Rich People Aren’t Always Wealthy But You Can Be

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“Yes, some people with money are not nice people. Money only amplifies who you already are. If you aren’t a good person without money you most likely won’t be a good person with money. Wealth is a mindset.

You can be monetarily rich but true wealth goes beyond money. Real wealth is an attitude. You can be wealthy physically with good health, with friends and loving relationships, emotionally and spiritually. You can be happy and have peace of mind.

Cash may not make you happy. You could have lots of cash and be lonely and miserable. You can have money and not health. Alone and sick what is money good for? You can hoard money and not do any good with it. Then having money may be very sad.

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Not A Place But A State Of Mind

If you aren’t going to help people then you have a lot of cash but so what? True wealth is an attitude of abundance. The mindset is that there is plenty. There is plenty and it is good to both receive and to give.  Learn to do both well.

If you aren’t doing both you are out of balance. You may be rich  but you are not truly wealthy. You may not care one way or the other. Then it truly is sad. It seems the more we have the more opportunity there is to enjoy but that isn’t always the case.

Napoleon Hill stated, of the 520 wealthiest people in the world that he modeled, studied and built his philosophy on, only one was balanced. He said all the rest had problems. He said he got to know all of them. He had stayed with many and they all had issues.

The Smallest Deed Is Better Than The Greatest Intention

Their spouses and many of their kids had issues. To be so obsessed with gaining a fortune, and by not focusing on the more important aspects of life, had brought many of the 520 mental, emotional and physical illnesses. Life out of balance is not a good thing.

Hill wrote, ‘I’ve had the privilege of intimately knowing the most outstanding, the most successful, and the richest men that this country has ever produced. I’ve slept in their houses, ate with them, known their families, their wives and their children.’

‘And I have seen what happened to their children after they died and passed on. I know the importance of learning to live a balanced life … The men that collaborated with me in the building of this philosophy represented outstanding success in every field of their era.’

A Man Is Not A Failure Until He Blames Others And Stops Trying

‘Out of all those men, there was only one I could say even vaguely approached having peace of mind along with all his other successes: John Burroughs. Without a doubt, he was the one who came nearest it and the one who came next nearest to it was Mr. Edison.’

The problem many have is they put money above everything else. They are willing to crush or to ruin others in the quest to be top dog. They want more than anyone else and stop at nothing. Ultimately, however they are miserable, unhappy, lonely, sick people.

Much in life is binary with shades between. There is positive or negative. There is increase and decrease. You can be wealthy or not wealthy. When it comes down to it your life is a result of the thoughts you think, how you feel and the choices you make.

You CAN be wealthy with no money. You can be rich with love, family, friends, health, and good times. You can live and leave a legacy of delight without having much money. You can, but many don’t because their focus is on bills, making ends meet, or lack.

The Great Opportunity Is Where You Are At

Some work very hard but hardly move ahead. The key in life is to be grateful for what you have. Enjoy it. You can continue to work for more but be happy where you are at. Then whether you get more or not you are still happy. That is the art most important to learn.

Learn to have a good life. Not only a good one but a grand one. Enjoy and delight in the relationships you have. Savor and nourish and protect them. Do likewise with your health. Take care of you and others. Life becomes more delightful when you can enjoy it.

Money is only a tool. Don’t love the tool. Love people and use the tool. You can learn to make more money. You can learn to be happy with or without money. It has been said one is only happy when learning and growing. Keep growing in awareness and in love.

Never Get So Busy Making A Living You Forget To Make A Life

Grow in understanding and your ability to appreciate life. Evolve into a person who doesn’t let tough times or obstacles defeat or get the better of you. Be bigger than any problem and be filled with joy and wonder and positivity. Make good things happen.

You are a creator. It begins with your thought. From nothing you create your life around you. What are you making for yourself and loved ones? You will always be a work in progress. If it isn’t what you want it to be you can learn to make it that. Keep going.

Focus on what is important. Live a good life. Be positive and be happy. Help others. Simplify everything. Enjoy it all. Only when you are able to enjoy everything are you truly wealthy. Learn to relax, let go and delight. Learn to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What will you do today to make it even more marvelous?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Rich People Aren’t Always Wealthy But You Can Be”

  1. One in 520 wow, I use affirmations continuously every day with any activity that requires repetition like walking. One of my affirmations is I am a master magus. Master for me means having complete balance in every way. Balance is a number one priority for me. Thanks again for your wonderful sharing. I appreciate your time, work and creativity….


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