Winners Reveal: You Need This Kind Of Faith To Win!

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What is faith? Why do you need it? What do you have faith in? There are so many different rules and beliefs and practices about faith what is necessary? Can you develop it?

Faith is your ability to believe and trust that what you want to make happen, you will. It is the certainty that you can bring it about. It is faith in you and your abilities and resourcefulness.

You can have faith in the universe or god but that is not the faith I am talking about right now. I hope you understand this. You can live and work with one or both. That is entirely your choice.

Skill Comes Of Doing

It is useful and desirable  to have  faith that good things will happen regardless of the evidence. It is powerful to believe that no matter what happens the end result will be good. Things work out.

It is an incredible mindset to not be thrown by whatever present circumstances there are. Everything will work out positively, eventually, is a great attitude. Think, I always land on my feet.

It IS absolutely worthwhile to cultivate these beliefs. It is absolutely worthwhile to be positive and feel positive. When you feel your best everything works better. Your brain is open to all the good around.

The Mind Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think

Life is more wonderful when you think and feel your best. When you feel optimal everything goes better to. You can do more, enjoy more, struggles aren’t so difficult. It is a good head place to be.

This faith, Napoleon Hill called Active Faith. Active faith means you take action. You believe in your purpose, your desired goal, you Definite Chief Aim. Then you act in service of getting it.

The hay doesn’t bail itself! Everyday you do something that brings you closer to your desired future. Small steps or large you keep moving forward knowing that ultimately you will get there.

The More We Do The More We Are Able To Do

You will get there. No matter how many times you may have to change course, you will arrive. You use your imagination and your will power. It is not up to others. It is up to you whether you succeed.

Skill comes from doing. So does faith. The more we do the more we can do. The more we act on our own behalf, the closer we get, the more we believe it is possible. Belief comes from doing, too.

Active faith is not about sitting around wishing for things to be different. It is acting to make them different. YOU make it happen by your thoughts and actions. Your behaviors bring you results.

Believe In Yourself 

You develop active faith through repetition of affirmations and your actions. You become a ‘CAN DO’ person by focusing your mind on what you can do and then doing it. Thoughts and actions.

You develop this faith and make it serve you. You get more of it by using it. It grows through exercise just as muscles do. Everyday affirm you are the kind of person that acts. Be positive!

Affirm it. Affirm that you will accomplish the positive good you want. See yourself with your goal already attained. Visualize the kind of persons you are. See your results as already accomplished.

There Is Something Greater Inside You Than Any Obstacle

Feel your best. Be enthused when you affirm. Feel confident and powerful that what you say is true. Feel great about seeing and having, in your imagination, what you will in reality someday.

Feelings are the most important aspect of this process. Always feel the best you can. Feel convinced. This is the method to develop strong positive beliefs. Everyday affirm it out loud with passion.

Do this daily!  This is how you use correct repetition to develop necessary skill. Everyday see yourself successful. Fill your mind with positive thoughts that YOU CAN do it. Keep your mind filled!

I May Not Be There Yet But I Am Closer Than Yesterday

Everyday take action and do something to make your dream come true. Everyday put on your best, most powerful mindset, and work to make it happen. Will it? That is entirely up to you!

Can it? Absolutely it is possible! Live each day knowing you are fully capable to bring about your intended future. Know that you can learn and acquire whatever resources you need.

You are sufficient to make it happen. Be grateful for the opportunity to learn, to struggle, to grow and develop. Be thankful. Appreciate everything about you and about your circumstances.

The Only Thing Limiting You Is Your Belief That There Are Limits

Tough times make us tougher. Express your gratitude for everything and believe that good things always happen in the end. As you do these things everything begins to come together in positive ways.

You will be more alert to opportunity. You will be more open to helping others and attracting the right people that can assist you. When your mindset is positive you keep moving forward. It feels good and nothing can stop you. Get it? Do it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Live enthusiastically!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Winners Reveal: You Need This Kind Of Faith To Win!”

  1. I constantly use faith. I constantly “take actions” knowing exactly what I want and having no idea how I am going to get there. I walk to the goal, knock on the door and they always let me in.
    I was once walking down the hall in a hospital and the head nurse walked up to me and said, You walk like a doctor. I must have some kind of look in my eyes. There is an exciting feeling I have and then the world bends to my desire. It is amazing. I love it.

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