will come about this is what you concentrate on. You think, have faith and affirm that everything will work out for good even though you don’t have any idea how. It is okay not to know how. It really is.

We all need to learn to do this. It is similar to planting a seed. It grows where we can’t see it grow at first, underground. The results of our decision, to focus on the good we want to create, is at first invisible.

We must keep the faith that ultimately everything will work out and that we will be able to behave resourcefully. It isn’t magic or wishing. It is the application of principles that changes the course of our future.

If you decide you want to take boat across the sea to a distant land you have to know where you are going. You determine where you want to end up and you go there. If storms come up along the way you have to navigate through, or around them and get back on course, to get to your destination.

When you focus and believe in yourself you marshall your inner resources. When challenged it is the opportunity to learn lessons and discover the very best within you. The key is to not give up or lose faith. Believe in yourself. Affirm you can do this!

In your present circumstances you may need to find someone who has already navigated the troubled waters, someone who can positively mentor you because they have been there and gone through that and come out the other side successfully. Someone in your area whom you can rely on, confide in and trust. If you need help or assistance reach out.

Inside you is an internal GPS. It knows all the routes and has all the answers you need to get where you want to go. You have the resources to make positive changes, even though you may not be aware that you do, and yet, that can being to easily clear up.

As you keep positive and keep faith in your own inner abilities you may find yourself discovering more of what you need to know in order to move ahead confidently and safely. Trust in yourself to make the wisest choices even though you don’t know what these are yet. Believe in you!

Attitude makes a big difference. This may be just what you look back on some day and are thankful for. If you can cultivate that attitude while going through it you are ahead of the game.

The opportunity to grow and develop comes from adversity. The statement, ‘the kite rises against the wind’ is applicable. Challenge will help you grow in the long run and you will learn a lot from the situation about yourself and your resourcefulness.

I hope, my words help. Understand I have little to go on and I can’t, no one can, solve anything for you. That is up to each individual to do for oneself. I hope, though, in some small way, I can encourage you to stay strong and take everything lightly.

Put into practice the principles you have been learning. Fill your mind each day with positive, inspirational material. Read and listen to positive books and audios. Fill your mind with ‘can do’ messages. Find positive people to encourage and support you.

Manage your self talk and speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Visualize what you want, as already discussed, and grow your faith in your ability to have a positive present and future. Find things to celebrate and appreciate in areas of life, even in the challenges.

Be the victor of the circumstances. Decide to prevail against troubles and to create more love, joy and happiness for all. Determine to live as a champion and stay positive and confident. You will as you keep your focus on what you want to create! It works. It does work. It is YOU who makes it work!” Rex Sikes

PS I wrote this response, then just as I went to publish, it occurs to me that, perhaps, you weren’t looking for a reply. If I made an incorrect assumption I apologize. I say this because I realize that not everyone wants someone to reply, sometimes we just wish to be heard or listened to. Sometimes we just want a hug.

Have a wonderful day!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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A Critical Secret Necessary For Success

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“In times long past there was a practice that has long been lost. It meant the difference between remaining the same, staying stuck at a certain level of existence, and moving forward into success. It was a way of life that has been lost in modern times. Tiny remnants remain and while that is good news it is true we suffer from the loss of this practice. What is it?

Apprenticeship. The art of being and apprentice or a disciple. From early times on there was a path to mastery whereby the knowledge sought, the skills necessary we learned between a talented master craftsperson and an apprentice.  There was a process of becoming a knight. One did not just declare oneself a knight.

Nor did one declare oneself a master mason, carpenter, educator or anything else. One learned from a master and when the master deemed the student ready to progress then and only then did the student learner move to the next level. We certainly don’t do anything like this today, at least, in my culture.

What we have is beneficial and a tiny remnant of this important educational process. We have mentors. Studies indicate that nearly 94% of successful millionaires attribute their success to having at least one mentor in life or business. They attributed their wealth creation directly to having a mentor.

A mentor is someone who can show them the ropes, who can advise them and tell them what to focus on. A mentor can tell them what to do and what not to do. They share their mistakes and the student benefits from not only their knowledge but their experience. Wisdom comes from experience and nothing can replace that.

Finding a success mentor is a great way to become richer. You want someone who has been where you are and who is doing what you want to be able to do. Their experience should parallel your experience as much as possible. You want someone who has traveled the same road you need to, but before you, so they can show you the way.

Nearly 70% of self made millionaires said having a mentor was critical to their success overall. You want to find a good mentor to help guide you. Along the way you may meet many. Your parents, relatives or family friends could be your first mentors. They might become mentors later once you are older.

Books are good for gaining insight but there are obvious limitations. You do not get any human feedback. Still, you can learn much from books and should read to better yourself. You might find someone in your work, or while attending seminars, or networking. Whomever ends up being your mentor is someone who you respect and trust. You need to know they have your interests in their heart.

Learning and evolving is wonderful and each day you can become more of the you that you want to be. You can dream big, aim high and reach your destination making your dreams come true. A mentor can help you in ways you may not readily be able to help yourself.

Alone, you can still succeed. You will be schooled by hard knocks and learn life lessons by trial and error. NOTHING can ever actually replace  experience. Be glad! What you learn along the way will stay with you. It will become a part of you. Pursue your dreams and do not quit.

You may have to be your own cheering section but persist. When you do you will celebrate the win. You can be, do and have anything you want in life. So go after it. A trusted mentor will bring you great value but don’t let being alone stop you. Go for it. Make it happen!” Rex Sikes

Make today a wonderful one

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