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Beer Film Editing Parents And Breakfast

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“Who can say when anything actually begins. I could point back to a week ago or many years ago. I’ll start with editing a feature film. I just love synchronicity and life’s little blessings. You never know when or how but you can always expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Over a week ago I contacted my film editor to meet with me. We chose today. An early coffee shop meeting to discuss his vision for the film he is editing. He has been cataloging footage and reading and re-reading the script. I love his ideas. It was a wonderful.

Let me back track. I had been out of town for the past four days. A very good friend of mind was celebrating her birthday with her parents and friends on Sunday. I haven’t seen her parents in 20 years and some of the friends in about 5. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go.

You Can Always Find Something Good Without Looking For It

She had the celebration for Sunday from 3 to 7. The conference I was at was to let out at 5pm on Sunday. Then I had a two hour drive back. If it was still going I might be able to stop by at the end. I did want to meet back up with her parents.

Fortunately, the conference ended early. I got back about 6 called and was told where they were. A wonderful Beirgarten I had never been to. I met up with her parents, our old friends, some new ones I did not know and spent a couple wonderful hours with them.

This morning I went to meet the editor. I texted my friend told her I enjoyed seeing her parents. Wished I could say good bye and tell them to have a safe trip home. Meeting the editor he said the coffee shop he picked wouldn’t open for another hour. There was another.

Synchronicity: The Universe Telling You – You Are Getting Warmer

Just up the street. We had to go around the block because we were south of the restaurant on a one way street. We went around, found another coffee shop and stopped to pull in there. However, it was metered parking, change only, and I didn’t want the hassle.

We pulled around and headed back to his first suggestion. They had a parking lot. We got the last empty spot. Went in and had some wonderful food and good conversation about the feature film. Over coffee our conversation turned to positive expectations.

We discussed how sometimes we miss good things because we are focused on the not so good. Suddenly as I was talking I realized I was looking right at my friend and her parents. They were in the same shop. She faced me but hadn’t seen me, yet, either. WOW! Cool!

Everything You Need Comes At A Perfect Time – It Always Does

I went over and said hi and they were as surprised as I was. We had ten or so minutes of very pleasant conversation and marveled at how fortunate we were to meet up again, since we had wished to. My friend mentioned she had looked for my car upon arriving.

It was from habit. Often we meet at a lake of for food and she seeks to find where I am parked. She stated she realized she was looking for my car when she should have been looking for her parent’s car. Anyway, we got to see each other again and send off well wishes.

It was a wonderful surprise. I returned to the table and told my editor friend about the Biergarten and this fortuitous meeting today. Oddly, he had been to the Biergarten a day earlier for the very first time. We both discovered a great new place to hang. Hmmmm….

Live – Learn – Love – Laugh – Celebrate Everything – You Are Blessed

The universe provides. I don’t care to believe or not believe in anything. Everyone chooses their own beliefs and rationale.I just enjoy it. I simply know good things come to those who expect good things to come to them. We get what we focus on.

Life is filled with blessings. There were countless decisions made by the 3 parties, my friend, my editor and me. Yet, we all ended up at the same place, at the same time, out of hundreds of possibilities. Coincidence, luck, serendipity, fate, whatever, it is good. I enjoyed.

I think the more we are grateful and they more we feel blessed in the little things the more room we make for more of them. This is a simple story about part of my day. I felt like sharing. I’m not sure why, but, perhaps, it will resonate with some readers. I hope you enjoy.

Expect A Miracle – Allow It To Happen – Then Celebrate Again

Meanwhile, find your blessings and the magical moments. Enjoy and savor them. Have fun, delight and expect more each day. In fact, expect a miracle. After all, why not? Keep the faith. Who knows when it might happen. May be a while, or not. Enjoy and in the meantime, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a blessed day today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do You Know The 3 Power Questions For Clarity And Goal Getting?

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“Questions divide the world and help you to focus. You can direct your mind to what you want it to search for and find by using a question. Hopefully, you did the exercise from yesterday. If not, stop now, and read or re-read the previous post. Then continue on.

First question, did you answer what you wanted or didn’t want? Did you say ‘I want to be rich’ or ‘I don’t want to be broke’? It matters. Which words do you focus on in each question? Either rich or broke, right? If you are focused on broke you ‘ain’t gonna git rich!’ Git it?

Knowing what you don’t want is important to help you clarify what you do want. You focus must be on what you do want. If you said, ‘I don’t want to be broke’. Then the next step is Okay, what do you want? If you can’t answer that is a problem.

Learn To Ask Yourself Better Questions 

If you come back with another, ‘I don’t want so many bills’ then you are still focused on what you don’t want. OKAY then write out all the ‘I DON’T WANTS and get them out of your system. Then with each shift your attention to your wants.

I don’t want to be broke – may become – I want to be rich. I don’t want bills – may become – I want all my bills paid for easily. I don’t want to be fat – may become – I want to be my ideal weight. I don’t want a smoker – may become – I want someone health conscious.

Get it? What you focus on is what you get. If you have been primarily focused on what you don’t want that is what you will keep getting, creating or attracting. We become what we think about most often. What do you put your time, energy and attention into most often?

Questions Direct The Mind

The second question is why do you want it? Answering this will clarify what is important to you. It will shed light on the needs behind your goals and dreams. You may discover there are other productive ways to get what you want more easily and readily.

Sometimes these needs and wants are called our values. We want to feel important or significant. We want freedom or fun. We want to be relaxed or at ease or feel peace. We want to feel accomplished or creative. These are drivers behind the goal we are trying to fulfill.

We may fulfill these through what we want or in discovering other positive ways. YOU may find your wants changing during this process of self discovery. That is absolutely okay. Get clear about what you want, what is important to you and what stops you.

Stop Asking Why You Are Stupid Or Unlucky Or Broke

The third is WHY DON”T YOU HAVE IT? Your answer is the story, the reason, the excuse, the blames for why you aren’t making what you want happen. It is okay, we all have them. Just consider it. Why don’t you have what you want right now?

This answer, this story, this reason, this excuse is the WHY you don’t have it that you tell yourself over again and again. Your time, energy and attention is going into why it doesn’t happen or what is preventing and stopping you. Do you understand this? It is all focus!

You put more credence on the reasons why you don’t have it than you put energy into making it happen. Consider that. STOP! For goodness sake. STOP and actually consider this, Energy flows where your focus goes.

Learn To Ask Yourself Better Questions 

If you think, ‘I am broke because … You ain’t gonna get rich thinking broke and why you are. You aren’t going to create, attract and make happen what you want if your concentrated attention is on why you don’t have it. You are reinforcing not having and not getting it.

If you want to get it you will have to change your story. You must do things differently! You have to come up with all the reasons WHY you CAN HAVE IT – right NOW! You should write out a new story that reflects what you want to have. Be detailed and take your time.

What you say is what you get. What you say is based on your mental images and feelings. When you think to yourself or tell others the same story you perpetuate it. You keep it active. If you aren’t getting what you want, yet, then you must withdraw your energy.

You Get What You Focus On – You Become What You Think About

You must change what you talk about.Construct the story you want to live out. You are the author of your life, write the pages and chapters to be what you want. Remember, what you say is what you get. Choose and use your words wisely. Focus on what you want.

Focus on the good things in your life. Put your energy into what is good and what is right. Focus on solutions and on being  champion and victor. Focus on using your resourcefulness to make changes within yourself that result in changes in your outer world.

If you did these exercises honestly and thoroughly you will have gotten some valuable information for yourself to put into practice. If you blame others and make them responsible you have missed the point. If you blame others that is your excuse and gets you nowhere.

Ask Questions That Direct Your Mind In Useful Positive Ways

Each of us has to take responsibility for making our life the good life we want. Blaming others and circumstances is not the solution to getting what you want. Taking responsibility taking positive, inspired action steps that benefit you and everyone else will help you.

Blaming excuses you from getting your dreams by putting the responsibility on others or circumstances but doesn’t get you closer. Determining what you must think, feel and do will. Developing the habits that get you where you want to go will. Results begin within.

The results you get are directly tied to your thinking. So change your thinking. Change your story. Keep this in mind. You get what you focus on. You become what you think about. Once you know what you want and why you don’t have it put your attention elsewhere.

Get Clear About What You Want And Why You Want It

Put your attention on why you do have it! Imagine yourself to be the kind of positive person who does have it. What are you like? What do you think and feel and do? What does it feel like to be living the dream? Imagine all the good things.

During this process you may have discovered many beneficial things. Some may sting, some may be freeing. I encourage you to visit this again and again in coming weeks and months. Some people do it all their lives. It can be a valuable process to do on your wants.

Meanwhile, find ways to be thankful and appreciative for your new awarenesses. Be grateful for whatever you have come to understand. Learn from it. If you got better insight into these areas be happy. Learn from it. Extract the lessons. Apply the information.

To Know And Not To Do – Is To Not Know – Take Action

Apply the information to make your life and those lives around you a little easier and better. Enjoy this adventure and all of your journey. When you do you are truly blessed because you recognize each step and each obstacle IS a blessing. WOW! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a blessed day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do You Deserve Success? What If You Don’t? Do This!

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“You deserve success. You deserve to feel successful BUT what if you feel like you don’t? Probably, no amount of trying to think you do, will convince you. You’d just end up struggling to feel worthy, which you are, but you still don’t feel like it. Right?

So, you imagine having what you want; a new relationship, more money in the bank, a wonderful career;  a brand new car or home, or a piano, or weight loss or weight gain; but when you do imagine it you don’t feel glorious.  You feel stuck. Right?

You have less than glorious feelings. Something is off. Something is not right. You doubt you will get it or you feel ‘not so good’ while thinking about it. This is a signal that you aren’t in alignment with what you want. You won’t get what you want feeling that.

Never Judge Yourself By Your Ability To Please Another

You will only get more of THAT. So what to do? You want it, but… Here is what you do. Have you ever given a gift to someone? When you did what did you do? You bought or made it and then you gave it to the person. When they received it what did they do? Said thanks.

Whether or not they deserved it you still gave it, right? They took it. Right? Have you ever been given a gift? What did you do? You took it. Didn’t you? Whether or not you deserved it, you still received it. So you both gave and received gifts and deserving wasn’t an issue.

DROP the notion of being worthy or deserving. You don’t have to be to get a gift. You don’t have to be deserving to find a dollar on the sidewalk. You don’t have to be deserving to notice something that makes you smile. You don’t have to be deserving to be delighted.

You Don’t Have To Please Others To Be Worthy – Love Yourself

You just accept it. You just notice it. You just say thanks. When it comes to your goals and your dreams, no matter what you have been told in the past, no matter what you believe, you don’t have to deserve it. You only have to allow it. You only have to receive it.

Say thanks and go on. Let the universe, yourself and others gift you without qualifications. Allow yourself to be open and receptive. Delight in freeing yourself of the unnecessary burden of worthiness. Those are artificial conditions we learned to have from birth on.

All that is comes from other peoples rules and conclusions we drew from experiences. It isn’t reality. Worthiness is an arbitrary concept. You had to be good to get a cookie. You had to get an A to please your parents. You were made to jump through hoops.

You Are Worthy Just By Being Who You Are – Universe Loves You

Not bad in itself but the messages we got might be that, unless we were good enough, worked hard enough, did the correct things, pleased the right people, developed ourselves, were smart enough, rich enough, good looking enough etc. only then could we get what we wanted.

I am here to tell you that is a load of crap. You and I may have bought into that but it is time to drop it and let it go. It is time to receive and not be concerned with anything else. It is time to shine and feel glorious for being who you are. It is time to accept abundance.

Drop unnecessary baggage. When you arrive at your destination you put your luggage down. You do not keep carrying it with you. Give yourself a rest! Accept who you are and drop all else. Receive what there is to receive. Enjoy and delight in all.

Close Your Eyes – Clear Your Heart – Let Go – Accept Yourself

So there isn’t any misunderstanding. This doesn’t mean you don’t do your work or take part in being responsible. It means you drop the beliefs and reasons for not being, doing or having. You let them go. You live accepting and including instead of excluding and dismissing.

Allow yourself to simply want what you want. It is OKAY to have wants. Be grateful for all there is. Enjoy life unfettered. Stop trying to make yourself feel worth it. Say thanks for the gifts. Appreciate and keep moving forward. Celebrate. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Smile today and enjoy!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Experts Say These Things Screw You Up And Prevent You From Having What You Want

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“If you are not being, doing and having what you want in your career, your relationships, your finances or your life what is it you are getting? What is happening or not happening? Why aren’t you creating or attracting what you want?

Some of the well-intentioned gurus say you have limiting beliefs, paradigms, behaviors and habits that hold you back. These, they say, limit you and do not allow you to maximize your potential. These screw you up and are why the Law of Attraction won’t work for you.

Here’s the rub with that thinking. The Law of Attraction is always working! It is always attracting something. It’s either attracting what you want or what you don’t want it. It is ALWAYS working. You don’t turn it on or turn it off. It is ongoing. It IS process.

Whatever Your Mind Feeds Upon Your Mind Attracts To You

EVEN if you do not believe in the Law Of Attraction it is a useful concept. It does’t require you to believe in it to utilize the principle to make you life better. It is a useful way of organizing your thoughts feelings and behaviors to get what you want. You can use anything!

According to the Law of Attraction you attract what you are. What you vibrate at. You attract what you pay attention to most of the time and what you are feeling. Feel good attract more good. Feel bad attract more bad. You get whatever you are already doing the most.

To get what you want means you begin to focus on what you want and keep it there. You focus on who you are and what you want to become. Imagine what you want as if you already have it. If you feel good while imagining it you will attract that. Key point here!

Our Only Limitations Are Those We Set Up In Our Own Minds

If you feel bad or less than good while imagining it you are not going to get what you are imagining but will create or attract more of the not so good feelings. It must feel good, it must feel right. It must to get more of it. You get whatever you think and feel, Understand?

If you are focused on problems and feel bad you get more of the same. If bills are overwhelming you and you are worried you get more of the same. If you are negative you create and attract more of the negativity. It is always working. Key point here!

IF you’re focused on having limiting beliefs, paradigms, behaviors and habits that hold you back then WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE ATTRACTING? According to the Law Of Attraction WHAT will you attract? You get what you focus on. Remember?

One Comes To Believe Whatever One Repeats To Oneself

You become what you think about most often! You will end up attracting MORE OF THE SAME! This kind of thinking IS counter to manifesting positively the good things you want. DO you understand this. You can’t buy into the premise that YOU are broken somehow.

The idea that you somehow sabotage yourself or hold yourself back or somehow keep yourself or prevent yourself from getting what you want unconsciously IS FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU DON”T WANT? Can you see that? It doesn’t help you get what you want.

So what to do?

You can consider it this way. The farmer must prepare the soil prior to planting the seeds. The earth must be cleared of weeds and rocks and other elements to make certain the soil conditions are right for the seeds to grow. That is part of the planting process.

Success Comes To Those Who Become Success Conscious

If you want to dedicate yourself to clearing out some limiting beliefs, or some bad behaviors and habits take a limited amount of time.  Take 30 days. Mentally limit yourself to the notion that you are simply preparing the soil. That is a fine practice. BUT know this:

There is NOTHING wrong with you! You’re not sabotaging yourself. You’re not limiting yourself. You work perfectly well! You manifest whatever you focus on. Be sure you’re focusing on what you want and not what you don’t want.

Don’t be distracted or focus on limitation. Be focused on creating the goodness that you are worthy of and deserve! Do you get it? If you take your eyes off the prize because somehow you’re not good enough to get it then you’re not going to have to get it.

A Negative Mind Never Attracts Happiness Or Material Success

You won’t get it  BECAUSE you continue to perpetuate the myth that something is wrong with you. That’s what you continue to perpetuate. You are always attracting. You are a master at attracting. You cannot NOT attract or create. That’s the law!

If things aren’t going the way you want IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE ATTRACTING THAT CURRENTLY! You must stop what you are currently doing and do something else! You can’t do the same things over and over and expect anything to be different. It won’t be.

You cannot think in terms of limitation and decrease and expect to increase and prosper. To increase and prosper attention must be on increasing and prospering. It must be on ‘I’m feeling worthy and I deserve all the goodness that is coming to me now’.

A Negative Mind Spawns Only Negative Ideas

Create what you want. Focus on what you. Focus on what you can become. Focus on the good. Focus on making it happen and accepting that you are good enough and that you are worthy. Focus on right now knowing you have everything you need. You do!

You have everything you need to be the powerful creator you already are. Stop creating a mess and start creating bliss and prosperity Get it? Take responsibility for everything and choose to create and attract a better life.

You are in charge.  You are already creating everything. YOU ARE ALWAYS creating and attracting. Since, you can’t not it is time for you to specify and create what you want to create instead of anything else. Don’t be misled by yourself or by others!

Progress In Life Begins In The Mind And Ends In The Same Place

It’s OK to take some time to prepare the soil. That is absolutely a positive move. BUT realize you are worthy even while preparing. You don’t need anything else! You’re already doing everything.  The real question is what are you aiming at? What are you thinking?

You’re getting exactly what you create day in and day out. That’s how this all works. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t choose. It just does. It just is! It is ongoing, day in and day out. You determine what you get by what you focus on most frequently. So choose wisely!

All you do is decide whether you’re sending your thoughts and your feelings at the positive or at the ‘not’ positive. If it is not positive that’s what you’re creating. If it is positive that is what you are creating. You aim the car and that is where it goes. Get it?

Your Own Mental Attitude Is Your Real Boss

Make up your mind because you absolutely can get everything you want. STOP thinking you are broken, sabotaging yourself or needing more. You simply have to shift what you focus on. Shift away from the negative thoughts and feelings.

Maintain focus on positive thoughts and feeling. Yes, it is not always easy. It is simple but not always easy. It takes dedication and perseverance but so what? It can be done AND YOU can do it. Don’t be misled into thinking you need to be fixed first.

Yes, you must apply it moment to moment. That IS how you gain control. Yes, you fill your mind with positive thoughts by reading positive materials, listening to inspiring audios and by hanging around with other positive people.

Change Your Attitude And The World Around You Will Change

You attend events and keep you attention on what you positively want. You maintain a positive attitude or outlook and you feel positive and feel good. Feeling good is a big indicator. The better you feel the more ‘better’ things you attract.

Live your life well and have fun and you will get back more of the same, plus! That is what it means! You don’t attract what you are NOT you attract what you ALREADY ARE! You get back more of what you are! If you are positive and wonderful you get that back.

If you are down and out you get that back. You transform yourself by your thoughts, your feelings and your willpower and the rest begins to change because YOU do. Because YOU have the rest will fall into place eventually. ‘If it is to be it is up to me’, is how the saying goes.

You Become What You Think About

There is more to cover and we will. There is more to learn. I encourage you to study my posts here. Read and re-read and apply what you read to your life. Application of the material is where the power comes from. You must put it to practice to make a difference.

Take charge and you can do it. The only limitations you or I have are the ones we accept we have. (NO, it doesn’t mean you can fly without a plane.) The only limitations are in our thinking. You can and you will do anything and everything when you allow yourself to.

Recognize you are already a creator and attractor. Realize you have everything you need NOW. Apply it. Focus on what makes you feel the best and think the best thoughts. Live your life that way. Enjoy the little things. Feel grateful for everything. Live well.

Keep Your Mind Fixed On What You Want Not On What You Don’t

As you do things that make you feel better; take a walk, enjoy music, enjoy a bath, play with children and pets, read and listen to positive material, have hobbies, the more you live and enjoy, the more you think and feel good the more it comes back to you. It really does!

As it does you continue to create goodness all around you. You learn how to focus on being, doing, getting and having more of what you want to ALSO include. You create more goodness and love and prosperity because you are already living from that mindset.

Clear the soil that is fine. Plant the seeds and nurture them with positivity. Set your mind and your heart, your thoughts and your feelings on enjoying everything. Delight in it all. Learn from challenges and tough times. Everything IS a blessing.

Live – Love – Laugh – Celebrate Everything

The tough times are as important as the easy, blissful times. Extract the learning and shift your attention to the silver linings. All is good once you understand this. Enjoy it all. Embrace it all. You can enjoy so much if you allow yourself to. Keep it in mind! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make today fun!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Problems? You Need To Do This When Your Computer Fails

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“Some people have a lot of difficulty in their daily lives. It seems they just can’t get over some of the speed bumps. Obviously, for some it is worse than others. What to do? Is there anything that can be done to help improve the results they get? Why does this happen?

I have had my share of tough times in life. Perhaps, you too. Depending on your attitude it can really suck. I know that as well. I grew up with people telling me I had a dark cloud following me. It is easy to be sour on life. However, there is the problem. That IS it.

When one sours, gets down, and feels bad they tend to perpetuate the very things they want to avoid and eliminate. Why is this? Because they feel bad, they think they are stuck, they focus on their problems and issues. They hope for change and may even work hard.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do – Excellence Is A Habit

They work hard to change circumstances BUT maintain a poor attitude. It is in the attitude that the problem and the solution exists. A bad attitude is like a weight around one’s neck while swimming in turbulent waters. A good attitude is the life vest that holds one up.

With or without the weight turbulent waters are difficult to navigate. With added weight they may be nearly impossible. Help is needed. BUT help doesn’t come from the outside it comes from within. Sure, someone may assist, but genuine help is within oneself.

No one can do it for you. They can encourage or make demands but it isn’t until ‘the student is  ready that the teacher appears’. That teacher, that guide, that master, that change agent is you. We can only take care of ourselves and make our own changes.

Control Your Thoughts And You Can Control Your Behavior

Certainly, we can help the needy. I believe we should. We can help in many ways. BUT again, genuine change is made by the person who needs to make the change and there is no substitute for that. This is why we must take responsibility. Consider this.

You can give a man a fish. You can show a man how to fish and teach the man. Until that man learns to fish and then goes and fishes he doesn’t truly know how to fish. Only in doing it does the man get the experience and learns to fish for himself.

He may then provide for himself and others. Men, women it is the same. People can show you the way to change but unless you do it nothing changes. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the horse drink. Hopefully, the horse gets thirsty enough to do it.

It Is Easier To Change Bad Habits Today Than Tomorrow

Yes, you can perhaps help make the horse thirsty. Still, the horse has to drink, you can’t drink for the horse.  Today, I had to have the hard drive replaced on my laptop. All sort of strange things had been going on. For some time. Crashes, fonts went missing, many issues.

I couldn’t import photos from phone. I was losing documents. Things began to take long times, starting, stopping, processing. I got spinning beach balls and color wheels all the time. It just was not working well at all. I could tell my computer was very troubled.

It would go to sleep and then I’d have a battle waking it up. It shut down on its own frequently. I took it in. They ran diagnostics and a big red FAIL notice popped up within seconds of initiating the diagnostic. The hard drive was bad and needed to be replaced.

Bad Habits Will Ruin You – Good Habits Will Save You

It was replaced because as it were I was not able to work properly or successfully. I could not get the intended results from my efforts. Once replaced I can again work with ease. The results are now good again. It is a true story today and of course, it is a metaphor.

The brain and life and the results one get’s is the same. If you’re not getting the results you want in life there is a problem or issue with the hardware and/or the software. In my metaphor, the hardware they replaced is NOT synonymous with the brain but with mind.

Rarely, is it a physical brain problem. Instead it is a routing problem. We make neural networks or pathways in our brain. These are reliable well traveled high speed highways. Where these go and what they do is the issue. These neural nets are our thought habits.

First We Make Our Habits – Then Our Habits Make Us

We think, feel and behave the same because of habits. These habits are laid out in the brain. Triggers from within or from the environment initiate these patterns and off they go running. They run perfectly well and get results consistently. Good or bad?

That depends on the ‘programming’. For example, a trigger can cause a negative thought which produces electro chemicals resulting in a feeling, which then in turn results in more similar thoughts resulting in more of the same less than glorious feelings. It is cyclic. It loops.

If you think a bad thought you feel bad and then more than likely begin to feel worse as thoughts run on and on. The worse you feel the worse you think. You either then feel like doing nothing or you behave bad too. You actions aren’t inspired by good things.

Believe You Can And You Are Halfway There

You do things that aren’t wise. You may overeat, or drink. You may be frustrated and stressed or get angry a lot. You may work extra hard but produce nothing. You might not be able to sleep. You get desperate and try many things which don’t work. It sucks.

Whatever the behavior might be. Poor thoughts and feelings produce poor behaviors. These in turn become habit. Our habits are either success habits or failure habits. Our habits determine our results which all stems from how we are thinking to being with.

If your not getting the results you want you need to change the programming. You need to update the software or replace it. You replace the negative with the positive to get the better results you want. It is frustrating if the real life programming is out of whack.

Focus – You Can Do This – Believe In Yourself – You Can Do This

This is why I am Implore you to take control of your mind and your feelings.  Learn to control your thoughts, take charge, take responsibility and get your operating system running right. Begin to get the results you want. Only you can do it for yourself.

When the operating system is faulty and doesn’t work properly the results you get are haphazard at best and not so good or terrible at worse.  The thoughts that you think either spiral up into positive feels and results or they spiral down into negatively. It is habitual.

When thoughts are negative and your feeling less than glorious you produce less than glorious results. The crumby results and frustration further make you think and feel worse and get more poor results. It is cyclic and the reason why it seems tough to change.

Train Your Mind To See The Good – Positivity Is A Choice

You have to break the cycle. Drugs and alcohol don’t work. Taking the wrong bad actions don’t improve a bad situation. You have to change your failure habits into success habits and that begins by changing your thinking. Start at the top with your thoughts.

Work on improving your attitude and everything begins to change. Your neural pathways work like dominos. Once triggered all the rest follow. Start with positive thinking so that everything that follows continues from a positive start. Success thoughts to success results.

There is no guarantee that just because you think positive all your efforts will be successful. There is the guarantee that negative thinking will not produce successful results. The benefit to positive thinking is you are more likely to succeed as you stick with it.

If You Want To Change The Fruit – You Have To Change The Roots

If things don’t work out as hoped you adjust your plans and carry on without letting it upset you or get you down. You are better equipped to succeed and more likely to succeed with a positive attitude. Overall, you life can become truly wonderful.

It isn’t a magic pill or wand. It is a real, reliable skill that gives you the power to begin producing the results you want. It is an incredible benefit to think and feel positive most of the time. Your health, mental and physical can improve, just as your work and life can.

Instead of living with faulty programming and getting crappy results you can change all of that. You can create new neural pathways, new habits of thought and feeling that lead to inspired action that become success habits to get you to good results.

To Change The Visible – You First Must Change The Invisible

Just like my computer hard drive you want your brain and mind working properly to help insure that you get the results that you intend to get. Follow the suggestions I have provided in these blog posts and you can begin to really begin to experience the benefits.

You can make your life the life you want. You can become, do and have anything you want in life when you learn how to go after it and make it happen. You can begin to feel good almost instantly by what you pay attention to. What you focus on you get. It expands.

Focus on the good things. Think powerfully and positively. Take charge of your thoughts and learn to control how and what you think. It is amazing when you do! Learn to delight in and enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

These moments are just for you. How will you spend them today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Are Your Problems Stepping Stones Or Stumbling Blocks?

horizons the-risen-tree-phil-koch

“Problems and struggles, negative circumstances can be the best things that happen to us. Few believe that, but if you embrace that thinking and embrace your difficulties you find a new power. You discover how blessed you truly are. Problems are opportunities.

You can believe and act as if the universe has intelligence and is providing you with lessons to learn from hardship and circumstances. It’s to your advantage to look at each situation you are going through to try to find the seeds of benefit and opportunity.

You can think it’s random dumb luck, mere chance, and unfortunate. You can believe there is no intelligent guiding hand in any of it but still you learn from a hardship in circumstances by extracting  what ever lesson you get from the situation. Seek and you will find.

Believe In Yourself And All That You Are

Believer or atheist doesn’t matter. YOU can always learn and evolve from anything life offers you if you’re intelligent enough to do so.  Problems can be stumbling blocks or stepping stones depending how you view them. Perception is everything. You decide.

You decide what meaning you assign to events. You have always been doing this. You call it misfortune or bad luck. You call it a terrible occurrence or you call it a lesson and opportunity to learn from. You blame and accuse, excuse and whine or you learn.

Perhaps, you have done some of both. Perhaps you blame first. Then after suffering for a duration you learned a lesson while looking back on what the problem was. People do look back after a enough time has passed and realize the benefits derived from the situations.

Know There Is Something Inside You Greater Than Any Obstacle

Only in looking back can you connect the dots. This is why the statement is ‘hindsight is 20/20’. However, consider how much faster you would benefit if you would only do this sooner. You can. You can learn to do it in the midst of your troubles. Here is how.

Embrace each trouble, everything that happens, as a blessing. Given by god, the universe, yourself, the divine or simply happenstance it doesn’t matter. Choose whatever works for you. Adopt the mindset that all of life is a blessing and whatever happens is for your benefit.

Then stay open and look. Be grateful for all. Appreciate and learn from EVERYTHING! Redefine your troubles. Re-frame tough times and catastrophes as situations. You may say you are working on some things other’s might define as difficult or as obstacles.

The Struggle Of Life Is One Of Our Greatest Blessings 

BUT you are finding your way through them. If you don’t go to overwhelm with your difficulties, if you don’t exaggerate them in your mind, if you don’t emphasize them and make them important, you can much better handle and resolve them. Make them tiny.

If you consider yourself blessed, if you believe ultimately you can see your way through these, learn and benefit from them, AND find opportunity hidden within, you will go through them faster and more productively. You will feel better by being more resourceful.

David of the Bible, rushed the giant Goliath and killed him after declaring that god would be victorious that day. Goliath, big as he was was no issue for god or for David. Both were bigger than the presenting problem. You become victorious when you are bigger.

Character Cannot Be Developed In Ease And Quiet …

Be bigger than your problems. Make the mountains molehills. It is always your perspective on things. It is always a matter of what you believe and how you view everything in life. It is all your definition. Change how you believe, define and view things and your life will.

Will it be easy to adopt this mindset. It will be easier for some than others. It depends on where you are in your own evolution. It will provide everyone with positive and powerful, personal growth. You will learn to control your mind and your feelings and that is needed.

When you take charge of your thinking and feeling you are on the road to making great things happen. Assume responsibility and direct your thought processes into what you want, the good and the positive. This is the beginning of great awareness and power.

… Only Through Experience Trial And Suffering Can The Soul …

Instead of it running on its own into distractions and negativity out of control, you control your own mind and thinking process. Then YOU can ASSIGN the meaning you want to ANY situation. Everything in life changes. It is process and we are living processes.

When we manage ourselves we have greater ability to navigate the changes in life. When those changes are ‘less than glorious’ we can utilize them, understand them, resolve them without loosing hope, or going under. To do this we must be able to re-frame them.

We must be able to look on them differently. We must be able to appreciate them. Call them blessings instead of problems. A tree that grows alone faces hardships from the elements but is stronger than trees surrounded by forest. Hardship brings strength.

… Be Strengthened Ambition Inspired And Success Achieved

Your difficulties can be stepping stones along the way to success once you consider them such. As long as you consider them stumbling blocks to be avoided, your journey will take much longer and be more painful. Attitude is everything. It is always, all up to you.

How you go through any situation determines the length of time you suffer. Whether you look to blame or to find opportunity determines how you feel going through it. If you resist it will persist. If you let go, embrace, and accept it, even if it lasts a while it won’t seem like it.

You are in charge ALWAYS, even when you think you aren’t. Whether YOU are in CONTROL while in charge is another matter entirely. You always call the shots. You always decide whether it will be pleasure or painful. You make you own way each step of the way.

Be Grateful For You Problems You Grow Because Of Difficulties

This is and has always been the case for each of us. When we recognize, accept this and take full responsibility we can begin to determine how it will go. We can’t control the world changes but we can control our response to it and how we travel through it.

You are only in control when you assume control. You don’t drive the car from the back seat even if you think you do. You must take the wheel and steer. You must steer your own mind and not be a passenger taken for a ride. You choose to think positive. You decide.

You take control of your thinking. If it is less than glorious you shift it, you change it from negative to positive, if by no other means than by will power. You make thinking positive, productive and powerfully a habit. Your thoughts and feelings become new successful habits.

Master Your Thoughts And You Master Your Life

Seek to control your thinking. Seek to develop the best positive attitude. Seek blessing over problems. Seek gratitude over complaining and you will transform your life in immeasurable ways. You will find everything more delightful and joyous. Do it!

Throughout these blog pages I give you tips, suggestions and strategies for developing control and a powerful positive mindset. You can change your beliefs and change your life. Study and apply what you learn. If you don’t apply it you don’t change. Nothing will.

When you take charge things change. Change your thinking and your life changes. Make each moment a stepping stone in the right direction. Live with purpose and positive meaning. Triumph over terrible times by managing your mind. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is your day. How will you choose to spend it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Distraction Can Be Worse Than Negativity

horizons ice-blue-phil-koch

“The idea is to live in advance of the world. You think and feel, you embody the thoughts and feelings of that future you, right now in your present. For example, you want to be a multi-millionaire. You’re not one yet. How does a multimillionaire think, feel and behave?

You might ask yourself; how does a multi-millionaire get dressed in the morning; what does a multi-millionaire think about while driving to the office or the golf course; how does a multi-millionaire feel driving a car; what would a multi-millionaire do in this situation?

Of course, the idea is, you are that multi-millionaire. How are you thinking, feeling, behaving and having what you want in life? What is your daily life like, your work and your leisure? What does it feel like to pay bills, purchase things, go places you want to go? What’s it like?

Focus On Your Goal Don’t Look In Any Other Direction But Ahead

What’s it like being rich? Get a feel for that. Be rich in mind and body and spirit first and you create and attract wealth to you. From within to without. You ARE it first and THEN you get it. You live it and it becomes reality. That is how it works. Focus on being it first.

What do we do that prevents us? Some people doubt, fear and worry it will never happen. That stops the energy flow. Some live thinking mostly negative thoughts. That keeps one from getting ahead. What you say and see is what you get. Negativity sucks!

What you express on a daily basis, moment to moment, to yourself and others, and imagine in your mind, is what you create. If you are rehashing troubles, difficult times, and the a-hole from the freeway you end up getting back more of the same. We get more of the same.

Don’t Get Sidetracked – Stay On Course – Keep It In Mind

All of this should be obvious. If you read positive, inspirational material, like Hill, Hicks, Wattles, Emmerson, and others then you know energy flows where attention goes. You must vibrate in alignment with your desires. Vibration is important,

You get who you are over and above what you want. Do you understand this. Here is an example. A poor person may want riches but focuses on lack and struggles so that person creates and get more of the same. It is why the rich get richer and poor get poorer.

One reason, at least. Become it and you can have it is the rule. Negativity, doubt, fear, and worry won’t make it happen for you. You get more of the back. There is something else even more of us do that prevents it. Distraction. We are distracted. Pettiness rules.

Stay Focused On What You Want – Don’t Doubt Yourself – Believe

We focus on petty things, issues, gossip, the news, the freeway, the weather, what the neighbors are or aren’t doing. We live our lives with petty concerns. We aren’t living our lives as a multi-millionaire would we are doing what we have always done. So we get that back.

We keep getting what we have been doing all along. In order to get something new and better we have to change things and become new and better. We can’t continue the way we are and expect things to miraculously change. We re-create what is already going on!

We’re not be severely negative. We just aren’t positive most of the time. We aren’t living the future ‘as if’, as if it were right now. We are living now with petty frustrations and ho-hum moments. So we get more ho-hum. We need to fill life with love, laughter and celebration.

Life Is Like A Camera – It Captures Perfectly What You Focus It On

We need to be rich in mind, spirit, heart and wallet. It begins in the mind with who and what we are. If we major in minor things we are only going to get minor things back. We need to ‘BE IT’ to do it and have it. Then THAT becomes our habit and our results improve.

Do you understand this? It may be there is nothing terribly wrong. No major massive negativity. It is just the subtle undercurrent of ‘oh well, same stuff different day’ that keeps us creating the same stuff each day. We need to create differently to create differences.

Gratitude, celebration, delight, enjoyment, fun, a wealthy, healthy mindset, incredible feelings lead to positive inspired actions. Done consistently over time these become habits or lifestyle. Living this way increases the possibilities and opportunities for you.

The Secret To Change – Stop Fighting The Old – Build The New

Your life changes AFTER you change. Make the change and then everything can change. So what would a happy, healthy, multi-millionaire think, feel and do to make life more wonderful? Bring that attitude to everything you do. Bring it to your work, your travel.

Bring it to you problem solving and issues. How would a successful multi-millionaire deal with this? Would it be a big deal or not? Get it? Create the mindset. If everything in your life was glorious and you were absolutely the person you want to be how would you handle it?

What you you think and feel and do as you go through each moment of your day? You’d have a different energy and vitality, that is for certain. You’d have different awarenesses and understandings? This is what you want to embody and embrace. This, IS becoming!

Focus Is Defined As – F allow One Course Until Successful 

You become what you think about most often! Create the ideal you. Live it right this moment. Then, experience how life transforms. Stop the negativity. Put an end to the distractions. Live powerfully and positively. Feel the best you can. Enjoy each moment. Savor it all.  Delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Choose to enjoy each moment today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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